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Student Portfolio Project Title Project Sponsor Abstract Year Capstone Type
Jennifer Allen Portfolio AILLA's Island Move: Metadata Documentation The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America The Archive of the Indigenous Languages of Latin America (AILLA) migrated from a home-grown legacy digital repository system to an Islandora digital repository; this move involved extensive restructuring of the descriptive, administrative, and technical metadata for collections and media files. The project developed a plan for and created user-friendly and sustainable metadata documentation for AILLA staff and depositors. A holistic documentation plan and model guidelines and tutorials contribute to efficiencies in AILLA maintenance, facilitate increased usage of the repository, and serve as a model for other repositories in the local and disciplinary landscape. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Edward Babbe   Port Poisson Matrix Factorization Topic Model to Scala Applied Research Laboratories ARL:UT with UT Austin (ECE and IROM) has developed a Poisson matrix factorization model for modeling documents and related information. It receives an input of documents with words in each document and the frequency with which the words appear. The output is probabilities a topic appears in a document and probabilities a word appears in a topic. This can be parsed to reveal the topics that are most represented in the group of documents and the words associated with these topics. However, this model was poorly written in C++ with little commenting and documentation, and it is also limited by few support from the developer community as the project grew in scope. Thus the goal of the project is to improve the model from a C++ procedural implementation to a more maintainable model, running on the JVM. Originally, the model ran as a C++ executable which uses the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) for probability function calls. Now, all code has been ported to Scala, has been commented out and properly documented, optimized for better efficiency, and has utilized the build tool Maven for all library dependencies. Moving forward, goals include applying this logic to other models for interactions and also for integration with Apache Spark. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Suzanne Becker Portfolio Developing a Controlled Vocabulary for the Digital Online Repository of the Outreach Department at the Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired Texas School for the Blind & Visually Impaired I created a controlled vocabulary of more than 400 terms for over 3,000 objects in the digital online repository at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. The controlled vocabulary will enable staff to search for detailed information when creating training materials about individuals who are blind/ visually impaired as well as the general field of blindness and visual impairment to share with clients, families, colleagues and legislators. I also identified approximately 500 objects from the collection to weed based on an absence of media releases, individuals who were not allowed to appear in media being present in the media, poor quality of data and redundancy of content. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Calvin Bench Portfolio 360 Video at the Harry Ransom Center Harry Ransom Center 360 video is an immersive new platform that allows remote viewers a robust experience. This project involves showcasing aspects of the Harry Ransom Center including an exhibition, its opening party, and the spaces around the center. Part of this project also involves an inspection of marketing potential with the 360 video platform. The idea is that showing an audience rich, immersive video will entice them to physically visit the premises. As content competes for people's attention, it's important to offer consumers a compelling experience and 360 video is an emerging technology that is worth exploring. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Ryan Blake   Lost Voices: Rediscovering the Texas Folk Art Survey Texas Folklife Lost Voices: Rediscovering the Texas Folk Art Survey is an audio and image digitization project that preserves the Texas Folk Art Survey. In the three decades since it was conducted in 1984, the recorded interviews, photographs, and related materials have remained in analog form, mostly unknown and inaccessible. "Lost Voices" ensures long-term digital preservation of this important snapshot of a much-changed state and its people, and will make its content accessible to researchers, ethnographers, and to the very population from which it sprang: the people of Texas. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
David Bliss Portfolio Automating description at the East Austin Digital Archive, St. Edward's University St. Edward's University For this project, I described over 6,000 digital images and PDF files housed at the East Austin Digital Archive (EADA). Using only the file structure and names, I extracted descriptive metadata at scale, without the need to closely review or individually describe the items in the collection. This was achieved using OpenRefine scripts, which can be extracted and easily applied to future additions to the collection. Finally, I produced a filenaming guide which will be provided to future students creating materials for the EADA, in order to ensure their additions can be easily ingested using the same metadata structure.The East Austin Digital Archive, based out of St. Edward's University, is an ongoing student- and community-driven digital archives project documenting ongoing gentrification in Austin. My capstone supervisor is Kim Garza, associate professor of Graphic Design at St. Edward's. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Julie Brown Portfolio Writing a Collection Development Plan for an Academic Library Huston-Tillotson University The objective for this project was to create a comprehensive collection development plan for the Downs-Jones Library (DJL). First, I completed a literature review on collection development methods, then selected several methods to gather data: interviewing DJL librarians, conducting a faculty survey/meeting, and carrying out a syllabus study. I also weeded and assessed select subject areas to familiarize myself firsthand with the collection. After analyzing and discussing the collected data with my field supervisor, I wrote a collection development plan that achieves several goals: to describe the existing collection, its purpose, and the community it serves; to explain the selection and deselection criteria for library materials; and to provide direction for continued collection development. It is my hope that this plan will help DJL staff shape a collection that is relevant and responsive to the needs of the HT community. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Tingting Cai Portfolio Design a Classroom Observation Tool for Round Rock ISD Round Rock ISD The classroom observation tool I designed for Round Rock ISD is a web-based application that will replace paper forms researchers are using for observation activities. Numerous features are embedded in the prototype to help Round Rock ISD perform the daily work in a more efficient and delightful way. I conducted three rounds of research and design iterations with meticulous planning and implementation of UX methods. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Yi-Tzu Cassandra Chen   The Democratization of Taiwan: a Digital Collection The University of Texas Libraries The East Asian program under the UT Libraries owns a special collection of videos, audio tapes and rare magazines in which the democratization of Taiwan was documented. Many of these materials are in fragile formats and were not available in the major media sources. This project aims to digitize and catalog these valuable materials in order to make it accessible to the public through UT libraries' online catalog. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Elyse Chevallier Portfolio Talking about Zines: Creating a Zine Catalog for Town Talk Library Austin Fanzine Project This project involved building a searchable, user-friendly online catalog to facilitate management of and access to Town Talk Library's Contemporary Collection (a teach collection of about 100 zines and artist books). The project included developing a metadata schema and building a user-friendly search interface, enabling online access to Town Talk's collection for research, teaching, and those interested in zine production and community. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Andrew Childress Portfolio A New Digital Archive for an East Austin Neighborhood: Defining Technical Requirements, Evaluating Unprocessed Collections, and Building a Prototype St. Edward's University This project contributes to the East Austin Digital Archive (EADA), a nascent community archive project hosted by St. Edward's University. I worked with a professor and staff at St. Edward's to define the technical requirements for an Omeka-based digital archive that will be able to accept digital items from the community and display time-stamped multimedia materials overlaid on a web map of the neighborhood. The final deliverables for this project were (1) a working prototype of the digital archive and (2) a comprehensive report detailing how I created the prototype, including technical architecture decisions and data cleaning workflows; why I made the choices I did; and my recommendations for future expansions of the archive. In addition to the work related technical architecture and data cleaning, I created a digital archival version of a tumblr page with 308 gifs created by students at St. Edward's and analyzed the metadata of over 7,000 for inclusion in the archive. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Victoria Clancy   Preparing to Implement a Digital Asset/Archive Management System at the State Bar of Texas The State Bar of Texas The State Bar of Texas Archive is preparing to purchase a new Digital Asset or Archive Management software for the purpose of providing public access to select collection material and supporting the standardization and efficiency of archival processes. Prior to the software being purchased and implemented the archive must send a request for proposal to potential service providers. This project provided the research and preparation necessary to identify and evaluate service providers; identify and prioritize detailed functional requirements for the software; identify and document other requests or needs of the archive. As a result of my work the archive has all the documentation necessary to submit request for proposals to providers, including an assessment of the current file system; an assessment of potential providers with recommendations; and detailed system requirement documentation. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Daniel Duncan Portfolio Creating software for detecting landslide and wildfire potential Applied Research Laboratories' Space and Geophysics Lab This project consisted of creating Government off-the-shelf (GOTS) software for indicating landslide and wildfire potentials. Currently, there is an existing production system but it is primarily a manual operation that is very labor intensive. This work was conducted with a team of scientists and software developers to implement a software solution that automates the manual system currently in operation. Having a system to automate this process will increase the efficiency significantly allowing the production team to further and better analyze the landslide and wildfire potential models. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Allen Fernandes   Developing User-Friendly Ways to Communicate with Hardware Devices Intersil (A Renesas Company) I am developing a Graphical User Interface (GUI) tool using Kivy, a Python based UI framework. This tool will help customers (hardware engineers) communicate with the connected device in a user-friendly way.It will be a self-contained tool, i.e. it will have no dependencies. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Laura Gienger Portfolio Artists' Books at the Fine Arts Library: A Guide to Promoting Visibility and Access The University of Texas Libraries' Fine Arts Library Artists' books present a unique challenge when it comes to promoting their visibility and access in an academic library setting. This project consists of a survey of the current collection at the Fine Arts Library, comparisons with similar collections at other institutions, a curated exhibit of artists' books selected from the collection, instruction sessions co-taught with the Fine Arts librarian, the creation of an Artists' Books Lib Guide, and a detailed report of recommendations for facilitating visibility and access to the collection. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Elizabeth Harp Portfolio Research and Planning on a Mobile App for Expectant Fathers The University of Texas at Austin's Moody College of Communication The goal of this mobile app is to help normalize fatherhood in Texas by changing expectant fathers' attitudes and behaviors towards their involvement in prenatal care. I performed background research and interviews to gain insight on what type of functionality the app would need. Then, I developed business requirements and a product roadmap for the development team. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Nathan Heep Portfolio Information Display: The Spiro Exhibition National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Information displays can provide unique opportunities to help audiences learn about a given subject or domain. The purpose of this project is to create an information display for the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum's exhibition "Spiro and the Mississippian World," set to release in 2019. The exhibition is scheduled to maintain artifact assemblages from the Spiro Mounds site and will detail its life-cycle from construction episodes circa 1000 AD to excavations in the 1930s. The primary goal of the information display is to serve as an interactive map that helps museum patrons learn more about the Mississippian world outside of the Spiro site, such as prominent cities, important trade routes, and art styles spanning wide regions. A secondary goal is to create a generic information framework that could be similarly used in other exhibitions. Methodologically, this project draws on various tools used from Design Thinking such as competitive analysis, journey mapping, personas, and user scenarios. The final deliverable for this project is a medium to high fidelity prototype that will undergo further development as we move toward the exhibition's release. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Katelyn Helberg   Developing a Pilot Program for Library Instruction at Dell Medical School Dell Medical School Library This project has focused on the development and delivery of six instructional modules targeted to provide information literacy and research instruction to the inaugural class of medical students at Dell Medical School. A survey instrument was developed to gauge students' interests, and the results were used to inform the selection of topics for each module. Analyzing the successes and pain points of this pilot allow us to be forward thinking about how library instruction can be improved to scale as more cohorts of medical students matriculate. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Katie Hicks Portfolio Designing a First-Time User Experience A great first-time user experience is one of the most important factors for increasing user retention. For my capstone project, I explored the first-time user experience for employers posting a job on In my approach, I employed a full user experience design process. I started by utilizing user research methods such as competitive analysis, literature review, and reviewing exploratory research conducted by Indeed's user researchers. Then, I completed two design iterations of prototyping and user testing. The final product of my capstone project is an interactive high fidelity prototype that focuses on successfully onboarding new employers to Indeed. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Chung-Yu Ho   User experience design and improvement for machinery tools app and business process Motionics LLC Motionics, LLC is a start-up offering smart tools for monitoring and diagnostics of machinery. The objective of this project is to design and improve the wireless dimensional measurement mobile app user experience. I will achieve that objective by generating concepts, flow, a sitemap, and a storyboard based on requirements and by designing wireframes and prototypes from low-to-high levels. User-central design methodologies will be incorporated to improve existing and innovative new features to make users' lives easier, to make their work more efficient by reducing pain points in their daily routines, and to bridge the gap between their current flow and their ideal flow. During the project, a customer journey map was created aiming at helping us better understand the process of business and the workflow of the app from the very beginning touch points to the usage scenario in order to gain a board overview about the product and the app. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Qihang Hu   Database Management for Austin's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem The University of Texas at Austin's IC2 Institute As a part of the research project on Austin's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, my task is to support the database management with my technical skills, including data gathering, data analyzing, creating database, designing and developing user-friendly interface. The optimal goal of this project is a web-based database management system, developed with PHP and MySQL. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Nicolette Khan Portfolio Designing a Centralized Database for the Texas After Violence Project Texas After Violence Project The classroom observation tool I designed for Round Rock ISD is a web-based application that will replace paper forms researchers are using for observation activities. Numerous features are embedded in the prototype to help Round Rock ISD perform the daily work in a more efficient and delightful way. I conducted three rounds of research and design iterations with meticulous planning and implementation of UX methods. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Nikole Koehlert Portfolio A Strategic Plan for Digitization and Access: The Blanton Museum of Art The Blanton Museum of Art Addressing the needs of the Blanton Museum of Art, I am creating a strategic plan for the digitization of over 18,000 object files dating from the 1960s-present using a hierarchical file structure, devising a file-naming taxonomy, and creating a metadata database to document the workflow. PDF files with OCR and master tiff files stored on a dedicated server and back up drive will significantly increase access. The project will set in motion a sustainable workflow that will benefit all Blanton Museum stakeholders going forward as their collection grows. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Xuechen Li Portfolio Calm HipChat: A New Design of the Chat Tool for Teams Atlassian The growth of group chat tools fills the gap where email is lacking the ability to make communications instant and direct. HipChat is a market-leading chat tool by Atlassian and the employees at Atlassian rely heavily on HipChat to get their work done. To make HipChat fit better into people's workflows, I conducted observations, interviews, and online survey internally among the Atlassian employees. The research mainly focused on the context of HipChat usage which includes window arrangement and task management. Among the several interesting insights I gained from the research, the most important one is that HipChat is bringing too much information to people at work that they lose the balance between being informed and being focused. So I generated the idea of a calm design: the feature allows people to prioritize their work and save things for later; it helps people keep the memory of less frequent contacts with ease; it cleans the valuable space on name lists for better access to certain people. I made a high-fidelity prototype to demonstrate this idea and tested it among people inside and outside of the company. It was proved to be a highly executable solution to the problems. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Yanxian Liu   Dashboard Development for GivePulse GivePulse, Inc. GivePulse is a platform that enables everyone to volunteer and make a difference by allowing anyone to find, submit and request cause-related events and opportunities to improve local communities. This project aims to improve and enhance the existing dashboard system for the GivePulse website by leveraging various front-end development technology and data analysis skills. The main achievement of the project is the feature of displaying external datasets on the same heatmap/cluster map for comparing them with GivePulse data. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Justina Moloney   Lest We Forget: A Digital Exhibit of Williamson County from 1917 to 1923 Williamson Museum Lest We Forget: A Digital Exhibit of Williamson County from 1917 to 1923 focuses on the historical events that drastically changed a Texas community. Citizens of Williamson County were actively involved in World War I, the Women's Suffrage Movement, and efforts to lesson the sway of the Ku Klux Klan in the area. Utilizing the digital scholarship tool Scalar, this exhibit seeks to inform and educate a high school audience, while exposing students to primary documents and artifacts synonymous with the museum setting, but in the classroom. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Ashley Morrison Portfolio Best Practices for Driving Adoption of Open Educational Resources (OER) The University of Texas Libraries Open Education Resources (OER) are learning materials that are freely licensed; they can be shared, accessed, reused, and revised. Often, they are available at no cost and can be one lever for decreasing the cost of higher education. Over the semester, I identified instructors at the University of Texas at Austin currently building or utilizing OER as course materials. I held conversations with those instructors to learn more about their use of OER and documented best practices to be utilized by librarians and instructors at UT. I also conducted research on the role that librarians in other higher education institutions have in driving adoption of OER. The ultimate objective of this initiative is to help drive adoption of OER and other open access materials at UT in the long term. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Caroline O'Meara Portfolio Strategizing solutions for creating reports and dashboards at Goodwill of Central Texas Goodwill of Central Texas At Goodwill of Central Texas, I am working with the IT Department to create reporting solutions with Microsoft SQL Server and Salesforce. I am creating data models, reports, and data visualizations for KPIs across the Goodwill organization, documenting best practices, and exploring automation solutions. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Xiaoyue Pang Portfolio Consumer-Generated Content Research: Evaluation of An Existing Review Solicitation Practice Bazaarvoice An evaluation of existing review solicitation practices in Bazaarvoice, post-interaction email (PIE) and review submission form (RSF), indicates consumers' pain points/barriers of producing consumer-generated content (CGC) with PIE and RSF. Plus, to gain more consumer-generated content for our clients and design better content-generating experiences for consumers, a prototype with several design solutions was proposed, based on the exploratory research on people's motives, expectations, and behaviors of generating content. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Crystal Paull   Aging Adults and Shopping Cart Abandonment Express Scripts My professional experience project examines the result of multiple weeks of coding analysis of shopping cart/checkout abandonment by users, specifically aging adults. The resulting deliverable includes data analysis, next research steps, recommendations, analytics, and examination of the correlation between user satisfaction/experience and conversion of shopping cart. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Sara Pedrosa Portfolio Processing East Austin Digital Archive Book Collection St. Edward's University Processing the East Austin Digital Archive book collection entailed inventorying the physical and digital book collections, designing a collection arrangement, producing a processing plan, processing the physical assets and creating a finding aid. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Angela Perkins   Edmund W. Gordon Papers - Black Diaspora Archive Audio Digitization Project Benson Latin American Collection's Black Diaspora Archive I surveyed, then completed an inventory and analog-to-digital audio transfer for a significant portion of the audio materials contained within the Edmund W. Gordon Papers at the Black Diaspora Archives, which is housed at the Benson Latin American Collection. There are approximately 80 compact audio cassettes, microcassettes, and audio tape reels included within the collection, many of which included minimal or no metadata with its carriers. This project consisted of listening to the audiotapes to assess for content and metadata, and subsequently digitizing the tapes. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Alex Peterson Portfolio Adult Programming at the Cedar Park Public Library & Beyond Cedar Park Public Library I studied the impact of multiple adult programs currently offered by Cedar Park Public Library to assess their value to the Library. First, I attended and evaluated program evaluations completed by attendees. Then I used these results, community and demographic needs, and my literature review of adult programming research to make recommendations for future programs and how to better their current ones. