Spring 2023

INF 388L Professional Experience and Project

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Independent project/fieldwork supplemented by asynchronous online instructional modules.

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As the culminating experience of the MSIS program, INF 388L allows every student to apply their unique skillsets and learnings to a professional project that is focused on a real-world problem or initiative. The course is designed to support your capstone journey throughout the semester as you work on your project with your project Field Supervisor. As an asynchronous course, students and instructors communicate via Canvas and various discussion prompts. Progress in the course is measured through updates and documents submitted directly to Canvas. During the semester, time is allotted for 1-on-1 meetings between student and instructor, and for small group meetings, as needed. Summary of Course Goals 1. Deliver a professional-level project/solution to showcase your knowledge, skills, and abilities. 2. Take direction and feedback from a supervisor working in your applied field of study. 3. Strengthen communication and presentation skills. 4. Manage expectations around project goals, schedule, and deliverables.


Graduate standing; Completion of at least twenty-one semester hours of coursework in the graduate program in information studies.


Restricted to graduate degree seekers in the School of Information.