Fall 2023

INF 382C Understanding and Serving Users

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03:00 PM - 06:00 PM  UTA 1.208


What does it really mean to be user-centered? How do we practice user-centered design in a professional and methodical manner? What research findings can we rely on to help us improve user experiences? This is a readings/discussion course that examines in depth what we know about people (that is, what does scientific research actually tell us) and how can we apply this knowledge in the real-world of experience design. We examine human psychology, from physical ergonomics to cultural dispositions, stopping off on cognition and social analyses en route, so as to have a holistic, robust perspective on what it means to understand users. The readings are complemented with an examination of methods e.g., what is a cognitive walkthrough and how do you do it reliably? what are the limitations of heuristic evaluations? The goal is to give you a solid grounding in the practices of user-centered thinking, regardless of your area of application, and prepare you for professional level contributions in the user-experience world. There is no teamwork, all students deliver individual term papers and design critique diaries. There are also no pre-requisites -- technical or theoretical, the class is open to all.


Graduate standing.


Restricted to graduate students in the School of Information through registration periods 1 and 2. Outside students will be permitted to join our waitlists beginning with registration period 3.