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Walker Riley Portfolio Combating Cyber Threats at ePatientFinder ePatientFinder I am working for the healthcare technology company ePatientFinder to develop standard operating procedures that comply with strict security regulations. In addition to writing policies that are security compliant, I have taken on a systems administrative role, which has allowed me to reconfigure several of ePatientFinder's servers with better security hygiene. The goal of this project is to make sure that ePatientFinder passes a SOC 2 security audit. SOC 2 is a highly respected set of security standards that will demonstrate ePatientFinder's dedication to protecting patient data. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Laura Rivoir Portfolio Zine Transcription Normalization for Austin Fanzine Project Austin Fanzine Project The Austin Fanzine Project is an ongoing digitization project working towards providing the user with a historic snapshot of a volatile local subculture: the Austin underground music scene of the 1990's. Since its inception in 2012, the Austin Fanzine Project has expanded beyond its initial goals of fanzine digitization to providing enhanced user access and community involvement through the adoption of data visualization techniques, crowdsourced transcription and indexing efforts and, most recently, a collaboration with the Early Modern OCR Project. As my role in furthering these goals and streamlining crowdsourcing efforts, I created a set of transcription and indexing guidelines for users, so that resulting crowdsourced data is accurate, consistent, and true to the intent and feel of the original cultural material. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Juliette Seive Portfolio Curations 3 Usability Study: Collecting and Curating Content Effectively Bazaarvoice Curations 3 - a newly revamped Bazaarvoice product - helps brands and retailers collect and curate social media content. This approved content is then displayed on brand and/or retailer websites, which helps to-be customers see other, real-life customers experience products. To ensure that this new Curations 3 tool is what Bazaarvoice clients need, a complete usability study including task creation, moderation sessions, and data analysis was completed to help create the best experience possible. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Nandini Sharma   SongFlock: A Web-Based Song Learning Tool for Guitarists The University of Texas at Austin's School of Information SongFlock is a web-based song learning tool for guitarists. It allows guitarists to play along with the original track and refer to the video tutorials at the same time and in one place. The video links are crowd sourced and appropriately tagged by musicians for every single song that the website streams. As a part of a team course project in "human computation and crowdsourcing" I was able to crowdsource the youtube video-tutorial links of over 100 songs. This capstone project has allowed me to develop a working prototype of this application. Going forward, I look forward to developing a fully fledged website that would host the data gathered earlier. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Chen-Chun Shen Portfolio iTester 3 Usability Study eMetric iTester is eMetric's online learning performance assessment product which provides a reliable and secure environment that allows students to take tests online. I conducted a study which improved the user experience of iTester 3 as well as reduced biases and increased assessment accuracy. The process included stages of heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis, concept generation, redesign, interactive prototype, and usability testing of the final product. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Anshulika Singh Portfolio Improving the User Experience of the iSchool Career Development Office The University of Texas at Austin's School of Information's Career Development Office The purpose of this research project is to identify ways to improve the user experience of the iSchool Career Development Office. The iSchool's MSIS program, being a multidisciplinary program, poses a challenge for the iSchool Career Development office in terms of serving the varied career needs of its students. This study was conducted to understand the effectiveness of existing services offered by the iSchool Career Development Office and recommend improvement. This research will provide valuable information regarding the Career Development Office's resources, systems and tools to support students' varied and unique career needs. The results of this study will improve and enhance the existing services in order to better service iSchool students. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Shambhavi Srivastava   Enabling and Enhancing Data Visualization and Business Analysis at IPEX IPEX The aim of this project is to develop the internal application tracking system of the client with an advance search bar and algorithm to rank and tag the candidate's profile according to the key terms entered by the user. The second part of the project includes developing a marketing research analysis of IPEX's current database on the basis of the number of candidate profiles successfully hired by the given client. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Chris Stenftenagel   Updating and Digitizing LBJ Library Finding Aids LBJ Presidential Library and Museum I am assisting the LBJ Library with its digitization initiative to provide researchers details on its list of holdings via the new website. The goal of my capstone project is to create a new finding aid template for the personal papers collections and develop and document a process to publish the revised finding aids to the new website. The newly created finding aids will be used by researchers to browse online the LBJ Library's collections and holdings. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Robina Torres Portfolio The McNay Art Museum Computer Media Inventory McNay Art Museum The McNay Art Museum was the first museum of modern art in Texas, endowed by Marion McNay upon her death in 1950. It has been a popular institution in San Antonio since it first opened in 1954. I was asked to create a complete inventory of their digital media, a first for them. This includes both processed and unprocessed collections, which meant I got to go through their entire collection searching for the media. The information collected was put on spreadsheet in Excel for making assessments on whether these items need to be digitally preserved or thrown out. The inventory shows how much of each type of media they have in their collections, which will help the McNay with grant funding for digital preservation. None of that can be done without an accurate inventory to start from. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Brandt Van Unen Portfolio Archiving the Texas Architect   This capstone project is comprised of the formulation and implementation of physical, digital, and web archives for the Texas Society of Architects. The primary focus is the Texas Architect magazine issues from the 1950s to the present, including - digitization, metadata records, preservation plan, and web archive development. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Shengwei Wang Portfolio Mobile Registration Digital Factory Design and implement mobile registration process in AWS and databases. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Yimeng Zhao Portfolio Student Behavior Prediction for Pairing PenPal Schools PenPal Schools help students find PenPals and provide a platform where PenPals collaborate through high-quality online courses to discover cultures and learn about global challenges while practicing essential communication and technology skills. My project is to predict students' behavior -- whether the student is a good communicator. Students' behaviors are predicted by analyzing data extracted from PostgreSQL. The project is finished by using jupyter notebook in python. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Zhenzhi Zhu Portfolio Competitive study of digital pens for smart desk. Dell This is a competitive study of the Dell digital pen and other digital pens designed for artists and designers. The focus of this project is the performance of digital pen in smart desk. Spring 2017 Professional Experience Project
Debbie Chavez   Collaborating With Teachers to Motivate Students The University of Texas at Austin's School of Information Studies have shown that instructional partnerships between school librarians and teachers lead to increased student success in school. I partnered with several teachers in the Round Rock Independent School District to connect reluctant readers with a "just right" book, to provide an enrichment experience for fourth graders by establishing a book club, and to connect students in a middle school Spanish Club with students in Guatemala. Spring 2017 School Library Practicum
Kit Coates   Practicum in School Libraries: Davis Elementary and Lanier High School Davis Elementary I completed 160 hours working in an elementary and high school library. This experience included assisting with and leading library lessons, as well as learning school library management. Spring 2017 School Library Practicum
Megan Coupe   School Library Practicum Austin Independent School District I interned in a High School library for 80 hours and in an Elementary library for 110 hours. Spring 2017 School Library Practicum
Jenny Stirrat Portfolio Developing a Community of Readers Reagan Early College High School When I became the librarian at Reagan Early College High School two years ago, my goal was not only to update the campus' reception of the library, but also to bring students together to form a palpable culture of literacy. Promotional efforts around campus and on social media, the creation of student-friendly book displays, strategic collection development, and the establishment of a book club have all helped to enliven the library atmosphere and create a community of readers bound by their love of books. Spring 2017 School Library Practicum
Sara Thompson Portfolio Rejuvenating a Tired School Library The University of Texas at Austin's School of Information Bastrop Intermediate School is a 5th and 6th grade campus with almost 800 students. Since last August, I have been the librarian there, working on updating the aged collection, especially the science section, adding Maker books and materials with which to make, and collaborating with teachers who have not collaborated with a librarian in past years. Spring 2017 School Library Practicum
Morgen Wilson   A Tale of Two Libraries McCallum High School Over the course of the semester I've completed a practicum in two very different libraries, Summitt Elementary School and McCallum High School. The poster will document my experience and completed projects. Spring 2017 School Library Practicum
Raiye Adeleye Portfolio Moving Into Alignment: The Fundamental Elements of Love The University of Texas at Austin's College of Liberal Arts This thesis project imagines future possibilities of humanity for Black women of the African Diaspora. It provides a lay of the land of decolonial projects in Latin American and Information Studies, suggesting alternative directions, strategies and methods for the work. These directions are guided by the knowledges of my ancestors. Using a spiritual-cosmological-pedagogical approach to ground endogenous epistemologies of Black Women in the African Diaspora, the fundamental elements of love connect us back to the elements of nature, so that we may move into alignment. This thesis imagines future possibilities for Black women that help us to save our own lives and live well. Spring 2017 Master's Report/Thesis
Hayley Morgenstern Portfolio Genealogies of Trauma: The Inheritance of Hysteria The University of Texas at Austin's College of Liberal Arts This thesis explores how the body can be used as a technology to record and transmit information about experiences of sexual violence. Biological processes like crying, coughing, and digestion hold visceral knowledge about the endurance of sexual violence. Spring 2017 Master's Report/Thesis
Jennifer Raye   HathiTrust Digital Library and the Fair Use Defense The University of Texas at Austin's School of Information Preservation and dissemination of information is the cornerstone of most libraries. With the onset of the digital age, libraries of all sizes began scanning and cataloging their older documents and pictures, making them available on the Internet. In 2004, a consortium of 13 university libraries partnered with Google, Inc. began digitizing millions of unique titles, revolving in the HathiTrust Digital Library. In 2012, the Authors Guild filed a lawsuit on behalf of its members against HathiTrust and Google, separately for copyright infringement and unauthorized reproduction. HathiTrust and Google maintained a fair use defense. HathiTrust effectively demonstrated their database and its availability to print-disabled patrons are highly transformative. By digitizing print, analog works, Google was able to create a searchable database of materials. In addition to the search function, libraries are able to use the digitized copy for their print-disabled patrons. The District Court and the Court of Appeals upheld the HathiTrust and Google's fair use defense, the highly transformative use contributing the most to the fair use balance. The HathiTrust and Google decisions demonstrate how fair use applies in the context of digitalization projects within libraries. The HathiTrust decision specifically, serves as a guide for libraries looking to digitize their analog works collections. By maintaining specific characteristics within the digitization process, libraries can maintain copyright law compliance. For example, by restricting reproductions of copyrighted materials for preservation and transformative uses, libraries can maintain exercise fair use practices. Also, seen by the District Court judge as the most important reasons for upholding the HathiTrust, access for the print-disabled communities provides more than just access for a marginalized community, it provides a public good for society. By following some of these conditions, libraries can feel confident going through with a digitization project. Spring 2017 Master's Report/Thesis
Nitin Verma Portfolio Using Eye Tracking to Study User Experience on Scrollable Webpages The University of Texas at Austin's School of Information This report describes the use of eye trackers to study user experience on scrollable webpages. In particular I focus on the eye tracking software EventIDE, which allows researchers to create experiments that can adapt to the participants' responses. EventIDE allows for this adaptation by enabling researchers to embed C# code into the experiment design. This embedded code can be used to define conditions to adapt or alter the sequence of stimuli presented to participants. Additionally, EventIDE can be used to define custom Areas of Interest (AOIs) to study gaze patterns and eye fixations on particular areas of webpages. Spring 2017 Master's Report/Thesis
Negeen Aghassibake Portfolio Instruction and Outreach at Dell Children's Medical Center   This project implemented outreach and communication initiatives at the Dell Children's Medical Center Medical Library and Family Resource Center in order to evaluate and increase the number of information and search requests from patients and families. In addition, instructional materials were created for Dell Children's staff and volunteers that discuss health/e-health literacy and outline the resources and services available at the Dell Medical Library and Family Resource Center for patients, families, hospital staff, and volunteers. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Selena Aleman Portfolio Archives Education Outreach: Students Using LBJ Library Collections for Research   Education outreach for archivists frequently consists of selecting items from manuscript collections for teachers v use as primary sources, however, this project aims to have teachers bring students to the archive to recreate a full research experience. For this project, I worked with the LBJ education outreach and archives departments to identify specific boxes highlighting cultural moments within LBJ's presidency. I then created a research plan for each of these boxes as well as how-to research guides for students. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Carlos Alvarado Portfolio A Collections Assessment at the Fort Sam Houston Museum Archives.   An archival collections assessment was performed at the Fort Sam Houston Museum which is a small to medium-sized institution located in San Antonio, Texas. The museum is staffed by two full-time employees who manage the day to day operations. The purpose of the assessment was to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the museum's archival collections while focusing on short- and long-term preservation needs. This was done to establish preservation priorities that best utilize resources and staff efforts. Recommendations from the assessment resulted in an improved system of arrangement of the museum archives that utilized space more efficiently as well as the creation of a preservation needs hierarchy for materials in need of collections care. The assessment provided an opportunity to build a strong working relationship with a small group of museum professionals who must balance the delicate needs and demands of the institution and its stakeholders with the attention needed to properly care for unique and one of a kind items. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Kelsey L. Belcher Portfolio Pong to Pokemon: Evaluating the Visitor Experience of a Museum Exhibit The Bullock Texas State History Museum Pong to Pokemon: The Evolution of Electronic Gaming was the Bullock Texas State History Museum's first foray into immersive experiences in several years. For my Master's capstone project in the fall of 2017, I was tasked by the Director of Education and the Digital Media Team with evaluating several aspects of the exhibit and whether they were achieving their engagement and learning objectives. My observations and interviews yielded key insights about the space and the ways visitors interact within it will be instrumental to future exhibit design at the Bullock. My findings concerning particular aspects of the exhibit, such as the arcade soundscape, will encourage the curatorial and exhibit design staff that not only can they experiment with immersive experiences in the future, but that these can be successful and effective aspects of the exhibit. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Kristen Caccavale Portfolio Marketing by Industry: How a Microsoft Partner Adjusts to Changing Marketing Strategies   Microsoft has recently moved its marketing strategies toward customizing according to industry. As a Microsoft partner, Catapult Systems has also had to shift its strategies to meet customer needs. Through a combination of marketing battlecards, internal solution sheets, and website content, this project revamped Catapult's strategies, making them more industry-specific. Industries covered include healthcare, public sector, retail, manufacturing, and financial services. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Olivia Cannon Portfolio Delving into Membership Data: Recommendations for the Texas Library Association   The Texas Library Association is a 501(c)(3) professional organization with over 6,000 members. Over this semester I thoroughly examined their current membership data and data collection practices. The final product is a three part report which examines current pitfalls in TLA's data collection practices, makes recommendations for improvements, and offers ideas for how TLA might become a thought leader in their field by using data analysis to perform targeted outreach to their membership base. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Pamela Carlile Portfolio Full STEAM Ahead: STEAM Programming and Resources for Children   Children are natural born scientists and engineers. They are full of curiosity and love to experiment. Engaging children with math and science early in life helps them to develop an interest in these subjects. For my capstone project, I created and provided STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) programming for children at the Buda Public Library. I planned and presented five STEAM themed storytimes for preschoolers, and one STEAM family program. In addition to creating and presenting programs, I selected STEAM themed fiction and non-fiction children's books to add to the library's collection. I also researched and selected books, resources, and activities, so that the Buda Library could begin circulating interactive STEAM kits for children. I researched the benefits of STEAM learning for children, and wrote an elevator speech for Buda Library staff members to explain to patrons why the library offers STEAM programs for preschoolers. Finally, I wrote a proposal of how to conduct an outcome-based evaluation of the STEAM programs offered at the Buda Public Library. Overall, completing this capstone project allowed me to gain familiarity with the daily activities and overall character of a children's area in a public library, as well as gave me the confidence and knowledge to provide services to children and their families. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Yoomi Cha Portfolio A Usability Test for a Dual Screen Device   The goal of this capstone project is investigating a dual screen device through the perspectives of both physical and user interface. Dual-screen devices from Dell have not been released on the market, and this provides great potential for usability research. Currently, there is very little user experience research that has been done on dual-screen devices. For this reason, this study anticipates user contexts and tasks to develop usability insights. Therefore, the experiment includes four common tasks derived from smartphone interaction and usage from previous single screen device research. These include writing a text message, reading a text, taking a photo, and watching a video. The method analyzes user posture and level of thermal conduction depending on materials used in dual-screen devices. The results include four distinct heatmaps showing areas of touch. Based on this research, final recommendations are given on dual screen thermal durability. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Xi Chen Portfolio Redesigning the GivePulse Volunteer Registration Process   This project is to improve the volunteer end-user registration experience for a volunteer matching platform. Nearly 70 percent of the support required comes from registration. GivePulse wants to know what steps end users need to complete the registration process effectively and clearly. The administrator can collect needed information for the event and decide to approve the request or not. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Courtney Christner Portfolio Administrative History Collection Finding Aid Optimization   The Administration Histories Collection, began as a project under Lyndon Baines Johnson's final term in office, was created to document each government department's projects under his administration and was one of the first collections sent to the Presidential Library. The finding aid for the collection consisted of photocopied table of contents pages with annotated box numbers off to the side. My project was to create a finding aid template for the entire collection using two series: the Department of the Interior and the Department of Health, Education and Welfare, that would optimize patrons' discovery of information within the collection. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Samantha Cook Portfolio Access and Reference in Libraries and Archives School of Information Currently, UT participates in the WISE Consortium by having their students take classes through other universities, but have wanted to contribute by teaching a course. My project is designed as a web-based course on the topic of Access and Reference, co-taught in the summer of 2018. As a current Reference Archivist, I have seen firsthand the importance education can have on an archivist's ability to help provide access and reference services. This course focuses on access and reference in both libraries and archives. I choose to include both fields to provide the students a better knowledge of the difference and similarities in libraries and archives. My goal is to design a course that is both informative and engaging that focusing on creating a successful online learning environment. I am focusing on the use of different technologies like videos and podcasts on top of tradition learning styles of readings and discussions. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Elle Covington Portfolio Data Mapping for the University of Texas Libraries E-News   The data mapping project was designed to help answer questions about how UT Libraries' email subscribers engage with email content, how donors engage with email content, and specifically how UT Libraries can encourage increased engagement, including increased donations from email campaigns. My goal was to determine patterns in current rates of engagement and develop recommendations based on those trends. I collected email engagement data for over 23,000 email subscribers and compared them against UT's donor database to gain insights on audience demographics and engagement both with UT Libraries and with the larger UT community. From this data, I developed a set of guidelines and recommendations, part of which were put into effect for UT Libraries' 40 for Forty fundraising campaign in April, and which will continue to inform and guide the development of email content and sending strategies in the future. