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Our students learn to design new tools, analyze human activities, organize data, and ensure technology serves its intended users.


The School of Information aims to be the premier research and education program for 21st century information professionals.


Stay up-to-date on how our students and faculties are performing in the media. Our proud students and faculty continues to amaze the City of Austin and beyond.

Discover The City of Austin

If you hosted a meeting of the minds — a place where the right-brained dreamers inspired the left-brained doers — Austin would be the perfect place to gather.

Discover UT Austin

A top-ranked international graduate program, UT Austin is one of the world's premier research universities and is located in one of the USA's most vibrant cities.


Find out what the iSchool and the iSchool students are up to, from career info sessions to interactive networking building event.


The iSchool provides students with a wide variety of labs and equipment. Some are open regular hours and others require a reservation, but all are available for students.

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Your gift to the School of Information is a direct investment in the education of the next generation of leaders in the library and information professions.

Location/ Direction

The iSchool is located in the UT Administration Building (UTA), two blocks south of UT's main campus at 1616 Guadalupe Street.

History & Traditions

When founded in 1948 as a part of the UT Graduate School, coursework led to a Master of Library Science degree and to certification for school librarianship.

New Student Orientation

This guide is intended to help familiarize incoming students with the procedures, programs, people, and places of the iSchool and University of Texas at Austin.

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