Ayse Gursoy

Ayse Gursoy

PhD Student


Ayse is a third year doctoral student interested in video and computer game preservation, and in the relationship of archival practice to scholarship. She is curious about how the intellectual model of the artifact, such as "game as software object," engages with the preservation strategies employed, e.g., emulation.


A.B. in English, 2011, Princeton University; S.M. in Comparative Media Studies, 2013, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Areas Of Specialization

Digital Archives
Digital Preservation
Digital Humanities
Video and Computer Games

Recent Courses

YearSemesterCourse NumberCourseSyllabus
2022FallINF 385TSpecial Topics in Information Science Games in Libraries, Archives, and Museums
2022FallI 302Academic Success in the Digital University
2022SpringI 303Ethical Foundations for Informatics
2019FallINF 350GInformation in Society Introduction to Game Studies
2019SpringINF 335CInformation in Cyberspace