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Sara Craig Portfolio Collection and Preservation Needs Assessment for Hogg Family Artifacts   Collection and Preservation Needs Assessment for Hogg Family Artifacts Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Carrie Cruce Portfolio Online Course Content Design: A Learner-Centered Focus   This project focuses on the collaborative redesign and creation of course content for the School of Information's online undergraduate course INF303D: Academic Success in the Digital University. The first phase of this project involved the research and assessment of instructional design strategies for online learning and information meta-literacy. Team Based Learning, Universal Design for Learning, backward design, and the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy were identified as actionable models. The second phase is focused on the creation of course content including learning outcomes, active learning exercises, and assessment for the information cycle, research and evaluation, copyright, and academic integrity modules of this course. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Jessica Cvijic Portfolio Exploring the Texas Library Association Data and its Presentation.   The purpose of this project is to gather and study existing data and survey methods surrounding the use of public and school libraries for the past ten years and throughout the United States. It is then necessary to explore ways in which the past data and methods may be improved upon by the Texas Library Association in order to better represent the value of Texas libraries to students and patrons. Finally, methods of framing the data qualitatively and more effectively in order to gain support politically and from local communities will be defined and critically examined. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Lea DeForest Portfolio Open Education Resources Are Here to Stay: Are Texas Schools Ready?   As defined by the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), Open Education encompasses resources, tools and practices that are free of legal, financial and technical barriers and can be fully used, shared and adapted in the digital environment. Open Education Resources (OER) are free to use and access, but the logistics of acquiring, managing, implementing access to, and defining OER is challenging for academic libraries. The objective of my capstone project is to facilitate better understanding of the issues and challenges surrounding OER, measure OER readiness among Texas colleges and universities, and develop resources that will assist Texas academic libraries of the Texas Digital Library consortium start and sustain implementation of OER on their campuses. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Anna DeKoning Portfolio Searchable Ornithological Research Archive (SORA) Digital Exhibit   SORA is a library-run, open access archive of ornithological literature from approximately 50 different publications dating back to the late 19th century. The publications include numerous hand-drawn illustrations and photographs of the birds studied and portraits of the birds in nature. For the University of New Mexico, I created an online exhibit of these ornithological illustrations using Omeka. The exhibit provides interpretive information on the history and evolution of scientific illustration in Ornithology and provide a showcase and index of major illustrations published in SORA partner journals. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Virginia Dempsey Portfolio ArchivesSpace as an Archival Collection Management Tool at the Harry Ransom Center   Utilizing interviews with key stakeholders at the Harry Ransom Center and research of peer institutions that have successfully implemented ArchivesSpace, this research project supplies recommendations to support the best use of ArchivesSpace as an archival management tool for the unique requirements posed by the Harry Ransom Center's collections. By assessing staff workflows within the current system of databases, mapping internal database relationships, and importing collections representative of the Harry Ransom Center's cataloging needs, this project suggests the potential uses of ArchivesSpace for each cataloging department within the Harry Ransom Center, customizations to ArchivesSpace to better fit the institution, and recommended adjustments to staff workflows to allow for future implementation. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Linli Ding Portfolio Assessing the Predictive Model for Student Matriculation   The project provides data driven analysis of the matriculation decision in support of institutional planning, decision making, and reporting. The objective of this project is to evaluate the accuracy of a set of statistical models that predict which admitted applicant will matriculate, and provide insights on the effects of monetary grants on students' enrollment. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Chu-Ting Fan Portfolio User Experience Design for HERdacity   HERdacity is a nonprofit women's leadership organization which connects, promotes, and empowers women to seize opportunities for fulfillment and impact. As a UX design intern at HERdaicty, I focus on the website user experience and lead the design process of the HERdacity website redesign, including user research, interaction design, visual design, and prototyping. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Elizabeth Fletcher Portfolio Project Management for Digital Asset Librarians: Dell Brand Iconography Refresh   The undertaking and management of the Dell brand iconography refresh is an eight-month project encompassing the retiring and publishing of over 5,000 icon assets to the Dell digital asset management system. The challenges faced throughout the course of this project included defining the scope, managing communication, setting, adjusting, and maintaining deadlines, and inputting metadata for all newly published assets. Utilized methods have included tracking hours and tasks completed, logging all communication around the project, analyzing the way the project is progressing and what could have been done differently to avoid the current problems. The goals for this project are to complete the retirement of old, and the publishing of new, icon assets to the DAM and to create a repository of all Dell brand approved icons that is complete, up to date, and easy to navigate and use for all creative teams at Dell. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Bria Fowler Portfolio Evaluating the Customer Purchase Experience through Journey Mappi   Storytelling techniques assist the UX design process by defining and communicating the needs of a user to an audience. Customer journey maps integrate the use of storytelling by creating a visualization of a customer's experience including their goals, emotions, and pain points they may face. For my project, I analyzed survey feedback from over 100 respondents about their satisfaction levels when purchasing an electronic device. Through survey analysis, affinity diagramming, and persona creation I developed a customer journey map of this purchase experience while highlighting future opportunities for the client. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Weixuan FU Portfolio Mobile App Design and Development Rewrite   I leveraged React Native to rewrite an existing mobile app of GivePulse. The GivePulse Sign-in app is to help events administrators check in and out volunteers. Volunteers can also use it to do self checking in. Also, I applied my UI and UX practices learned from previous courses to improve the app design and solve specific practical problems with GivePulse. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Eric Graham Portfolio Mixed Reality Device User Testing at Dell   As the technology for mixed reality devices evolves, significant research and testing for corresponding interfaces must be done. Without an understanding of user needs, the application of such technology will be severely limited. However, conducting user studies on such devices has many obstacles. At Dell, the experience design team is tasked with finding the most effective way to produce insightful data on user needs for these products. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Han Han Portfolio UX Design and Development for   Facilitating clients product visions by researching, conceiving, wireframing, sketching, prototyping and mocking up user experiences for This includes UI development using JS, Jquery, Bootstrap, SCSS and PHP. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Grace Hansen Portfolio Buildings of Texas: Supporting Visual Browsing of Geospatial Archival Holdings through Web Mapping   Providing access to geospatial archival holdings through visual browsing offers exciting new opportunities for all users. As part of the University of Texas at Austin Libraries' effort to build an infrastructure to support its geospatial data, Hansen is geocoding a dataset representing an archival collection at the Alexander Architectural Archives and creating a web map to provide access to descriptive information. This capstone presentation will discuss both conceptual and technical considerations that went into this project, including the decision to conceptualize the map as a finding aid and the ways in which spatial browsing better supports discovery for geospatial collections. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Yue He Portfolio UX Design for Supply Chain System Cases   Expero is trying to redesign and develop the supply chain systems to help optimize its clients' business. By talking with the representatives from the client, we extract what they care about most and what problems there are searching for solutions. My job is building wireframes and high-fidelity prototype regarding existing user cases. I built several different versions of prototypes and keep refining and combined them into the final one. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Sidvita Hegde Portfolio Member Portal Development for Impact Austin   Impact Austin is a non-profit that gives out grants to local non-profits. Currently they have a website and my project is to extend the website's capability by developing a Member Portal. This will make it easier for the members to access crucial information like announcements, upcoming activities, volunteer roles taken up, etc on their dashboards and also enable them to change personal information with ease. The project realises the end goal by leveraging the current technology in use which is Salesforce Apex and Visualforce. The end goal is to match the product to the designs provided to me by the supervisor. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Emily Higgs Portfolio The Connie Sinclair Collection   The Connie Sinclair collection is a small collection of African-Americana (ca. 1930s - 1950s) consisting of photographs, photo albums, news clippings, and manuscript letters from the estate of Connie Sinclair, an African-American woman Lieutenant active during WWII. Working with Michael Laird Rare Books LLC, Emily Higgs researched, processed, rehoused, and described the collection according to current archival methodology with some preservation work on photographs and albums in order to prepare the collection for its permanent home in an archive or library. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Alisa Holahan   Redesign of the Tarlton Law Library's Digital Collection of Historical Texas Constitutions   The Tarlton Law Library has hosted a rich though outdated website containing historical versions of the Texas Constitution and related documents. This project involved the redesign of this website and its migration to the LibGuides platform. The website has been modernized to better serve users, and the new platform will allow library staff to more easily manage the content. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Wanchen Huo Portfolio App Design: Community & Service Promotion for UT Student-athletes   In the UT-Austin Student-Athlete Service Office, the staff faces the huge difficulty in information delivery. Because most of the student-athletes have no time to use service office resources, which are important to student-athletes' wellness and personal development. So, we designed our app MindStrength that will provide student-athletes with wellness and personal development presentations on their device - instead of in person. We got to know our user needs through user research, then built the information architecture of our app. After approved by our client Dr. Gill, we did iterative design through lo-fi to hi-fi mock-up. Since the complication of the app, I did the project with Shishu Yang, Xiaomeng Mu together. I'm in charge of designing the part of community building and service promotion, which includes pages like leaderboard, events, rsvp, etc. Through these features, the app will help the office promote their service and strengthen the student-athlete community. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Scott Jordan Portfolio Oversized Collection at St. Edward's University Archives   Processing the Oversized Collection at St. Edward's University Archives includes a complete inventory, proper identification, stable housing, and the arrangement and description of the materials in ArchivesSpace with authority-controlled terms. An EAD finding aid is generated from the database for reference, and a few select items have been digitized for additional resource discovery and access. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Vivek Khetan Portfolio Survival Analysis of United States Photovoltaic Solar Installers LBJ School of Public Affairs The idea of this project is to study the state of household solar installers in the United States. The last couple of years say a decade has been great for them and we all have witnessed them become a normal everyday keyword from something very costly and research-oriented term.In this work, we studied more than 300000 installations made here in various location of United States and formulated it to understand the reasons for success as well as the failure of many installers in these years.In this work, we did use KM curve and Cox regression to fit a survival model. And we are also looking into network analysis feature to understand what kind of network installers formed with panel manufactures and battery manufactures over the course of ten years.The data was very dirty and I spent a lot of time cleaning it. We were able to so some basic survival analysis task but still far from our expectations. We are looking into network features, e.g., first order coupling, second-order coupling, HHI to improve upon our Cox regression model. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Keith Lacy Portfolio Moore Program Associate at Tarlton Law Library   Project work consisted of collection analyses on two of Tarlton Law Library's special collections: The Law and Pop Culture Collection (LPOP) and the Hyder Popular Reading Room. The Moore Program also consists of meetings and interviews with all of Tarlton's librarians, training on library systems, and working at the circulation and reference desks. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Pang-Sheng (Harrison) Lai Portfolio Hierarchy: Managing Tool for a Financial Institution (BGA)   Design a web application post-MVP feature, hierarchy tool, for the new COVR Financial Technologies web app. This web application mainly focus on helping life insurance agents on their daily work, especially managing the current policies they have written. This web application will enable them to maintain the customer relationship and the hierarchy tool will give the agents or the managers the ability to manage the organization, so they can adjust the individual relationship among the organization according to the day to day change in the financial institution, as they change continuously and frequently. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Todd Lim Portfolio La Michoacana Website Redesign   The aim of this project is to provide a website redesign for La Michoacana Meat Market ( because the website suffers from information overload. First, Deliverable A (Weeks 1-4) utilized design skills gained from iSchool classes in redesigning a Bi-weekly Specialst poster; creating an information dashboard for two segmented pork products; and tying those two sub-deliverables together into a 15-page written report. Second, Deliverable B (Weeks 5-9) allowed for two iterations of usability testing and two iterations of Balsamiq mockup designs for both desktop and mobile; this culminated in a slide deck that would be presented to the supervisor. Deliverable C (Weeks 10-14) aimed to implement those usability and mockup insights with front-end technology, in addition to curating a UX resource for the project portfolio's long-term value to the organization. Deliverable D (Week 15) involved creating and preparing for the poster presentation. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Amelia Llorens Portfolio Continuing Development of Library Instruction Materials for Dell Medical School   The objective of the project was to aid in the development of library instruction services for the Dell Medical School Library by creating online instructional materials as well as planning and teaching an instructional session. I began by reviewing research on best practices relating to the creation of online instructional materials, such as LibGuides, and research on effective instructional methodologies. I then designed LibGuides and an instructional session for the Dell Medical School Library based upon best practices gathered from the literature review. My hope is that the new LibGuides will be useful resources to Dell Medical School students and staff and that the best practices from the literature review will guide the creation of future instructional materials for the library. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Irene Lule   "An Environmental Scan of GIS in the Archive"   My capstone focuses on an environmental scan on the use of geospatial data and GIS in archives. The first portion involved researching other institutions and their use of geospatial data from archival collections in GIS projects. The second portion of the project focused primarily on the Alexander Architectural Archives, their metadata, identifying the types of materials/archival collections suitable for GIS projects, highlighting potential collaborators for future digital projects, and creating use cases relevant to the archive. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Nicole Marino   Preserving Digital Exhibition Records at the Alexander Architectural Archives   Exhibits and the work undertaken to plan and execute them are inherently ephemeral and, as such, difficult to archive. This project aimed to develop a retention schedule and preservation plan for the Alexander Architectural Archives' digital exhibition records by appraising the files produced from a 2014 exhibition, "Inside Modern Texas: the Case for Preserving Interiors." These files were then ingested into UT Libraries' recently launched digital asset management system. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Molly McGee Portfolio User-Focused Instructional Design   This project focused on re-developing an online undergraduate course, INF303D, Academic Success in the Digital University, which will be piloted during the Summer 2018 semester for an audience of incoming freshmen students. In order to develop a better online class, we analyzed and gathered data from a survey administered to over 150 students in iSchool undergraduate courses to inform our decision-making and identify student pain-points. We researched best practices for course development and instructional design, and applied techniques and tools including a graphic syllabus, screencasts and interactive presentations of lecture material, backwards design methodology, Team Based Learning, and threshold concepts. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Serena Mistry Portfolio Designing a Motion Graphics Video to Promote Sentier   To promote the Sentier brand, I designed and developed a motion graphics video about using biometric measurements in user research. I started by researching best practices and learning necessary tools and then, based on a provided script, I brainstormed ideas with sketches and a mood board, edited the script, created a storyboard and designed the visual elements. The final product of my project is a short video that will increase awareness of Sentier and inform viewers on the value of using biometric measurements in user research. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Xiaomeng Mu Portfolio Communication and Chat-bot System Design for UT Student Athlete   The Student-Athlete Behavioral Health Department of the University of Texas at Austin plans to build an educational application that provides student-athletes with wellness and personal development presentations on their device. After conducting user research with both student-athletes and department staffs, we embedded more features to the application to solve their pain-points. I designed an interactive mobile app prototype that provides user shortcuts to student-athlete department services and communicate better. There were lots of focus on how to add more funand convenience to the interactions between people and people, as well as people and the system. Except for weekly meeting with the client, there were also usability testings applied to shape the design better for users. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Alicia Niwagaba Portfolio From the Field to the Digital Archive: Best Practices for Curating Language Data   Language researchers have increasingly found a need to organize and curate their data in ways that can be easily ingested into digital archives. Through this project I created a series of video tutorials relating to best practices in data curation for language documentation to help clarify the interactions between archivists and field researchers. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Nicole Oglesby Portfolio Digital Humanities at UT: Library Guide Design and Workshop Instruction   For my capstone project, I supported digital scholarship initiatives at UT Austin by teaching three workshops on digital humanities software tools at UT Libraries and the Fusion Room, a digital humanities lab sponsored by the Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies. In order to teach the workshops, I learned each software tool and created corresponding teaching materials. Another component of my project involved creating a comprehensive library guide on the digital humanities field, software tools, projects, and more. Creating the guide involved research and evaluation of digital humanities tools and resources and writing summaries of tools, methods, and theories. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Soham Patel   Fraud Detection in Loans   As a part of my PEP experience, I am working as an Analytics Intern at CreditShop LLC. The project I am focusing on is titled "Fraud Detection in Loans." Our main goal is to identify risky loan applicants at the very 1st step, i.e., when they apply for loans. Secondarily we also want to predict when and why an active applicant will default on his loan payments. We are using predictive modeling and data mining algorithms. I am handling data preprocessing in Python and Predictive modelling in SAS. The required data is read from flat files on AWS server and the processed characteristics are stored in an SQL table. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Kate Pauquette Portfolio Course Creation: Access and Reference in Libraries and Archives School of Information Through the WISE Consortium the iSchool takes part in, we have been able to take online courses offered at other universities. However, we noticed a lack of UT courses being offered through the WISE consortium to non-UT students. Therefore our project was to design a web-based course on a topic that interests us: Access and Reference in Archives and Libraries and offer it through the WISE Consortium. We are working with a current member of the ischool faculty, Dr. Ciaran Trace, to create a course that is both engaging and challenging for the students to learn applicable skills and knowledge in their field. We are developing the course in Canvas and including as many interactive elements, such as videos, podcasts, and field visits, as possible to engage the students with the learning materials. Our goal is to teach this course in Summer 2018. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Yan Qi Portfolio UX Research on PC Gaming Systems and Their Exclusive Gaming Optimization Software   A project for Dell demonstrating the UX research for systems and software applications used to customize gaming notebooks, desktop and peripherals and improve gaming experience. Specific works include competitive analysis, heuristics evaluation, and iterative usability studies. Findings will be used to facilitate the design process of the next-generation Alienware Command Center. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Harish Raghuraman Portfolio CARE App for Medical Students   Simulation and Gaming Application Labs at UT Austin in association with Dell Medical School and Texas A&M are working on a research project to understand medical students' mental health and help them alleviate stress. Medical students due to their rigorous schedule and activities experience stress on a daily basis. This stress leads to lack of empathy which affects them psychologically. To design a solution to address this problem, design thinking was the primary method used. As understanding the user base is crucial, time was invested in interviewing, focus group and user research. Based on the defined persona requirements were defined which led to ideation and wireframing of the interfaces. