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Bachelor's Degree in Informatics Curriculum

2020 – 2022 Catalog Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Informatics degree comprises 120 credit hours.


Core Curriculum - 42 Hours

All undergraduate students must complete a specific combination of coursework in English, government, American history, math, social sciences, natural sciences, and fine arts. View Core Curriculum Requirements

iSchool General Education Requirements - 27 Hours

  • Informatics 302 - Academic Success in the Digital University (3 hours)
  • Informatics 372 - Career Success in the Digital Organization (3 hours)
  • Research Methods and Statistics (6 hours)
  • Informatics 303 - Ethical Foundations for Informatics or equivalent (3 hours)
  • Informatics 304 - Programming for Informatics or equivalent (3 hours)
  • Foreign Language: Beginning-level proficiency coursework, or the equivalent, in a foreign language (3 hours)
  • Additional liberal arts coursework (6 hours)

Informatics Major Requirements - 24 Hours | Honors - 30 Hours

The Informatics Honors program requires a minimum grade point average of 3.5 across all Informatics coursework. Learn more about the Honors program

  • Informatics 301 - Introduction to Informatics (3 hours)
  • Informatics 310 - Introductory course in selected concentration (3 hours)
  • Additional concentration introductory course (3 hours)
  • Advanced topics in selected concentration (9 hours)
  • Capstone (Internship in Informatics or Service Learning in Informatics) (3 hours)
    - Honors Option: Capstone with Honors Thesis in Informatics (6 hours)
  • Open elective in Informatics (3 hours)
    - Honors Option: Two open electives in Informatics (6 hours)

Electives - 24 Hours

  • Bring a student's total hours to 120.
  • Students can also fill elective hours by declaring a minor.

Flags (Included in Coursework)

Students should choose courses in the core curriculum and in the major requirements that also fulfill their major department's Flag requirements. The Flags required for the iSchool are: