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CRA and CRM Certifications

Students enrolled in the Master of Science in Information Studies (MSIS) degree program can apply completed course work toward examination credit for either the Certified Records Analyst (CRA) or the Certified Records Manager (CRM) designations.


The iSchool's partnership with the Institute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) accelerates MSIS students' credentialing by offering credit for Parts 1-5 of the ICRM exam after successful completion of the required courses.

The parts of the ICRM exam are listed below (more details available on the ICRM website):

  • Part 1 – Management Principles and the Records and Information (RIM) Program
  • Part 2 – Records and Information: Creation and Use
  • Part 3 – Records Systems, Storage and Retrieval
  • Part 4 – Records Appraisal, Retention, Protection and Disposition
  • Part 5 – Technology
  • Part 6 – Business Case (essay question)

MSIS Required Coursework for the ICRM Exam

In order to qualify for credit for Parts 1-5 of the ICRM exam, a graduate must have completed and successfully passed the following courses:

  • MSIS Core Course: INF 380E - Perspectives on Information
  • Capstone Course (meets ICRM requirement for one year of experience): INF 388L - Professional Experience and Project (PEP)
    Study of a practical problem, current phenomenon, or professional issue in an institutional setting. Must be records management focused, and it is preferred that the graduate have the opportunity to work directly with CRMs or CRAs or that the field supervisor be an active CRM; however, it is not mandatory.

Required Electives (6) for credit for ICRM Parts 1-5:

Application Process

Students will be eligible to apply for the Certified Records Analyst (CRA) designation and/or sit for Part 6 of the ICRM exam for the Certified Records Manager (CRM) certification upon graduation and proof of one year of professional experience obtained via employment or the academic service-learning, internship program (MSIS Capstone PEP option).

Certified Records Analyst (CRA) Designation: In addition to the necessary coursework, graduates who have either completed INF 388L: Professional Experience and Project (PEP) or have acquired one year of documented work experience outside of the program will have met the qualifications for the designation of Certified Records Analyst (CRA). Graduates are eligible to apply for CRA status upon submission of the applicable application fee and completion of the ICRM online application. The iSchool will provide the graduate with a letter indicating that all required courses and experience requirements have been met; the graduate should submit this letter confirming that they are a graduate of the MSIS program with their application to the ICRM within 180 days from the date of the letter. 

Certified Records Manager (CRM) Designation: Graduates of the MSIS program who have completed the necessary coursework and work experience required by the ICRM or who have taken and passed INF 388L: Professional Experience and Project (PEP) are then eligible to apply to sit for Part 6 (The MSIS graduate is responsible for the relevant ICRM exam fee for Part 6).