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Jasmeen Kaur Rajpal   Understanding Platform Activity by Testing Hypotheses and Developing Dashboards   A local startup wants to analyze platform metrics to understand what data is being utilized on the platform and how, and what data should be added to the platform. I am identifying key metrics of popular datasets, and the themes and patterns that will guide decision-making around the addition of new datasets. My goal is to develop a dashboard and model that will include the detailed metrics that will bring insights and actionable recommendations to different teams in the organization. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Kapil Raole Portfolio Creation of a New Website for TXPRENEUR   We are in a process of building a small business community-oriented website called Our aim is to feature behind-the-scenes stories of successful small businesses with the goal of bringing out the good spirit within communities, promoting entrepreneurship, and building trust; benefitting both, the businesses and the community. First phase of website will feature a weekly spotlight blog feature, with next phases consisting of behind-the-scenes video story with the owners, podcasts and story writing contests for high school kids. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Semeon Risom Portfolio Film Texas! The Back and Front-end of Extending the Texas Film Industry   This project hopes to develop the infrastructure of the Texas Film Commission (TFC) database. This project will attempt to do this in two ways. The first is by building a uniform database that consolidates existing fragmented data from multiple sources. The second goal is to create a Software as a Service (SaaS) for the TFC. This will involve creating dashboard-based modules that include: document generation, data manipulation, analytics, search engine, machine learning. The audiences reached by this work will not only include TFC staff by also members of government, film industry, and private sector. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Sara Rogers   Creating an Inventory for SXSW's Audiovisual Materials   Every year the South by Southwest conferences, festivals, and exhibitions produce unique and innovative programming. With almost every one of these events filmed, SXSW's video archive has grown exponentially over the years. In order to help content managers make decisions regarding future uses of archival footage, I created an inventory of their audiovisual assets. This inventory documents all available metadata related to an asset to support easy discovery and access. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Allyson Rosenthal Portfolio Visual Navigation in Online Help Documentation   Design of page-level visual cues that show users where they are and what they should do next on the product help site. This project applies cognitive science principles to support users in navigating complex information spaces and empower them to solve problems on their own. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Sae Saito   Developing Information Dashboards for Analysis of E-Commerce Performance   Tokyo Otaku Mode currently does not have a comprehensive visualization of their e-commerce website performance, and is seeking for ways to effectively analyze and present the data. The goal of this project is the full integration of information dashboards that will allow Tokyo Otaku Mode to easily access information within the data sets they collect for better decision making on the marketing strategies. First, I determined the key performance indicators that provide insights on the performance of Tokyo Otaku Mode Shop. Then, I designed and built information dashboards to visually present these indicators on Google Spreadsheet. I also designed an information dashboard prototype using Tableau to recommend implementing Tableau or other Business Intelligence tools. Finally, I developed documentation for using and managing the information dashboard. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Akash Shetye Portfolio Developing an Open-Source Accessibility Toolkit for Unity3D Games   Accessibility landscape in gaming is a particularly underserved area. The project will provide game developers an open-source accessibility library for providing screen-reader support in WebGl distributions of Unity3D games. Screen-reader accessibility tools for game development for WebGl distributions are non-existent, requiring game developers to develop home grown solutions. This presents a high barrier to entry for game developers in developing accessibility support for their games. This effort is a small contribution towards enriching the accessibility ecosystem in gaming, with the vision that it will serve as a starting point and an umbrella initiative for projects addressing other areas of gaming accessibility. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Kerry Sim Portfolio Designing a Function-Based Records Taxonomy for Human Resources Records   My project is designing a function-based records taxonomy for Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority's Human Resources department. The Human Resources department is using Microsoft SharePoint as its document management system and is facing several challenges with its employee benefit records such as lifecycle management, access & control, and search & retrieval of the records. A function-based records taxonomy aims to address these issues as it provides an easy-to-use classification system that supports proper retention and disposition of the records, establishes a secure access and control, and enables a more efficient search and retrieval process. The methods used to design the taxonomy include: assessing the existing records classification system, conducting Human Resources staff interviews, identifying the major business functions, developing a function-based records taxonomy, and generating a set of recommendations for implementation. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Prachi Singh Portfolio Implementation of Enterprise Architecture at Austin Energy   In a large organization like Austin Energy with up to 20 Business Units (BUs), it is difficult to have a centralized repository of all the systems and applications that the BUs use. It is essential for the Enterprise Architects to have this knowledge for planning the Technology Roadmaps(TR) of the organization. Enterprise architecture is a well-defined practice for conducting enterprise analysis, design, planning, and implementation, using a comprehensive approach at all times, for the successful development and execution of strategy. Enterprise architecture applies architecture principles and practices to guide organizations through the business, information, process, and technology changes necessary to execute their strategies. These practices utilize the various aspects of an enterprise to identify, motivate, and achieve these changes. Enterprise Architecture phase II at Austin Energy, the project that I worked in, aims at putting together all these information, system integrations and projects planned that impact the TR. A SharePoint site was utilized to build this repository. Modeling the data and its standardization and normalization required a great deal of effort to make it adaptable by all the BUs. I interviewed several employees to gather information on integration and created integration diagrams using Visio. I developed a dashboard to track the progress of the data collected so far and its quality. The dashboard shows that there is not sufficient knowledge about a few critical departments that I aim to work on in the coming weeks. As we are progressing towards the end of this phase, we are identifying data model issues and a lack of taxonomy that needs to be addressed as we face them. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Minjeong Song Portfolio How I Learned to Love Event-Based Retention in Records Management   For many organizations, it's a painful approach to managing records because of the frequency of the retention periods. Event-Based Retention (EBR) can be defined as the process by which the disposition of records is linked to a particular trigger event, such as project closure or employee termination, rather than simple time-based periods. I evaluated Valero's existing Records Retention Schedule (RRS) and analyzed the EBR periods. Considering trigger dates, retention instructions, and the volume of records affected by EBR periods, I was able to determine which of several recommended practices are most suitable and best fit for their unique records management environment. Find out how I performed the analysis and implemented the desired changes collaborating with the RIMS team. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Sishir Sreekumar Portfolio Live Data Visualization using Tableau Office of Institutional Reporting, Research and Information Systems The IRRIS department at the University is responsible for making institutional data available to its end users. It provides official, accurate, and unbiased information and analysis about the university in support of institutional planning, decision-making, and reporting obligations. IRRIS is currently building a new data warehouse that will hold the University's academic and administrative data. Tableau is the tool of choice for delivering the product (reports and dashboards) to its end users, since it is an easy to use intuitive data visualization tool which enables its users to develop interactive visualizations. My capstone project involves me supporting the IRRIS department by developing Tableau visualizations that answer strategic business questions by connecting it directly to the data warehouse and providing live interactive visualizations to the campus stakeholders and data analysts. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Xin Su Portfolio Website Update of GivePulse   My task is to add the platform for users so that they could self-organize into different communities on the website of GivePulse. In this project, I am responsible to develop wizards to create and edit communities on GivePulse web page based on consumer demands using PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, SASS, MySQL, create community view with searchable map display and other community details applying Google Maps API and maintain the databases to manage community events, groups, and memberships in MySQL. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Kyle Swartzlender Portfolio Providing Access to the Freud Reia Punk Collection   Working with the collection materials from the Freud Reia Punk Collection at the University of Texas Libraries, this capstone project consisted of creating a full inventory of the collection's 45s, zines, letter correspondences, and other punk ephemera. Additionally, two curated exhibitions of highlights from the collection were organized, a physical exhibit in the Perry Castaeda Library Scholars Commons and an online presentation of materials executed in Scalar, accessible through the University of Texas Libraries' website. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Shang-Chia Tseng Portfolio UX Design: A Mobile Application of Automated Medical Transcription   Currently, physicians have to spend significant time on writing medical documents or typing transcriptions in front of computers after visiting each patient. This routine task exhausts physicians since it requires extra effort and extreme amount of time to make patient stories into standard medical reports. To solve this issue, I prototyped a mobile application, Smart Scribe, which bases on the technology of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help physicians dictate and digitize patient documents when they diagnose their patients. Physicians can also review and edit the documents on the app before they submit medical reports to the electronic medical record (EMR) system.Automated medical transcription application will not only facilitate doctors focusing on their patients but also promote better communication by easily sharing digitized documentation within hospitals which will benefit both stakeholders of physicians and patients. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Mythraye Vodnala Portfolio Alumni Engagement Score Model   Data mining techniques and Statistical methods have found their way into a wide range of applications. We have a database of UT donors, but there are no statistical methodology in place to identify potential major donors (gift >= $100k). The objective of this project is to establish a robust engagement score which could help in creating strong predictive model for identifying major donors. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Lindsay Woodward Portfolio Creating Workflow Visualizations for the Data Enrichment Process   I created process documentation for the taxonomy, strategy, and curation divisions of the data enrichment team at Groupby, an e-commerce search company. These workflow visualizations serve as documentation pieces, as ways to examine and optimize workflows, and as a means to present complicated processes both internally to employees and externally to clients. My process for creating the workflows included interviewing employees, synthesizing the interview data, sketching diagrams, soliciting feedback, and finally uploading the workflows and accompanying documentation to the company knowledge management system. I also performed a content audit of the company Google Drive and made recommendations for improved document findability. Both of these undertakings have improved the information management of the organization and will continue to serve as guides for further documentation. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Yueyang Wu Portfolio Support Portal Redesign   This project improves the interaction process for the current support desk portal, making it adhere to the brand, and make it more simple and user friendly. Simplifying the workflow will improve user experience for volunteers and event organizers to better access to content that can hopefully help answer their questions and learn more about GivePulse. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Kaijuan Xing Portfolio Chatbot Evaluation Metrics Collection AT&T Chat as a traditional way of communication largely happens among people. AT&T, as a large corporation realize the importance to automate traditional customer support handling, encouraged more than 1500 chatbots built internally at one platform.The problem recently is that the chatbot platform needs to manage the status or activities of all bots while chatbot developers need more feedback about the user experience and bot performance. As a part of chatbot analytics project, I started by generating evaluation metrics from the perspective of chatbot platform, chatbot developers and chatbot project managers and made a MVP(minimal viable product). I teamed up with project managers, system architecture people and analytics experts to create a metric capability list from raw data source to analytics method. The metrics capability list mainly includes bot usage metrics, bot user metrics, access metrics, client metrics, financial metrics and efficiency metrics. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Shishu Yang Portfolio Design for Education of Personal Development & Wellness for UT Student-Athletes   Due to the tight schedule and stressful lives of UT student athletes, the Student-Athlete Behavioral Health Department decided to build a system that will provide student-athletes with wellness and personal development presentations on their device - instead of in person. In order to better design the video education experience of the ios APP, I started from conducting competitive analysis for existing video education platforms, contextual inquiry & research of student athletes, as well as usability testing in later design stages to prototyping. With the help of results from research, I created personas, storyboards & student athletes scenarios and accordingly built the wireframes. With each usability testing insights, I modified prototypes into better versions every time and finally delivered the high-fidelity prototypes. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Zequn Ye Portfolio Data Visualization and Prototyping Project   A prototype demo showcase of utilizing machine learning to help clients monitor supply chain health, deal with anomalies, and proactively plan for future risks. Spring 2018 Professional Experience Project
Jain Orr Portfolio Assessment of the Austin High School Library Drama Collection Austin High School Library Austin High School has a robust theatre program and ethnically diverse student body. The drama collection in the school library fails to meet the needs of the students and sees embarrassingly levels of circulation. This could be due to the location of the drama collection in the nonfiction section, or because the content of the collection'ss playwriters are overwhelming old, white, and male. To improve circulation of the drama collection, I (1) moved the collection out of nonfiction to a more prominent location in the library, (2) provided a list of plays to be purchased by the librarian when the funds become available. Spring 2018 School Library Practicum
Amy Tillman   Future Ready Libraries (School Library Practicum)   I completed my School Library Practicum at Cedar Creek Elementary School and Hill Country Middle School in the Eanes Independent School District. Some highlights of the practicum include makerspace Fridays, author visits, poetry special projects, and library database exploration. I am also a member of the EISD Library Symposium group, a committee formed to conduct a needs analysis of EISD district libraries. As part of this committee, we discussed current library standards and trends, visited twelve area libraries, and are now meeting to create a school bond proposal for library upgrades. Spring 2018 School Library Practicum
Mary Ziolkowski   Empowering Student Authors   I completed my school librarian practicum of 160 hours at Hornsby Dunlap Elementary School and Del Valle High school. At both libraries I assisted in and took the lead in teaching library lessons, as well as learning library management skills. I put a special focus on encouraging all students to think of themselves as authors and help facilitate class and individual books. Spring 2018 School Library Practicum
Brandon Dang Portfolio Handwriting Transcription Using Word Spotting and Humans in the Loop   Handwritten materials such as historical document collections are increasingly being digitized and made available for purposes of preservation, scholarly analysis, and text retrieval. To this end, numerous specialized software tools have been developed to support the crowdsourced transcription of such texts. However, as many of these tools operate at the page-level, they may not be suitable for documents containing privacy-sensitive data such as medical records, as this risks the potential of disclosing such information to unintended parties. Additionally, manual transcription efforts can be slow and expensive.Automatic optical character recognition (OCR) methods perform poorly on handwritten text due to the large variability in human handwriting, degradation of historical texts, artifacts of scanning, and other sources of noise. As such, handwritten text analysis remains an active area of research. With the renewed interest in neural networks, recent methods using deep learning have achieved unprecedented state-of-the-art results on benchmark datasets in areas including word recognition, word spotting, and character recognition. Despite this, current methods are not yet robust enough to fully automate handwriting transcription tasks alone.In this work, we aim to combine the efficiency of machine learning with the accuracy of human intelligence to semi-automatically transcribe a challenging real-world dataset of word images segmented from historical handwritten medical records as part of the Central State Hospital Digital Library project. Specifically, we leverage a deep convolutional network to generate a feature set, identify groups of similar images using unsupervised density-based clustering, and obtain cluster transcriptions from human workers on an online crowdsourcing platform. In doing so, we aim to reduce the number of images to be sent to the crowd, thereby optimizing monetary and time costs while still maintaining an acceptable level of accuracy and preserving the privacy of the data. Spring 2018 Master's Report/Thesis
Maria Fernandez Portfolio The Coloniality of Metadata: A Critical Data Analysis of the Archive of Early American Images at the John Carter Brown Library   How do contemporary metadata practices replicate the coloniality of power embedded in European colonial documents describing the Spanish Americas? This report draws from critical theory within the field of Latin American studies to explore the extent to which standardized description and categorization practices can perpetuate a Eurocentric colonial gaze on the Spanish Americas. In order to ground this theoretical engagement within the fields of information science and critical data studies, a dataset is compiled and computationally analyzed, which contains metadata records corresponding to images derived from books, manuscripts, and broadsides printed between 1492 and 1825 about the Spanish Americas found in the Archive of Early American Images at the John Carter Brown Library. This report then applies unsupervised machine learning techniques such as Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) topic modeling, and k-means clustering, and counts word frequencies to identify broad metadata trends across the collection. Ultimately, this report combines methods from critical data studies and Latin American cultural studies to begin to understand how controlled vocabularies and descriptive practices can perpetuate colonial structures of power. Spring 2018 Master's Report/Thesis
Kathryn Golden Portfolio AI Assistants and Human Values   This report investigated the relationship between human values and usage of artificial intelligence personal assistants such as Siri and Alexa. Data was gathered by distributing a survey that utilized a personal value questionnaire (introduced by Schwartz (2007) and made gender neutral by Verma, Koltai, and Fleischmann (2017)) as well as by interviewing users of AI personal assistants. The goal of this research is to gain a better understanding of the factors that influence the use of these technologies so that they can be made to better suit their intended populations. Spring 2018 Master's Report/Thesis
