Undergraduate Minor in Informatics

A student standing in front of a computer screen with code

The minor in Informatics is open to undergraduate students across the university who wish to explore the foundations of the field of Information Studies and its many core disciplines. Tenured faculty members, professional practitioners, and highly-trained assistant instructors offer courses in areas such as human-computer interaction and user experience design, user studies, archives and cultural heritage studies, digital humanities, and many more fields.

The transcript-recognized undergraduate minor in Informatics is offered through the schools and colleges at the university that grant undergraduate degrees, and students should discuss this option with their advisors. For more information, please contact info@ischool.utexas.edu.

Curriculum Overview

The Informatics minor from the iSchool requires students to complete five iSchool courses, consisting of 15 semester hours. Additionally, thre are a variety of areas of study students can pursue.

  • One Core Course: I 301 (3 semester hours)
  • Two Upper-Division Electives (6 semester hours)
  • Two Additional Electives (6 semester hours)

Areas of Study

  • Cultural Heritage Informatics
  • Health Informatics
  • Human-Centered Data Science
  • Social Informatics
  • Social Justice Informatics
  • User Experience Design

To view the selection of undergraduate courses, go to the iSchool course listings page.