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Dual Degree Programs

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Dual Degree Programs
The iSchool proudly partners with several colleges and cognate disciplines at UT Austin to offer a unique array of dual degree programs.

Our graduate dual degree programs are structured so that a student can pursue academic work in Information Studies and an additional field of study while fulfilling the requirements of both degrees in approximately three academic years. In programs leading to two master’s degrees, the degrees are awarded simultaneously. 

To enter a dual degree program, the student must first be accepted by both of the individual programs before admission can be granted to the dual degree program. Learn more about iSchool admissions requirements and deadlines, or contact the Graduate Program Administrator, if you have additional questions.


4+1 Year Integrated Programs

In these 4+1 year integrated programs, undergraduate students begin taking graduate level courses in their senior year of study; the student is awarded the bachelor's degree after four years and the master's degree after completing the fifth year.

Informatics (BA or BSI) / Information Studies (MSIS)

  • This integrated degree program prepares students to become the next generation of leaders and innovators in applying data, information, and technology to benefit society and their communities.

Computer Science (BS) / Information Studies (MSIS)

  • This integrated program provides a combined educational path toward obtaining the knowledge necessary to build the information tools of the future. 


Master's Degree Programs

Global Policy Studies (MGPS) / Information Studies (MSIS)

  • This program combines studies of government, non-profit agencies and global policy with a focus on knowledge needed for meaningful contributions in information organizations.

Public Affairs (MPAff) / Information Studies (MSIS)

  • This program combines knowledge of public policy with a deep understanding and skills in information generation, storage, retrieval, and distribution.

Information Studies (MSIS) / Latin American Studies (MA)

  • This program combines library and information expertise with an understanding of the cultures and societies of Latin America.

Information Studies (MSIS) / English (MA)

  • This program offers students the opportunity to combine expertise in language and its use in cultural artifacts with a human-centered approach to information and technology.

Middle Eastern Studies (MA) / Information Studies (MSIS)

  • This program combines library and information expertise with an understanding of the cultures and societies of the Middle East and North Africa and Middle Eastern language skills.

Women's & Gender Studies (MA) / Information Studies (MSIS)

  • This program combines training in information studies with study of the role that gender plays in shaping society.


Juris Doctor Program

Law (JD) / Information Studies (MSIS) 

  • This program trains students to help address issues arising from the increasingly complex and changing world of legal information use, retrieval, and storage.
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MSIS Degree Program

Learn the tools to study, manage, and innovate the information systems around us.

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MSIS Admissions

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Tailored Programs

Customize your MSIS degree to your interests with:

Endorsement of Specialization
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