Robert Anascavage   An Informational Audit of Austin's Office of the City Clerk The City of Austin An explorative look at the current state of the City of Austin's Office of the City Clerk's SharePoint information management system. Topics to be covered include a content inventory of their internal and external knowledge base, a review of their upgrade from an on-premise solution (SharePoint 2013) to a cloud-based one (SharePoint Online), and user-based interviews to determine the current usage of SharePoint along with recommendations on how to improve user experience and adoption with SharePoint going forward. In addition to these topics, there will be a review to look back and determine what went well and what lessons were learned during the project. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Ginny Barnes   The Power of the Pocket Computer: Empowering Underserved Austin Communities through Mobile Phone Literacy Austin Free-Net As technology evolves exponentially so do the economic, educational, and social inequalities between those who have digital access and literacy skills and those who do not. Austin Free-Net (AFN) is a nonprofit organization in Austin, Texas that provides technology training and computer access to the Austin community, fostering skills that enable people to succeed in the digital age. Digital Literacy Program Manager, Dr. Caroline Stratton, identified a growing need for a mobile literacy curriculum to support AFN patrons with the mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) that they use most frequently. My capstone project addresses the gap in the mobile literacy skills of AFN?s diverse user populations including people experiencing homelessness, seniors, and English language learners. Through the creation, implementation, and distribution of a mobile literacy curriculum as an open educational resource (OER), my project helps to equip underserved communities with mobile phone survival skills. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Danielle Barraza   The Missing Link: An Evaluation of the Catalog According to the website, the 2013 Federal Open Data Policy requires that ?newly-generated government data is required to be made available in open, machine-readable formats?. While data may be made available on the website, the accompanying file links may be broken or unavailable resulting in an inaccessible dataset. Through web scraping techniques, analysis, and resulting visualizations this project seeks to evaluate the accessibility of the datasets made available on the website. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Zacharia Benalayat   Launching & Integrating Digital Scholarship Products: FromThePage University of Texas Libraries For this project I embedded within the Digital Scholarship Division at the University of Texas Libraries. I managed the formal launch and integration of a new digital scholarship tool, FromThePage into our suite of tools. I researched other institutions' experience with the platform and identified ideal audiences for this tool. I produced promotional and outreach materials to get faculty and staff to engage with the tool. I also designed and led a workshop in April introducing interested parties to the tool. I focused on how to use it and how it can be used to enhance digital scholarship and instruction. I closed out the project cycle by analyzing the post-workshop user feedback to make recommendations on ways to continue to promote the tool, and offer insights on how to continue to engage users. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Samantha Brown   Creating a Family DVD Collection Lake Travis Community Library The goal of my project was to analyze the Lake Travis Community Library?s existing DVD collection and assess which DVDs could be relocated into a new collection that is oriented towards families with children under the age of ten. Lake Travis Community Library is located in beautiful Lakeway, Texas and serves the communities of Lakeway, Hudson Bend, The Hills, Spicewood, and Briarcliff with both an 11,000 square foot library building and a bookmobile. To accomplish my goal, I had to relocate other collections to make room for this new Family DVD Collection as there is limited space within the library. After moving these collections and analyzing 3,960 DVDs, I was able to create a collection of 598 titles and give recommendations for future purchases based on needs of the new collection. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Kimberley Carmona   Visualizing Latinitas: Creating a Database to Visualize Data for Local Non-Profit Latinitas Latinitas is a local non-profit trying to empower young Latinas through media and technology. The organization creates programming to allow girls to get hands-on experience by hosting camps, workshops, conferences, and other events. Seeing the huge impact Latinitas has made on girls in the Austin and El Paso area, it was essential to keep track of data to help the creation and implementation of programming as well as finding sources of income through donors and sponsors. To accomplish this I have cleaned and organized the data in consultation with the program director. The database was created in MySQL on a remote server and Python, PHP, and HTML was used to retrieve and analyze the data. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Jeremy Chen   Classroom Web Application Redesign   Classroom web application is a cloud-based digital whiteboarding platform designed specifically for k-12 teachers. It is integrated with ViewBoard to merge the physical and virtual space with on-site touch and online interactive technologies for engaging content creation. Currently, Classroom web application has identified several usability issues during beta testing with informal user testing. Without solid user research findings to inform whether our product meets users? true needs and business requirements and whether our product has a competitive value proposition. This project seeks to go beyond products and features toward a deep understanding of customer value creation. The outcomes of this project allow us to have clear value propositions and a visual interface that directly targets our customers? most pressing and important jobs, pains, and gains. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Yeseul Monica Cho   Service Design Research for Austin Central Library Austin Public Library (Central) Austin Central Library is one of the newest, largest, and most futuristic public libraries in the city and has become a major public landmark in the heart of Austin. As it attracts thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds, the library aims to reinforce the overall quality of the public service and innovate by understanding customers? needs, goals, and pain points. Through my project, I explored the library experiences of four primary user groups including students, tourists, business people, and people who are facing homelessness, as well as staff experiences using various qualitative methods to develop service design recommendations and action plans. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Andrew Coles   Postpartum Mood Disorder AI Chatbot University of Texas at Austin Postpartum Mood Disorders affect millions of parents annually, impacting not only their lives, but those of their children, friends, and family. Through organizations like PSI (Postpartum Support International), parents have found relief through community, text-based PSI Helpline service, online support groups, and other services. The chatbot will learn from the experiences of real parents, clinicians, volunteers, and PSI staff in order to assist more parents suffering postpartum effects than ever before. This project seeks to understand the issues that are most relevant to the design of the chatbot from the perspective of PSI, as well as the Daily Activity Lab in the UT Psychology Department, as opposed to the other, related projects seeking to understand the issues from the perspective of potential parent-users. The chatbot will only succeed with a thorough understanding of the problem-space inherent in designing a chatbot for such sensitive issues as pregnancy and mental health. To that end, this project will establish a firm foundation, using such elements of the UX toolkit as user research and interviewing, design-focused thinking, and prototyping. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Erin Finley   Regarding Cancer Website Redesign Regarding Cancer Regarding Cancer (Re:Cancer) is a local non-profit organization that provides support programs in Central Texas for those impacted by the disease, including patients and caregivers. Prospective Re:Cancer care receivers and volunteers have difficulty navigating the current website and understanding the resources available, which often leads to less participation. This project aimed to increase involvement in the Re:Cancer community by redesigning the website to better fit the needs of its users. It consisted of four phases: research, analysis, design and evaluation. The first and second phases included conducting and evaluating market research and user research in order to better understand the cancer care journey from multiple perspectives. The third and fourth phases included iterative prototyping and usability testing in order to make changes effectively and efficiently. The final product consists of a high-fidelity prototype and recommendations for further design that Re:Cancer can implement in the future. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Leslie Flynn   APL Studios: Summer Film School for Teens Austin Public Library, Central Branch When schools are out for the summer, Austin Public Library (APL) sees an influx of visiting teenagers. APL uses this opportunity to create teen-centric programming to provide these young adults with something to do while building social, literacy, and technical skills. For summer 2019, I created a summer-long film school for APL Central to offer their teen customers. It will consist of six masterclasses taught by professional filmmakers and weekly lab hours for teens to collaborate on one of three film projects. It will culminate in a screening of the films at the Austin Film Society?s theatre in August. Despite sudden budget changes, slow-to-respond vendor partners, and an unexpected staff reorganization, I created a program plan, development resources, book displays, troubleshooting guide, and associated marketing to allow APL to successfully put on this series of programs. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Jennifer Follen   Digital Archiving and Website Design for Ethnographic Terminalia For this project, I helped to build a digital archive and website redesign for Ethnographic Terminalia, a curatorial collective comprised of faculty members at American and Canadian universities. The archive makes ten years of exhibitions combining anthropological research and artworks available to the public. The resulting website design synthesizes the creative goals and processes of self-motivated individuals into a relational web true to the collective?s concept of alternative forms of representation and learning. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Lu Gan   UT Austin Faculty Diversity Executive Vice President & Provost My capstone is focusing on making data visualization and content-related work for Vice Provost for Diversity at UT Austin. In line with the requirements of my field supervisor, Dr. Edmund T. Gordon, I have three main projects. First, I have created a university-wide diversity dashboard for easy use and quick browsing experience that includes data regarding gender and racial/ethnic categories, as well as comparisons concerning peer institutions. Second, similar to the university-wide dashboard, I have also created a college-level faculty diversity dashboard regarding gender and racial/ethnic categories and median age of faculty members. Third, I have created tenure promotion process for five and ten years, respectively. In the next step, I will review the existing website contents and make recommendations as to how the university can more effectively provide diversity information to interested users. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Sarah Gardner   Check It Out!: Increasing Visibility, Findability, and Participation Within a Community Library The SEED Adult and Family Learning Community Organizational systems are critical to the visibility and findability of library materials. The SEED Adult and Family Learning Community works with individuals learning English as a second, or other, language. Their vision is ?creating a space wherein community members? negotiate meaning in physical, cultural, emotional, social, linguistic, artistic, and individual contexts?. I organized the SEED?s library, a collection of over a thousand items, using a mix of Dewey Decimal classification and genrefication, assessed the quality of these materials, and removed outdated items. I created catalog records for the collection using LibraryThing, a collaborative web application. After conducting a survey to learn about the community?s interests, I compiled ideas for using the materials to facilitate learning, including using the images or text from outdated or damaged materials to tell stories through zine making. I conducted an orientation and provided documentation, a collection development policy and guides, to help the community continue to develop their library. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Sonakshi Garg   Predictive Modelling and Automating the Quarterly Financial Analysis PeopleFund As a Data Analyst Intern, my responsibilities included collecting and analyzing the quarterly financial and business data for PeopleFund?s clients. I automated the quarterly reporting by creating a standard Excel template and using some advanced functions to manipulate, calculate and auto-populate data, thus reducing errors and manual efforts. Additionally, to determine the urgency of follow-up required, I also created categories to automatically assign a risk rating to each client. I was further able to analyze the correlation between the features and generate multiple models to predict the outcomes using Predictive Modelling techniques. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Miriam Goff   Collection Management of Lake Travis Community Library Youth Non-Fiction and Chapter Book Sections Lake Travis Community Library Two areas of the Lake Travis Community Library youth collection were analyzed and reorganized to better serve the needs of their library community. I created documentation for processing procedures, authority lists, local rules, and organization schema to establish standards and ensure fidelity in the youth non-fiction and chapter book sections. The procedure for updating metadata and relabeling was established and standardized when the chapter book section was processed. The updated taxonomy of the non-fiction section required the creation of local rules to generate subject grouping that would facilitate easier topic browsing by patrons. Throughout the process of bolstering efficient location of items by patrons and staff, I consulted with the cataloging and collection development librarians to create procedures and standards that would easily integrate with their procedures for collection management. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Sifan Guo   Blockchain for Memories   As a blockchain per se is an immutable distributed ledger, it?s a suitable database to record moments that we never want to forget. Wonderful moments can be immutable in a blockchain and will never be forgotten. This project will determine what should be recorded and how this information can be presented by conducting surveys. Besides, this project will provide access to this blockchain via a website. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Andrea Gutiérrez   Strategic Analysis of Latino Cancer Patient Experience University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio The cancer patient experience is unique to healthcare because patients are often informed at a high-level of their diagnosis, and there is also a strict adherence to treatment. This is paralleled only by patients with other illnesses that effect the quality or duration of life. The Latino cancer patient experience is even more distinctive because of the unique needs and challenges for Latinos in healthcare. Through interviews with subject matter experts, a comprehensive literature review, and comparative analysis, Gutirrez identifies pain points and opportunities in the Latino cancer patient experience. These observations will be used to recommend a strategy for May's Cancer Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, where a high population of Latino cancer patients are served. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Grant Hardaway   Creating a Consumer Health Resource Guide for the Dell Medical School For this project, I created a consumer health resource guide for a new learning space at the Dell Medical School. This space, titled the Learning Lounge, is a grant-funded project to provide additional information resources to patients at Dell's various clinics. Based on the feedback of clinicians, librarians, and design students, I developed the guide into a wide-ranging resource that helps patients locate information on a variety of health-related topics and services in the Austin area. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Raychel Hardy   Government Information: A Journey of Documents and Guides University of Texas at Austin Libraries Government information documents and guides have not been accessible through the UT Libraries website since research guides migrated over to the LibGuide system. This capstone project focused on fixing that discrepancy by creating new LibGuides for several topics under the government information umbrella. Topics such as historical census data and the electoral college, along with others, now have LibGuides that are accessible to library users, especially students, as a place to start their own research. Because LibGuides are utilized mainly by students, I have been focusing on the areas of government documents and information that are of interest and will be utilized by students. To do this, I have been collaborating with my field supervisors to better understand the needs of students and other interested parties. Near the end of this semester, I will be presenting a training to library staff on the government documents I have been working with so that they will be better equipped to help students and other patrons on a day to day basis. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Tabitha Henderson   The Demigod Files: Teen Archives Program The Wittliff Collections-Texas State University In collaboration between the Seguin Public Library and The Wittliff Collections at Texas State University, I gained experience designing and leading a teen services program named The Demigod Files. The program was centered around the author, Rick Riordan?s various young adult series which are based on diverse mythologies. This collaboration was an effort to cultivate an interest, in teens from the ages of 11-19, in archives by creating a connection between their favorite series and the Wittliff Collections? Rick Riordan Papers. Through the program, the teens were provided opportunities to learn about archives while viewing and handling materials from the archival collection. This capstone was an irreplaceable experience that prepared me with skills that are valuable in conducting future outreach programs within the field. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Priscila Hernandez   University of Texas at Austin Records Retention Schedule (UTRRS) Recertification Project University of Texas Records and Information Management Services A record is one of the most important, strategic assets organizations possess. Records Retention Schedules (RRS) is a policy that provides detailed guidance on requirements for how to retain every record created, received, used, and stored by any organization. As it is a state agency, the University of Texas at Austin is required by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC), the state of Texas' archive, to submit its RRS for recertification every 5 years. Especially for large agencies with numerous divisions and departments, the recertification process can be lengthy. For this project, I worked with UT Austin?s Records and Information Management Program Officer to complete the first phase of UTRRS recertification which is due in September of 2019. Phase 1 included meeting with university departments and conducting research and review of past and current UTRRS to discover any new or discontinued university business practices or any legal or regulatory changes that affect retention periods for an area. Ultimately, my analysis sets the foundation for which updates to the UTRRS the Records and Information Management Services team will recommend. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Mallory Hill   Mapping the Bazaarvoice Ecosystem Bazaarvoice "Merging my preexisting UX knowledge with new Service Design knowledge, picked up during my time with Bazaarvoice (BV), I spent five months mining data from BV?s internal-system and conducting over 80 one-on-one interviews with employees located all over the world. Mapping the BV Ecosystem was a process of analyzing the data collected for the key responsibilities and dependencies of each department and subdivision. In turn, I produced a comprehensive visual that enables users to: 1.Identify entities and connections2.Identify partnerships (existing and potential)3.Reveal all the points of interaction4.Investigate existing or potential internal relationships5.Explore new strategies by reorganizing how entities relate to one anotherA tool that provides, not only employees, but leadership with much needed visibility into the operations of their organization, the Bazaarvoice Ecosystem Map has aided in both the onboarding of new employees and informing HR?s Head of significant change-impacts." Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Juejun Huang   Student Perception About Teamwork The University of Texas at Austin, The School of Undergraduate Studies This capstone project is to study UT students? perceptions about teamwork. Specifically, by extracting responses from surveys about collaboration, I am going to study which factors can affect UT students? attitudes towards working as a group. The project is to serve the purpose of the capstone of my master degree, and it will also gather information and related analysis to one of the goals of UT Austin?s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The project is divided into three parts. The first part studies whether students with different ethnicities have different perceptions about teamwork. The second part studies whether different types of teamwork assignments influence UT students? perceptions about working with others. The third part is based on part one and part two to conduct a deeper analysis. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Peace Iyiewuare   Internet of Things & UX: Automating Usability Testing with Smart Home Devices University of Texas at Austin The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly prevalent as companies like Amazon and Google continue to develop smart home devices and voice assistants. However, they are in a phase where they exist, but there is little experimentation with, or practical use for these devices. My capstone project is an attempt to find a space where these devices can be used. I want to build a program to moderate usability testing, which includes recording responses and potentially analyzing responses on the backend. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Fnu Jasleen   Automated Database Recorder   Infrastructure creation for automated database recorder in Python. MySQL database is being used that will organize the data extracted directly from hardware and will give the visual output. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Allison Joffrion   For the Record: A Survey of Digital Repositories at UT UT Records and Information Management Services This project serves as an overview of the landscape of digital repositories at The University of Texas at Austin and a first step in developing a data map for better knowledge management of university records and information. Through provider interviews and existing documentation, it examines the current state of repositories used by business units on campus, serves as the foundation for a set of recommendations for workflows and best practices, and gathers information that can help stakeholders plan for the future of their document storage and management. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Kaley Jones   Abbye ?Pudgy? Stockton Online Exhibit H.J. Lutcher Stark Center for Physical Culture and Sports Pudgy Stockton is a key figure of the H.J. Lutcher Stark Center?s archival collections as one of the most well-known founders of Muscle Beach along with her husband, Les. This capstone project used the Pudgy and Les Stockton collection at the Stark Center to create an online exhibit about Pudgy Stockton and highlight her influence on women in weightlifting and physical culture. The online exhibit, containing over 100 photos from the collection and a narrative of Pudgy?s life and influence, lives on the Stark Center?s upcoming website where it is housed alongside other features of main figures from their collections. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Dylan Kreis   A Typology of Online Labor Platforms   Online labor platforms, such as Uber, hold the potential to transform the nature of employment. As the number of platforms continue to grow, the same term (platform) is being used to describe an increasingly large number of services, which belies much of the variability in their nature. This typology serves to identify the important ways in which the platforms are similar, and in what ways they diverge. Understanding the differences between platforms can help researchers uncover the ways these differences make a difference to the nature of work on the platforms. This typology identifies and studies the attributes of 10 prominent types of platforms: Transportation, Microwork, Housework, Hospitality, Delivery, Therapy, Video, Freelance, Commerce, and Long-term Employment platforms. Additionally, this paper compares the platforms to their real-life counterparts in order to identify in what ways the platforms represent new forms of work. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Rodrigo Leal   UX and Archives: Designing a Digital Resource Portal for the Benson Latin American Collection LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collection This poster will highlight the development of a resource portal comprised of special collection materials from the Benson Latin American Collection at the University of Texas at Austin. As a tool for K-12 teachers and pre-service students in UT's College of Education Urban Teachers Social Studies program, the resource portal hosts lesson plans for various subjects across the field of Latin American studies. Project steps included designing the site, developing a digital asset management plan, and conducting usability tests, both to shape the development process and to ensure that the finished portal appropriately meets user needs. This poster will detail process, findings, finished products, and provide an example of how archives can leverage digital spaces to better engage with specific audiences as well as the general public?making the case for a growing need for dedicated design/UX professionals in archives to assist in designing and maintaining digital archives. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Aimee Yun-Fang Lin   Redesign Austin Public Library?s Online Shared Learning Room Reservation System   Currently, Austin Public Library is experiencing some problems for the online meeting system, especially there are 2 kinds of room types; shared learning room and meeting room in the library. However, the users do not know the differences between these two. Besides, for the scheduling page, when users open the timetable, they can only see the booked room, it is more difficult for them to find an available room using the timetable. In this capstone project, I work with the Austin Public Library to conduct generative research on the current booking experiences and to redesign the online "shared learning room reservation? system for better online booking experiences. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Chi Lin   Improving Sales for Houzz Inc.'s Marketplace Department Via Small Design Changes Houzz Inc. Conversion rate is crucial to e-commerce. E-commerce platforms want to convert as much as possible of number of visitors into sales. Some factors such as better layouts or user experience can lead to a better conversion rate. However, in the real world, there are no best paradigms for designing a high conversion rate page. In the industry, the most popular way to gain a better user interference is by testing the original/new designs at same time, called AB test. This method could minimize the bias. My project presents several AB tests result of Houzz Inc.'s marketplace web page. We find that a small design difference of a page could lead a huge impact for the sales. Although most of the AB test results in this project show less than 5% difference, 5% means millions of dollars in sales changes for a mid-large size company. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Chia-Hui Liu   Information Retrieval and Exploratory Analysis on US Patents The University of Texas at Austin - UT Libraries As one of the most large-scale library systems in Texas, UT Libraries has been thriving at collecting metadata and files via various open sources to provide more data insights and access to users. In addition, the University of Texas at Austin has been encouraging students and faculty in innovation by providing tremendous resources. However, the UT Library does not have a repository for sharing all the patents related to the University of Texas at Austin itself, which bothers users who search relevant patents on the messy US patent website. Hence, the goal for this project aims at helping the Scholarly Communications Librarian at the University of Texas at Austin to retrieve all the patent information relevant to UT Austin and build a database and store the crawled results to provide users with a more effective searching experience using Python and relevant data science techniques. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Xinyue Liu   Chatbot Design for a Reporting Website   Chatbot is valued in business to improve product service by providing better instructions for users. The UT Austin report giving website is the most important way for the Reporting, Analytics, and Data team to provide insights to the University?s Development. The team is performing a major change in presenting productive information to the Development Office and they realize the importance of facilitating information access and automating information request. Therefore, a chatbot embedded in the reporting website is largely appreciated. I started by interviewing different groups of users to understand their experience and needs with the reporting tool, and I created workflows between users and the reporting tool. I used Jobs to Be Done framework to analyze the chatbot?s opportunities and diagramed a new workflow integrating the chatbot. I designed prototypes and tested them using the Wizard-of-Oz method. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Samantha Lowrance   Digitization of Photos within Documents at the Texas Archaeological Research Lab UT Austin Development Office I worked on the Works Progress Administration records from the 1930s at the Texas Archaeological Research Lab (TARL). Some of the records had been previously digitized but there were gaps in the records. The records themselves were inconsistent with naming conventions. TARL wanted to have a standardized way to digitize and name photos that volunteers could follow and would help eliminate error. My project focused almost exclusively on photos since many documents had physical photos attached to them. I created a workflow and naming convention for digitizing photos that were embedded in documents. This will help current and future efforts to digitize projects at TARL. I also went through the previously digitized photographs and renamed them to fit the current naming convention as best as it could be. I also helped set up future projects and what would be a good scope for those projects. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Nicole Lumpkins   Night of the Living Collection Harry Ransom Center The Harry Ransom Center has been building its phenomenal collections since, essentially, 1957 while preserving and providing access to these materials in an effort to encourage discovery, education, and understanding in its visitors. But what is the point if none of these materials can be found? The books just sit in their stacks, fading, never to be requested and looked upon. If a collection lives or dies based on whether or not you can find it, then my project?s intent is to inject renewed life into the Ransom Center?s book collection. The description and access team and curatorial division of the Early Books and Manuscripts Department have embarked on a kind of excavation to pull books from their stacks and re-catalog them with a focus on their unique features. This capstone project was to work with that team and, utilizing their new system of cataloging, create a clear and succinct online research guide to communicate the best search methods for finding the books in the UT Austin Libraries Catalog. By helping researchers find books in the Ransom Center?s collections, this research guide hopes to never really let those collections die. This time, you?ll be coming to get them! Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Alejandra Martinez   Long Dark Roads: Processing the Ricardo Ainslie Papers The LLILAS Benson Latin American Collection For my capstone project, I undertook the task of processing the Ricardo Ainslie Papers at the LLILAS Benson Latin American Collection. Dr. Ricardo Ainslie is a University of Texas professor, psychologist, author, and documentary filmmaker whose work touches on various topics such as the Mexican Drug War, hate crimes, and life in Texas. Throughout his work, Dr. Ainslie explores the psychology of immigration, racial conflict within communities, and the ties between collective and individual identity across disciplines. Over the course of the past semester, I?ve worked and sorted through the hybrid collection of paper and A/V materials with care and have arranged them into an order accessible for researchers. In the end, I?ve gained a better grasp at what traditional archival processing is like on a day-to-day basis. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Gabriela Alejandra Martinez   Information Literacy Toolkit for 21st Century Learners Doss Elementary School Acquisition and development of information literacy skills are contingent upon the collaboration of school librarians, educators and parents. Currently, the information literacy resources marketed by Doss Elementary School are decentralized and not easily accessible to users. The purpose of this capstone is to consolidate these resources in an information literacy toolkit for the parents and educators at Doss. The toolkit provides access to literature, resources, and strategies that support best practices for the development of information literacy skills. This includes information on key concepts, learning outcomes, and tools necessary for attaining these lifelong skills. A preliminary information literacy survey was sent to parents and educators at Doss to determine perceptions of the value of information literacy. Data harvested from the survey was used to develop criteria for evaluating the efficacy and usability of sources. Sources provided by Doss were evaluated according to the abovementioned criteria and P21?s Framework for 21st Century Learners. This capstone project utilizes the role of teacher-librarians as the nexus between information literacy and cross-content learning. Additionally, it demonstrates the role of educators and parents in the development of young people?s information literacy skills and optimizes these skills in non-academic and academic settings so that they may effectively and enthusiastically participate in life, work, and citizenship. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Kunjan Mehta   CARE - Compassion App for Resiliency and Empathy Simulation and Game Applications (SAGA) Lab CARE is an iOS app designed to enhance self-care and resiliency for graduate medical students. SAGA Lab (UT), in collaboration with UT Dell Medical, is motivated to reduce the stress experienced by students. The app provides healthcare tips, event notifications, and student resources both online and on-campus. During the research phase, I interviewed 6 medical students. The prototypes have been tested with 5 participants in each phase. The Application is under development phase of version 1.0. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Courtney Meissner   Public Library Partnership with Art Classes at Local High School New Braunfels Public Library I have partnered with Joy Hill, Art Teacher at a local high school to put together a book-themed art show with the work her students made. After the show, all pieces will be sold to raise money for the library through the Friends of the Library group at the New Braunfels Public Library. The art students were specifically interested in helping out a library as a community service project through their class. I have also cataloged and photographed all art pieces (well over 100) at the request of the Library Director Gretchen Pruett. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Diana Mendoza   Iterative Usability Testing of Online Resource for People Experiencing Homelessness Austin Free-Net The goal of this capstone was to help Austin Free-Net test and redesign a website they created for people experiencing homelessness. The website gathers information about work, health, housing, transportation, and more into one place, resulting in a large amount of content and external links that can easily overwhelm users. The wide range of educational backgrounds, literacy levels, and states of mental health requires that the website information architecture and layout be as intuitive as possible. To do this, I conducted usability testing at the Austin Resource Center for the Homeless (ARCH), made design edits based on the participants? feedback, then used the RITE method (Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation) to validate my designs and conclude the project with recommendations for Austin Free-Net to consider for future phases of the website. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Sara Merrifield   Virtual Reality Application in a Jail Setting Dell Medical School Prior research has suggested that individuals with substance abuse who are incarcerated often relapse after being released from jail. This research study explored the acceptance of virtual reality use in a jail setting and ultimately, its application in rehabilitation as it relates to a variety of topics including mindfulness, community reentry, and substance abuse. Dell Medical School and the Travis County Correctional Facility screened inmates who were willing to participant and met certain criteria, including a history of substance abuse. 20 participants were interviewed which included 10 male and 10 female inmates. Prior to the interview, they were given a series of questionnaires to gather information on demographics and substance abuse patterns. The participants completed two activities using the virtual reality equipment and were asked a series of pre-test and post-test questions to understand their perceptions and experiences with the technology. The School of Information and Dell Med previously collaborated to better understand the population with opioid addiction and how technology may help these individuals. This research on virtual reality expands on those previously unanswered questions and uncovers virtual reality?s potential application with rehabilitating high-risk populations. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Miaomiao Niu   Texas Library Association Presenter Database Texas Library Association Texas Library Association Presenter Database capstone project is to construct a searchable database which could be consulted by the Texas library community for presenters. This project includes working with Texas Library Association staff to develop criteria for inclusion in the database, establishing parameters for new presenter database, developing communications for inviting presenters to join, and adding presenters from Texas Library Association event records and other sources. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Abigail Norris   Mapping Memphis: A Digital Humanities Analysis of Place Building in Memphis, Tennessee Rhodes College ?Mapping Memphis? is a digital humanities project analyzing the ways in which urban landscape mirrors a century of social change in Memphis, Tennessee. The project uses extant geographic data in the funeral home ledgers of T. H. Hayes & Sons Funeral Home, the oldest African-American owned business in Memphis, to map the locations of African-Americans? homes, offices, churches, and social spaces from 1910-1919. By comparing this data to a map of modern-day Memphis, "Mapping Memphis" reveals the extent of place building and urban transformation, allowing an exploration of how that development reflects or erases the city?s history of segregation, social activism, and Southern culture. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Jennifer Nwaogwugwu   Depression Screening App for Expecting and New Parents University of Texas at Austin Depression is a serious mental health issue that affects millions of Americans. Many of these Americans go untreated due to lack of awareness. Moreover, in America there is a negative social stigma that comes with the label "depression". When paired with the additional burden of being a new parent, many sufferers don't, or won't, want to open up about their emotional state. This app aims to help increase parents' awareness of depression during the pregnancy term. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Omkar Pandit   Implementation of Machine Learning Techniques to Solve Real-World Problems in Automotive Repair Space CarServ Inc. CarServ is the operating system for the automotive repair industry, powered by machine learning. The objective of this project is to first identify the key areas where machine learning can be applied to CarServ datasets to solve problems facing repair facilities and then to apply machine learning solutions to solve it in a more sophisticated way. Now CarServ has gathered great historical data around the repair process and want to implement machine learning techniques to draw fruitful insights from that data and to do better improvements in existing solutions. Some of the highlighted tasks that I have undertaken are, building recommendation systems based on market price data and history repair data using supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, building a prediction system to predict repair service timeline based on CarServ?s history of customer service data, and implementing Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques to analyze customer reviews to improve on lacking areas based on customer feedback. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Akshat Parakh   Application of Data Derived Results to Drive Business Strategies Partify is a digital event planning company. As a Data Science and Business Operations Intern, I was responsible for analyzing web-analytics data and work to improve the communication funnel. This in turn increased the visiting rate of the website. As a result, I had the opportunity to create a dashboard to display all the key performance indicators. This resulted in better understanding of the manner in which the services where being ordered. After analyzing the results presented on the dashboard, I decided to propose an expansion strategy. My work has helped the company improve their design, increased customer conversion and provided them a strategy for future expansion. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Barkha Patel   AT&T's Customer Install & Repair Experience AT&T Design Technology Organization AT&T contacts internet and TV customers several times through various forms of messaging before a scheduled install or repair technician appointment. While well received, there are a number of opportunities for improving the end-to-end customer experience. In addition, following the installation, customers may experience a number of troubleshooting-related issues while using their services. Many of these can be solved through better customer-focused service solutions. In this area, we focus on different solutions empowering the customers to solve issues easily and seamlessly. As a whole, these two efforts focus on exploring end-customer needs in these two spaces and will support the design and development of potential solutions for the user experience involving multiple AT&T stakeholders. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Megan Pearson   Tracking Prescription Adherence in Electronic Medical Records University of Texas School of Information Over 50% of patients are non-adherent and do not take their medications, causing $100 billion in lost revenue and harming patient health. With the use of med-ALs, a machine learning algorithm, clinicians can view the likelihood of a patient?s non-adherence and see the top contributing factors for their non-adherence. The purpose of this fifteen-week project is to create a proof-of-concept prototype that shows this information and appropriate patient education tools in an already-existing electronic medical record. The project workflow included two parts: the first part included user research, such as a literature review, comparative analysis, multiple modeling techniques, personas, and workflows. The second part pivoted to user design and rapid iterative test evaluation (RITE) testing, which allowed for an agile redesign process. The resulting prototype and report were handed off to the client at the culmination of the project. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Caroline Pendleton   Getting on the Same Page: An Analysis of TLA?s Vendor Relations Practices and the Future of the Library Services Industry Texas Library Association This project examines the Texas Library Association?s vendor relations practices in relation to comparable organizations, including those in library services and educational technology. To get a better sense of TLA?s positioning in this market space, I undertake several activities, including: identifying the total addressable market for Texas libraries; compiling competitive analyses of TLA?s pricing and marketing copy for partner relations; surveying first-time and recurring vendors at TLA to determine motivations for exhibiting; and compiling case studies on emerging trends in the library services market space. Results include a SWOT analysis of the TLA?s vendor relations practices, crystal ball predictions for the future of library services, and recommendations for improving marketing copy and forming and maintaining relationships with vendors. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Yifei Qiu   Comparative Analysis of UT Health?s Cancer Center and MD Anderson Leander Independent School District UT Health San Antonio has recently entered into a new partnership with UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. The existing website for the UT Health San Antonio Cancer Center need to be updated to support this new combined organization. I will gain a deep understanding of their overall experience strategy, how that strategy is reflected in their digital presence and approach, and conduct comprehensive comparative analysis between these two institutions, which could help to rebuild the website to truly align with the strategic direction and patient experience model that this new partnership will bring. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Thomas Richter   Preserving SXSW Video Archives SXSW As the South by Southwest international media conference continues to develop and expand its library of media grows with it. With video captured of many of the performances and lectures from each passing year, they are developing an ever-burgeoning media archive. My work was driven by the need to establish a working inventory of their audiovisual media and to appropriately catalog all relevant data, as well as to use said data to help assess and prioritize media for digitization as necessary. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Drew Roberson   Reconciling the Harry Ransom Center's Name Authority File Harry Ransom Center For this project, I worked with the Harry Ransom Center?s Name Authority File (HRCnaf) with the objectives of cleaning up local authorities from duplicates, standardizing preferred forms of the names following the developed RDA guidelines, and identifying undifferentiated or legacy names. This entailed reconciling preferred and variant names and linking URIs for data with external sources. According to the HRCnaf project charter, ?While the HRC has a well-documented and structured Name Authority Database, data aggregations from several sources, the use of different descriptive standards, and the addition of new fields throughout the time has led to inconsistent or incomplete authority data.? Thus, this project helped transform the HRC Name Authorities Database into an efficient access and discovery tool. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Jayeeta Roy   NLP Based Content Moderation Solution Bazaarvoice Inc The objective of this project is to improve the modeling of tagged consumer generated content (e.g., Product Reviews) for downstream analytics and data mining. One of the primary goals of the project will be content tagging for Product Flaws, Product Suggestions, Shipping Issues, and Customer Service issues. I will be using various NLP techniques to process raw data and prepare the dataset. Once the dataset is prepared, I will use classification techniques, Machine learning and deep learning models for content analysis. This project work will use Python and SQL languages. Final project report will contrast different methodologies, so that we can choose the best solution for a given content tag. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Mandy Ryan   Too DAM Much: Addressing Product Expansion Within a Corporate DAM YETI YETI?s recent growth in product lines has resulted in a large number of digital assets that contain retired or discontinued products. YETI wanted a way to tag and organize these assets to produce more refined search results and to separate retired products from assets containing current or new products. For my project, I worked to create a category that will help the DAM librarian to better tag and identify these assets in the short term. I retagged all of the assets to ensure compliance with the new categories and cleaned up existing metadata issues. Finally, I researched and developed a proposal for long term suggested revisions to their current taxonomy to account for future product expansion that includes utilizing unique identifiers and expanding the metadata field options for products. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Justin Segler   User and Market Research of Application Solutions for the Prevention of Opioid Overdose Fatalities Dell Medical School In my capstone project, I researched potential complementary software solutions to existing wearable hardware being developed by PhD students in the UT Cockrell School of Engineering to be used to provide aid to victims of opioid overdoses. Through market research, a literature review, and subject matter expert interviews, I investigated the current opioid addiction crisis and collected information about how opioids are administered, how opioid overdoses are identified, how opioid overdoses are treated, and what solutions are being explored to provide timely aid to victims of an opioid overdose. From this initial research, I explored possible application solutions which involve the general public as a means of providing the opioid overdose antidote Naloxone to victims of opioid overdoses. Through one-on-one interviews and a survey, I gauged the general interest of the public in providing aid to victims in need as a part of potential application solutions. Ultimately, my research provides greater light into what software and hardware solutions are most viable and effective in addressing the needs of opioid addicts who overdose. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Pedro Seguel   Visualizing Conflict of Interest in Medical Publishing SAGA Lab This project supports the development of data visualization tools that are part of Conflict Metrics, a broader initiative which aims to help researchers, policy-makers, providers, and patients rethink conflicts of interest over industry funding of clinical research. Conflict Metrics is the public-facing portal for data associated with S. Scott Graham's research on conflicts of interest in health and medicine. This site is devoted to providing public access to biomedical research sponsorship and funding data. During the capstone project at the Simulation and Game Applications (SAGA) Lab, we worked on a new version of the available visualization tools that enhance the current digital experience of the visualization tool. Our task was to build an interactive visualization dashboard, which affords users to explore and analyze a network association of data regarding industry and their funding of research. Users can search for areas of interest (disease-related) to filter data used in the visualization, choose the level of granularity (journal or author level), and choose among different network layouts. Also, requested features included interactive network-graph functionality using the R VizNetwork package. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Bhavya Sharma   Data Visualization for FitBit for Baby Department of Psychology:The University of Texas at Austin The project FitBit for Baby is being conducted by the Daily Activity Lab. This project aims to provide help to mothers suffering from postpartum disorder. The main focus here is to figure out what affects the mom?s mood. For this, there are sensors which are used to collect the observational data (like crying, talking, fussing, sleeping) of the child and the mom along with the survey data from the mom. Thus, we aim to create meaningful and interactive visualization of the collected data, which could be presented to the mom that would be helpful for them in understanding the behavior and patterns and ultimately help them cope up with the postpartum disorder. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Junshu Shi   UX Design: A Research Portal for Scholars to Better Interact with Research Data Whole Communities?Whole Health The main goal of the project is to design an online research portal for the professors in the community to retrieve, manage, analyze and share research data. I started with user research and competitive analysis to understand users' needs and pain points. Then, I created UX artifacts such as WAAD, user journey map to analyze the research data and built wireframes and prototypes accordingly. The final research portal will improve scholars and their subjects' overall experience of interacting with research data. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Shreshtha Shukla   Automating the Auditing Process for the Travis County District Clerk's Office Travis County District Clerks Office I am working with the Travis County District Clerk?s Office for my capstone project. They maintain the official records of all court proceedings heard in the District Courts. This includes civil, civil, and family relations cases. All these records are audited to check whether the information is in the correct order and that all the necessary forms are present in the system. I worked on automating the process of auditing the documents to reduce the manual intervention in the process. The tool is developed using Python and SQL is used to query the database to find the cases that have any anomalies and to find a solution that makes it easier for the clerks to identify such mistakes. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Milind Siddhanti   Robust ETL Process with Airflow, Docker and Composer WP Engine, Inc. ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) is a method to process data to have a clean error free dataset. As part of creating a clean dataset, I have developed Python and R scripts to extract and transform the data and with the help of docker, composer and airflow scheduled jobs the data is loaded onto BigQuery. The data is then used to report or explore in Looker by creating LookML scripts and dashboards. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Jaskirat Singh   Bringing Machine Learning Solutions to CarServ CarServ The objective of this project is to further enhance CarServ?s existing platform by including machine learning solutions. With the focus of providing hassle-free car repair and service facilities to its users, CarServ is aimed at becoming a data-driven platform, powered by machine learning. In order to provide these services, CarServ is determined at understanding its users better than its competitors. The goal of this internship is to help CarServ getting closer to achieving this aim of understanding its customers better and providing them with the best possible solutions Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Sanchit Singhal   Generating Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for Data Analytics EOG Resources Currently, the Information Systems department at EOG Resources is implementing a new data architecture, by leveraging new technologies such as Kubernetes, to expose IOT data via MemSQL to applications and the Data Science Team. This project explored new strategies of delivering information from this data repository to enable faster compute times and more reliable data. Several APIs were generated to allow users to pass in input parameters, predict using trained models, and output visualizations. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Audrey Sirgo   Synchronous Online Children?s Literature Course University of Texas School of Information This project focused on assisting Adjunct Professor Marion Rocco in creating a synchronous, online version of her live Children?s Literature course (INF 322T). This Children's Literature course focuses on training students to select books appropriate for all ages and stages of childhood development and emphasizes critical analysis of the elements of literature in order to make these selections. With the goal of offering this course in the fall of 2019, we aimed to alter the format but not the overall content of the course. We conducted a syllabus review of different courses that are offered in this area around the country and also researched elements of successful online courses. In adjusting the format, we added Instapoll questions throughout the lectures, replaced some of the assignments to incorporate more student choice in the course curriculum and tested conference technologies from which to conduct synchronous online lectures that incorporate student participation. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Lipi Soni   Conduct Data Analysis and Competitive Intelligence for Fundraising University Development Office, UT Austin The University Development Office is charged with fundraising for the University of Texas at Austin. My contribution to the program will be in the form of competitive intelligence analysis to decipher what factors contribute to the success of peer colleges, schools, and units (CSU's) and what can be applied to their less successful counterparts (the College of Engineering to the College of Business, for example). This will involve the below three major tasks:- Review existing data such as visits, emails, contact reports, proposals submitted and closed by gift officers to identify viable attributes for analysis- Develop a supervised machine learning algorithm to identify key colleges, schools, or units (CSU's) attributes, and gift officer behaviors that contribute to donor fundraising- Finding and comparing features/traits for high performer gift officers to features/traits for low performer gift officer Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Megan Steele   Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory's Works Progress Administration Record Collection Texas Archaeological Research Labratory The Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory houses records created by the Works Progress Administration (ca. 1930s). TARL was interested in digitizing and organizing the WPA records so that accessibility is increased for patrons. Working with only the Lake Buchanan and Marshall Ford Reservoir sections of the entire WPA collection, I worked to develop a workflow for digitization, as well as, a guide for processing that will be utilized by future workers to process the rest of the WPA collection and other collections held at TARL. Another focus was to make the ingestion of records into the created database easier going forward. To accomplish this we reworked the naming conventions and aspects of processing to make this easier for volunteers and other such personnel. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Christian Stephensen   I Spy: Uncovering Hidden Metadata for Greater Exposure Texas State Library and Archives Commission Working with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC), this capstone focuses on improving accessibility and use of the Governor Rick Perry Press Office born-digital photographs by enhancing collection search capabilities on the Texas Digital Archive. To realize this goal, metadata embedded within the photographs are identified, analyzed, and extracted, then reconciled and normalized to industry standards. The standardized photograph metadata are then uploaded onto the Texas Digital Archive, increasing the platform?s text and faceted search capabilities. Along with the improved search efficiency and collection accessibility, this project been designed, managed, and documented to produce repeatable processes for use with future TSLAC and Texas Digital Archive media projects and collections. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Alexandria Suarez   Visualizing the 19th Century Mexican Political Sphere   My project entails working with the Genaro Garcia Photograph Collection to create a digital collection and a social network visualization of photographed 19th Century Mexican politicians. I incorporated a theoretical framework through weekly readings and tours in order to digitize photographs and to create the social network visualization using best practices and current standards. The phases of this project included digitization, describing photographs through metadata, developing the underlying datasets needed to create a social network visualization using Gephi, researching manuscript and printed holdings created by or about photographed individuals to link collection materials, and "bagging" procedures. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Elizabeth Tate   Cleaning-up the Google Analytics for UT Health San Antonio The Benson Latin American Collection UT Health San Antonio has a sprawling and robust Google Analytics system for their multiple websites supporting their hospital system and medical schools, but it needs an update to fix a few bugs. Thus, I am conducting a Site Inventory, documenting the current state of their Google Analytics permissions and views, conducting employee interviews to understand current pain points, and recommending changes for the future so the Marketing and UX Teams can function independently and know exactly what they are looking at for every dashboard. The goal is to have a lean and mean Google Analytics Machine that follows the best practices in Google Analytics. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Shih-Tsai Wei   A Usable Organizational UX Knowledgebase UT Health San Antonio Organizational UX Knowledgebase contains all the generated research conducted by UT Health San Antonio. It supports all their web products to serve different primary target audiences. This project went through different research methods to create the best information architecture for this database to assist Internal Web Initiatives team (primary users) to leverage previous research in future projects. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Abbie Weller   Leaving a Trail: Navigating Collection Assessment at the State Law Library   The State Law Library serves the legal research needs of the Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals as well as the citizens of the state. This capstone aims to define the process of and perform collection assessment on the print resources held at the library, both on the shelves and available in the archives. To achieve this, I researched collection assessment methods and techniques and defined representative segments from different subjects within the collection. After collecting data on these segments using custom Koha reports, I cleaned up and performed simple analysis on the data before compiling my relevant findings and recommendations into a usable report. Finally, I created a road map for future collection assessment based on my research and methods used during this project. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Jiawei Wu   Benchmark Study for Keyboards on Thin and Light Gaming Notebooks Dell Inc. This project is to evaluate the performance and user preference for keyboards on thin and light gaming notebooks and understand how users use/would use a thin and light gaming system. Through competitive analysis and usability testing focusing on keyboard experiences of Alienware gaming notebooks and popular competitors, findings will be used to facilitate the design process of the next-generation Alienware. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Yuchong Xiao   A Data Pipeline for Financial Reporting School of Understanding Studies, The University of Texas at Austin The objective of this project is to build a financial reporting data reporting application to reduce the reporting time and create exciting dashboards. I collected data from multiple resources and analyzed the requirements of the financial data application through database searches and interviews. After that, I created relational databases in MySQL to handle the budget, transaction and account data, and design and build data pipeline. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Wendi Xu   Designing an Aggregated Search Interface for Security Management System Web Console Trend Micro This capstone project solves the problem of difficulty in identifying the block reason when a customer fails to access a certain IP address. That is because the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) has multiple ways to block a flow, such as filters, traffic management filter, quarantine, inspection bypass, reputation, etc. In order to know how and why a certain flow is blocked, the user has to go through and check all those features one by one, which would cost a lot of time as these features are in different routes and places in the SMS (Security Management System) client. This problem is also one of the most common pain points identified by the customers in the company's 2018 CAB usability workshop. The whole project is three months long and it includes scenario mapping, competitive analysis, prototyping, and multiple iterations. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Xinyi Xu   Conversational Interface for Supply Chain Risk Management Data Visualization   How might we make an easy-to-use interface for lay users to explore data in the supply chain? This project aims to solve this problem using a conversational user interface and interactive data visualizations. Several key design decisions are made to achieve the goal. For example, how to match the user interface with data novice?s mental models of constructing data visualizations? How to integrate structured and natural language modalities so that users can get a sense of control? How to use conversational queries to disambiguate and simplify the input? Two conversations are designed for the project demo, along with interactive data visualizations coded with Bokeh in Python and D3.js in JavaScript. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Zihan Yang   Design & Develop for GivePulse Application Expero GivePulse provides a platform to list, find, organize and measure the impact of service and volunteerism in the community. In order to better serve volunteers and administrators, I started from testing all the functions embedded in the app and identifying important issues needed to be fixed. After that I built the high-fidelity prototype to solve the 'Impact' issue by using Sketch and InVision. In the end I developed the prototype on the mobile app by using React Native. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Kexin Yu   Recruitment and Talent Management Website and Application: Redesign the Experience of Online Job Application and the Talent Management TalentCare TalentCare is a data-driven recruiting firm with nationwide positions from clinical and non-clinical healthcare roles, and front line staff to executives in business and retail services. For the project, I worked as the UX designer on the team, conducted user testing, heuristic evaluation, competitive analysis and user interview on web-based job application process and the recruitment and talent management web application to find usability and accessibility issues. And then redesigned the application process and web app iteratively from wireframes to high-fi prototypes based insights I got from user research as well as the requirements and feedback from the stakeholders. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Ziyi Yue   Desktop Application for the Alternative Investment Market   This capstone project will be focused on creating a demonstration (e.g., Invision) for financial experts who trade and manage alternative assets (e.g., trading collateralized debt/loans, commercial real estate, raw materials - lumber, etc.). Alternative investments are a growing market. Unlike equities and other more mainstream investments (e.g., stocks, bonds, funds), alternative investments lack modern software tooling and data access. Goal of this capstone will be to create a new, modern user experience delivered via desktop for the alternative investment market. Feature scope tentatively to include:?portfolio management?hypothetical trade scenarios?compliance?trading/order book management?investment strategy Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Jana Zevnik   Processing and Digitizing the George W. Smyth Papers at TSLAC   The George W. Smyth Papers, a manuscript collection located at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, document the life and work of Smyth (1803-1866), a congressman and signer of both the Texas Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The collection includes a variety of documents including boundary treaties, correspondence, meeting minutes, maps, account records, and memoranda. My project fully processes and digitizes the Smyth Papers, which includes metadata work as well as setting up collection files in the Texas Digital Archive enabling online access to collection materials. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Meng Zhang   Image Captioning Algorithms for Images Taken by People with Visual Impairments Texas State Library and Archives Commission People with visual impairments regularly encounter the challenge that their visual impairments expose them to a time-consuming, or even impossible, task of learning what content is presented in an image without assistance. One method to address this problem is image captioning with machine learning. With the help of image captioning algorithms together with artificial intelligence speech system, people who are blind can instantly learn what is in an image, since such systems can automatically generate text captions. In this work, we analyze the new VizWiz dataset and compare it to the MSCOCO dataset, which is widely used for evaluating the performance of image captioning algorithms. We also implement and evaluate two state-of-the-art image caption models with accuracy, runtime and resource analysis. Hopefully, our research will help the improvement of image captioning algorithms which focus on fulfilling the everyday need for people with visual impairments. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Meng Zhou   Video Interviewing in Recruiting Indeed Video interviewing helps employers connect with and close the best candidates, and hire quickly and smartly. What value could Indeed provide employers with a video interviewing tool compared to other third-party video conferencing tools like Skype and FaceTime? By educating employers progressively about the best practices of video interviewing, integrating the interview package with all the information they need into the video interviewing seamlessly, and facilitating internal information sharing and external candidate communicating, we reinforce the high moments of human touch for employers, help them to be more confident about their decision of candidates, and create a positive candidate interviewing experience and employer branding. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Rachael Zipperer   Discovering, Documenting, and Highlighting Collections of Texas Digital Library Member Institutions Texas Digital Library As a consortium of Texas higher education institutions, the Texas Digital Library (TDL) consists of 22 member institutions from every region of Texas including public and private universities and academic medical centers. While TDL hosts many members? digital repositories, there has not previously been a comprehensive survey of member institutions? digital collections. I have surveyed the public-facing repositories of TDL member institutions and interviewed repository managers to create a report that documents digital collections and identifies collecting strengths across these institutions. The information in the report served as a resource to determine the content of a social media campaign and digital exhibit I curated to promote TDL member digital collections. Engagement through these online platforms will work to bring public awareness to Texas digital collections especially those of smaller institutions or that document underrepresented communities, and the report is intended to inform future TDL projects as well. Spring 2019 Professional Experience Project
Park "Blake" Pearson   A Tale of Two Libraries Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary School I completed my School Library Practicum of 160 hours at E.T. Wrenn Middle School and Henry B. Gonzalez Elementary School in the Edgewood Independent School District in San Antonio. During my library practicum I have gained valuable knowledge through a wide range of experiences. I have learned that there is more to a librarian than knowing the Dewy Decimal System and that a librarian wears many hats: Instructional Partner, Information Specialist, Literacy Programmer, Collection Developer, and Program Administrator. I have been able to participate in a Book Fair, be a judge for the Battle of the Bluebonnet Books, create a school wide contest highlighting National Women?s History month, celebrate Shakespeare Week by promoting and encouraging students to read selected books on display, and collaborate with teachers with small group reading interventions and read aloud. In order for the students who participated in the Battle of the Bluebonnet Books to reflect on their learning and experience, I created a Flipgrid template for the district to use. In addition, I have created several videos to use as trailers/teasers to get students excited about reading books that maybe unfamiliar to them. Finally, I had the opportunity to be a member of the Technology Improvement Leadership Team to help draft the districts 2019-2020 Technology Plan. Spring 2019 School Library Practicum
Victoria Pena   To Be or Not to Be: a School Librarian Becker Elementary School Library As my final semester at the iSchool approached, I asked myself: what will give me a holistic experience in the field of librarianship? Librarians have multi-faceted jobs which traditional capstone projects only focus on a detailed part. My experience includes working at an academic and public library but not a public school library. Spending my days at the Becker Elementary School Library shadowing and learning from Bilingual Librarian Minda Anderson I experienced the gauntlet of duties school librarians perform both with students and behind the shelves. Reader?s advisory, collection development, and faculty collaboration are a few of the tasks in which I assisted Minda. Flexibility and resourcefulness are tantamount to success for a school librarian to manage and curate the learning environment their time at the school has created. I witnessed the challenges and rewards of being a school librarian, and the memories that stand out the most are about connections I made with the students. The daily interactions with kids and sharing my love of reading with them remain at the front of my mind when I think about working in a school library. Spring 2019 School Library Practicum
Lindsey Phillips   Enhancing the Library Experience in the Middle School Setting   From the onset, my main goal (and my main directive from both my campus principal and my district library director) was to get more people into the library. Previously Wiley Middle School had not offered many special programming opportunities. By far, my most popular program to date has been the Harry Potter Readathon fundraiser! My vision for my library is to create a Learning Commons for the library; a multipurpose/multi use space that can be enjoyed by all! There is sill a lot of work to be done in the library (continuing to weed collections and rearranging furniture), but I believe I am headed in the correct direction! Throughout the practicum I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience. As a literacy programmer I have offered monthly programs and activities to welcome students into the Library. As a library program administrator and and collection developer, I have maintained a budget, purchased new materials and cataloged them. I have collaborated with educators on my campus to teach students about digital literacy and created lesson plans to assist with their unit plans as both an information specialist and instructional partner. As a school librarian, I try everyday to ensure that students and staff alike on my campus have access to award winning materials, meaningful and relevant programming, as well as a friendly face to welcome them into the library. Spring 2019 School Library Practicum
Sarah Serwe   Secondary School Library Services Leander Independent School District I completed a 160-hour Practicum in School Libraries at Vandegrift High School and Four Points Middle School. Through this experience, I gained practical knowledge and skills in the five roles of a school librarian: instructional partner, information specialist, literacy programmer, collection developer, and program administrator. As an instructional partner and information specialist, I collaborated with middle school teachers to teach 7th and 8th graders how to refine search results and identify credible sources. As a literacy programmer, I assisted with a middle school book tasting and a Valentine's-themed Blind Date with a Book display. In the role of collection developer, I collaborated with a U.S. History professor from Austin Community College to identify ways the library could support a book report project for dual-enrolled high school students. After performing a collection analysis of our narrative nonfiction collection, I developed a list of suggested titles to purchase to better meet the needs of these students. I assisted with weeding the collections at both schools as well. As a program administrator, I worked at the circulation desk, performed original and copy cataloging, processed interlibrary loans, took inventory, processed new books, reshelved materials, and updated spine labels. As a result of these experiences, I am prepared to deliver high quality, developmentally appropriate library services in a secondary school setting, and I am excited to apply these skills in my future career. Spring 2019 School Library Practicum
Yvonne Steckel   School Library Practicum: Early Literacy and Library Skills Lamar Middle School Linking early literacy to finding books in the library gives students the opportunity to apply the alphabet in a real world situation. The goal is for kindergarten students to discover that books are organized on the shelves alphabetically by the last name of the author and where to go to find books. Initially, the librarian reviews the alphabet with students and informs students that authors are organized by the first letter of their last name. Students work together with the librarian and teacher to identify which classmates have the selected letters at the beginning of their last name. Once students are identified, the librarian introduces the selected authors, highlighting their last names, and reads one story. Over several weeks, the students gain a strong understanding of how the books are arranged by the last name of the author and develop the confidence and higher level thinking to predict where authors will be located on the shelves. Spring 2019 School Library Practicum
Jiachao Fang   Stance Classification in Social Media Using Machine Learning Techniques   Stance classification has been a popular research topic. The target of my research is to build a model to classify post stance in social media, which can later be used to determine the veracity of rumors in social media. My research mainly consists four parts: related work review, baseline reproduction, model exploration and optimization, and results and analysis. All the posts are classified into four categories: support, deny, query and comment. I first tried to reproduce the baseline. Then, I explored and evaluated the performances of different models, and tried to improve the model by adding new features. Finally, I summarized the results and gave future research directions. Spring 2019 Master's Report/Thesis
Kathleen Forrest   Conceptualizing Preservation: A Case Study Using Emulation Tools on the Chora of Metaponto, The Necropoleis   In 1998, the Institute of Classical Archeology published the Chora of Metaponto: The Necropoleis, a two volume book that represented over twenty years of archeological research and scholarship. This paper describes how graduate students in Dr. Galloway?s Digital Archiving class, working together with the ICA, utilized emulation as a tool for recovering data in obsolete legacy formats for long term preservation and increased digital access. This paper analyses their process and presents the project?s two objectives?preservation and access?from within two separate conceptual frameworks and demonstrates how they can come into conflict in practice. Awareness of the different frameworks can give future archivists greater control and streamline the process for similar projects. Spring 2019 Master's Report/Thesis
Yifan Gong   Enhancing Touch Interactions with Passive Finger Acoustics   In this report, we design and implement a new multi-finger input technique for touch-screen devices. The idea is that while the index finger is engaged in a touch event, a user can use ring-like devices on his/her thumb and index finger to create sounds to interact with the device. The collision sounds between different materials can be captured by the microphone on cellphones or tablets and classified by a pre-trained machine learning model. Spring 2019 Master's Report/Thesis
Birch Griesse   Mediating Conflicting Values in a Community Archive Setting   This report examines conflicts within the user community of the online fanwork repository Archive of Our Own (AO3). The site is a nonprofit venture with the ambitious goal of serving the large heterogeneous community of fandom writ large. Tensions among subsets of the Archive?s user group have flared up at various points in its ten-year history, forcing its volunteer-based staff into the position of arbiter of community values. These conflicting values have influenced, sometimes asymmetrically, the functionality of the Archive and are now embedded in its design. Focusing on tensions in three broad categories delineated by the user groups in conflict, this report explores the effect the compromises have had on AO3?s goals of inclusivity, preservation, and access. Spring 2019 Master's Report/Thesis
Joseph Wilkinson   Postpartum Depression - Research on Methods for Diagnosis, Education, and Treatment Texas State Law Library Postpartum depression can affect, directly or indirectly, both mothers and fathers after the birth of a child. The primary goal of the project was to conduct exploratory research to determine new methods for diagnosis and treatment of the condition. Specifically, we looked for ways to use technology to educate people about postpartum depression, as well as treat it. We hoped this would also increase accessibility of care to all communities. We conducted interviews directly with people who had experienced postpartum depression as well as people who knew someone who experienced it. Through the interviews we learned about their experiences and asked when and where intervention could have helped alleviate the condition. We also polled them about using technology to treat postpartum depression, and whether they found that to be potentially helpful. After completing the interviews, we collected our data and prepared a report containing our findings and recommendations. Spring 2019 Master's Report/Thesis
Xiaoyu Zeng   Predicting the Cognitive Skills for Automated Visual Question Answering Expero How do you navigate your morning commute, plan your outfit for the day, or read through this sentence? Human experiences are largely multimodal and contextual. Infants learn from seeing, touching, hearing and sometimes tasting the world around them. Signals flow through multiple sensory channels and often have distinct representations and statistics. In this project, we propose a method to automatically identify the cognitive skills required for the multimodal problem of visual question answering (VQA). We collected skill labels, extracted features from images and texts, and trained a recurrent neural network to perform binary multi-label classification for three main cognitive skills: text recognition, color recognition, and object counting. Our results demonstrate the potential of skill prediction for improving current VQA applications. We also provide an analysis that sheds light on blind users' unique information needs and biases in traditional benchmarks. Our method contributes to a more nuanced understanding of visual question answering. It can facilitate labeling and routing tasks for mobile assistive technologies. Spring 2019 Master's Report/Thesis
Harika Bommu Portfolio Optimizing Product Classification for a "Back-of-Store" Management Smarter Sorting Making the existing Classification Portal actionable and constantly reinforce the value that Smarter Sorting is adding to the users' (retailers' & suppliers') business. Defining what is noise and what is essential to be seen on the dashboard and how the filters might act in edge cases all while thinking about how it might affect Smarter Sorting's business. The solution being a dashboard that can help with providing real time insights through custom reporting. Making a seamless supplier-retailer communication for quick and accurate classification information. Providing essential metrics that can potentially elevate Smarter Sorting business. Professional Experience Project
Alison Brislin Portfolio Alternative Access Points for the Alexander Architectural Archives Alexander Architectural Archives I worked with the Alexander Architectural Archives to identify a project which would be useful for research during and post the COVID-19 crisis. We decided it prudent to create alternative access points to further discoverability and scholarship when physical objects are unavailable. Prior to shelter-in-place, I had processed and created a finding aid for the Lang and Witchell collection. Their archive had been digitized, allowing me to ingest assets into the UT Libraries digital asset management system and publish them to the Collections portal. I created MODS metadata using authority files and controlled vocabularies to thoroughly describe assets, optimizing access. Professional Experience Project
Elizabeth Buchanan Portfolio Texas Digital Library Digitization Inventory Texas Digital Library The Texas Digital Library (TDL) is a consortium of higher education institutions in the state of Texas focused on building capacity for digital preservation and access to their member institutions collections. For my capstone, I surveyed the member institutions of the consortium in order to better understand their digitization needs and to identify hidden special collections that would particularly benefit from digitization. Using these results, I assessed a wide number of digitization labs in Texas and created a Lab Location Tool to allow TDLs members to locate and partner with labs that will best meet their digitization needs. Professional Experience Project
Chih-Han Chang Portfolio Improving Usability and User Adoptions of a Design Language System WellSky I am going to work on a project that dedicates on improving the usability and user adoption rates of WellSky Design Language System. The WellSky Design Language System is a design system developed by WellSky UX team that aims to increase effectiveness for designers, software developers, and product managers. It also provides a cohesive user experience and branding for WellSkys users. This project will evaluate the current status of usability and provide suggestions to enhance adoption rates so that I can present valuable insights for WellSky. Professional Experience Project
Yi-Chen Chen Portfolio Using Regularized Linear Regression to Identify Drivers of Diabetes Progression Sentier Strategic Resources Objective: Determine the crucial patient factors that predict diabetes progression in a real-world data set (Efron, 2004).Approach: We applied standard and regularized linear regression (lasso) to model disease progression using 10 explanatory variables (age, sex, bmi, average blood pressure, and 6 blood sera measurements).Key insight: Standard regression leads to overfitting and generalizes poorly to new data. Regularized regression inherently favors simpler models that successfully predict diabetes progression using fewer explanatory variables.Results: Five patient factors (including sex, bmi, blood pressure, s3 and s5) emerged as statistically significant drivers of diabetes disease progression. Professional Experience Project
Yuqing Chen Portfolio Digital Subscriber Management for Hyper-personalized Enterprise Network Plans Nokia This project focused on enabling a digital transformation targeted at connecting the needs of telecommunication service providers and their enterprise consumers. This platform will serve as a network management service that facilitates the creation of hyper-personalized enterprise plans and proactive recommendations. By using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to filter and provide insights from enterprise data, carriers will be able to differentiate their service offerings while saving money and utilizing their resources effectively. By including customizable features in each service offering, enterprises will be able to service their end consumer in the most efficient way possible. Professional Experience Project
Jingyi Cheng Portfolio IMI Mental Health Peer Support Project The Institute for Media Innovation at the Moody College of Communication The project deals with uncovering and tackling issues related to mental health care and access of resources amongst the youth. The project followed the design thinking process. We conducted research to identify the barriers for young people in mental health support, and explored and ideated how smartphones and social media can be integrated with Artificial Intelligence to offer more innovative and relevant mental health care through peer support, increasing mental health literacy. The final deliverable a working prototype that allows young people to form a safe and supportive community among mental health peers and provides professional mental health care services from trained peer specialists. Professional Experience Project
Wei Cheng Portfolio Redesigning the File Sharing Experience for SAP Digital UX Team SAP The work documents of SAP Digital UX Team need to migrate from an OneDrive shared folder to a new SharePoint site. By utilizing UX design process to plan the file migration process, I conducted interviews with the stakeholders to define needs and goals, planned and prototyped the site's structure, finally designed and implemented the new SharePoint site. Professional Experience Project
Eric Chi Portfolio Faculty Innovation Center Website Redesign Faculty Innovation Center The Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) of UT Austin provides innovative teaching and learning strategies and tools that help faculty and students to achieve their goal successfully. However, due to the lack of a thorough plan when building the sites, it's difficult for users to navigate through the resources. My job is to help them update their information architecture and deliver a wonderful experience to users. Professional Experience Project
Wei-Chun Chou Portfolio Design an Interactive Trajectory Planning Tool for Brain Surgery in EpiToMe system University of Texas Health Center at Houston Implanting electrodes in patients' brains is often necessary to precisely locate the source of seizure activities. This delicate surgery needs a detailed plan. The ToMe Team develops an innovative web application that allows doctors to add conventional electrodes or create their own marks on six angles of brain maps. This tool can help doctors to record the trajectory of electrodes during the case conference before they fine-tune the surgical software. I am responsible for designing the interactive brain map and coding the part of the prototype with an agile process that iterates a version every two weeks. Professional Experience Project
Wan-Chun Chu Portfolio Redesign a Library Cataloging System Center of Transportation Research The staff query and cataloging system is a system used by the librarians of the Center of Transportation Research(CTR). They use this system to search, browse, and edit the records of CTRs collections. While the system has been functioning well to serve the tasks conducted by the librarians, it has long been complained about its inconsistent and outdated design. The goal of the project is to evaluate users needs and current workflow and incorporate them into the new design of interfaces. The focus of the new design is to create a better user experience. In this project, I utilized heuristic evaluation to uncover usability problems and made design recommendations based on them. Then I conducted three user shadowing sessions with the librarians to find out their pain points and observe how they use the system to complete their daily tasks. Finally, based on the findings of my research, I produced design documents including wireframes and hi-fi mockups in an iterative manner. Professional Experience Project
YiJu Chung Portfolio UX Research and Design of the Internal Tool Proximity Learning Provide input for the user experience and design of our internal tools. Work on internal user experience and operational workflow improvement and provide tool design suggestions. The major focus will be around the topic of the internal tools for building information exchanging among different operational teams. Professional Experience Project
Logan Cooley Portfolio Chant Hypertexts: A Web Resource for Medieval Chants University of Texas at Austin, Butler School of Music Dr. Luisa Nardini of the Butler School is creating a companion website to her forthcoming book Chant Hypertexts on medieval Italian liturgical chants. My project has focused on using Caspio to create the database of chants which underlies the site. I have also created a prototype of the sites visual portion, which presents digitized chant manuscripts, modern transcriptions, and annotated Latin texts in Digital Mappa. Following this project, users can now search the full repository of chants by a number of parameters and view all currently available images and texts. Professional Experience Project
Ken Copelin Portfolio CDS 2.0: Physician Led Collaborative Goal Setting for Patients with Diabetes Dell Medical School, Department of Nutritional Sciences Due to low income and lack of insurance coverage, patients that are referred to registered dieticians are less likely to attend follow-up appointments. For my capstone project, I conducted research to better understand the physician workflow and design software that would provide physicians with the information necessary to communicate nutritional concerns and collaborate on goals with their patients. Our research consisted of a competitive analysis, literature review, interviews with medical experts, design prototyping and user testing. The final product of our capstone project is an interactive prototype that focuses on collaborative nutritional goal setting between physician and patient. Professional Experience Project
Brady Cox Portfolio Identifying Solutions for Long-Term Information Needs at ERCOT Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (ERCOT) Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (ERCOT) manages the flow of electric power for about 90 percent of the states electric load. Working as a Records Management Specialist this semester for ERCOTs Information Governance program, I performed research and proposed solutions to meet the companys long-term information needs. This included research on industry standards, vendors, and third-party solutions for long-term digital preservation of information. Deliverables included a business justification document, a draft set of business requirements that can be used for a future RFI or RFP, an executive summary of the work performed, and a recommendation to ERCOTs upper management. Professional Experience Project
Di Cui Portfolio UT Health San Antonios Pattern Library Website Research UT Health San Antonio Analyzing current UT health San Antonios pattern library and design system websites for both internalaudiences and third-party resources who would use it to build or customize websites and digital interface. The focus of this project would be research, recommendations and possibly prototyping of ways to effectively package and present the whole design system which including functional components, accessibility practices, governance documents and design patterns. Professional Experience Project
Linna Dean Portfolio TSLACs Talking Book Program: Inventory, Appraise, and Design a Database for Copyright Permission Letters Texas State Library and Archives Commission The Talking Book Program (TBP) within TSLAC records books in audio format for Texans with visual, physical, or reading disabilities. Prior to 1996, TBP had to get permission from the copyright holder to record a book in their studios. For this project, I looked at the records of over 3,000 books while also separating the permission letters from internal collection information materials. I created a metadata schema and determined the best database to use based on the letters and interviews with stakeholders. The design and instructions will allow TBP to build and enter data into the searchable database. Professional Experience Project
Xiangrui Deng Portfolio Texas Wholesaler Distributor Database Performance Improvement Texas State Board of Pharmacy Texas Wholesaler Distributor Database (TWDD), which is maintained by the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP), is a database that provides agency staff with information on what drug pharmacies and facilities are purchasing from wholesalers. My project improved the whole working process of TWDD by modifying the upload procedure and processing disorganized Excel files automatically. This project gives TSBP staff the ability to manage and import wholesaler data updates with some level of automation, which saves them a certain amount of time. Professional Experience Project
Kelly Ellis Portfolio Records Management in Equine Therapy: Improving Student Records Maintenance and Compliance within the G-Suite Healing With Horses Ranch Healing with Horses Ranch is a non-profit center that offers equine-facilitated psychotherapy and therapeutic riding lessons to hundreds of clients each year. All students must have up-to-date records regarding their medical and financial status, as well as their progress within lessons. Students who receive financial assistance from external agencies have further record-compliance requirements placed upon them. My project provides a records management structure within HHR's existing G-Suite, through document templates and file management protocols, that allows for consistent and streamlined data entry, migration, linking, and auto-population. This proposed records management system facilitates administrative maintenance of and access to student data while making it easier for instructors to populate the student records. Professional Experience Project
Lucy Flamm Portfolio Jaridat al-Balagh: Egyptian Serials and the University of Texas' Post-Acquisition Processes Perry-Castañeda Library at the University of Texas at Austin I managed the post-acquisition process of the Egyptian cultural journal al-Balagh al-usbui at UT's Perry-Castaeda Library. This included crafting multilingual metadata, transforming metadata for the university's digital asset management system, writing a proposal for integration into the UT curriculum, and designing an exhibit to highlight these materials. The project represents efforts to diversify available digital resources, contribute to honing applications of optical character recognition services for non-Roman scripts, and my commitment to libraries as sites of cross-cultural understanding and exchange. Professional Experience Project
Chad Garrett Portfolio Don't Take that Tone with Me:The Importance of Evidence-based Voice and Tone Strategy in Explosive Growth Technology Firms Favor Kind, funny, formal, serious. We all recognize loved ones' voices without seeing their faces. Organizations are no different. Brand voice defines how customers view an organization and its products and serves as a critical part of well-designed user experiences. Voice can have real, long-term effects on an organization's reputation and bottom line. This project explores the development of brand voice at Favor, an app-based, on-demand delivery company in Austin. I employ evidence-based methodologies to measure the perception of brand voice against the brand's goals. Ultimately, I offer frameworks for refining that voice to align with customer desires and concerns. Professional Experience Project
Mary Beth Garrido Portfolio Data to Diagnosis: Designing a Data-Secure Patient Engagement Platform for Dell Medical School Dell Medical School The objective of this project is to design, develop, and demonstrate a mobile patient engagement technology (PET) platform for Dell Medical School's Underrepresented Populations Leading Edge Acceleration Projects (LEAP). It is my responsibility to employ design-thinking methodologies and user-centered design approaches in the development of key deliverables, namely a high-fidelity prototype. The final product will empower diverse community groups to gain and give access to their health data while ensuring the security of their personal information through privacy-preserving record linkage (PPRL). Professional Experience Project
Matthew Glaser Portfolio Creating Transparency: Visualizing the New Braunfels Public Library's Reports to the State New Braunfels Public Library In October 2019, the New Braunfels Public Library celebrated its twentieth anniversary. As part of the compilation of statistics for the annual report to the Texas State Library, I compiled statistics from 1999-2019 in an attempt to visualize how the library has changed over the past two decades. In doing so, I created a visualization of the 2019 report. Using the Aspen Institutes Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries as a guide, the purpose of compiling these annual reports is to give patrons a visual representation into both the administrative functions and the services libraries provide. Professional Experience Project
Darian Gleghorn Portfolio Creating a Roadmap to Market Entry for an Hourly Job Hunting Platform The goal of this project was to create a roadmap for market entry for an early-stages hourly job search platform startup called To begin accomplishing the goal, market analysis, competitor evaluation, and business model scenario analysis were conducted. Additionally, accessibility and potential partnerships with other companies were researched, as these would be features unique to the platform. The findings reveal that the application has a significant potential market, and there are several options for pricing and market entry. The distinguishing features will help the new platform stand out among competitors. Professional Experience Project
Yanbin HAO Portfolio Heuristic Evaluation and Expert Review of AutoAI in Watson Studio IBM The AutoAI graphical tool in Watson Studio can automatically analyze your data and generate candidate model pipelines customized for your predictive modeling problem. The objective of the project is to examine the design of AutoAI and identify usability roadblocks with the heuristic evaluation and expert review methods. 2 UX experts were recruited and conducted expert reviews. The expert review results generated 25 insightful findings for the AutoAI product and helped designers to design the next version of AutoAI. Professional Experience Project
Damian Hill Portfolio Bringing Warehouse Partners into Focus: UX Research and Design for an H-E-B Enterprise Supply Chain Data Application H-E-B Over the course of seven months, I worked to gather a holistic understanding of warehouse partners in order to translate that research into designs for a web-based data application that is replacing a legacy mainframe application. My generative work included more than 40 hours of onsite observation and contextual inquiry, individual and group interviews, SME interviews, and user feedback sessions. The output of my work included research synthesis, mockups, prototypes, presentations, and now live application elements. We're currently planning evaluative research to validate our design work and identify improvements. Professional Experience Project
Hannah Hopkins Portfolio Automated Warranting Detection Codebook The Automated Warranting Detection Codebook captures the process of detecting discourse patterns with machine learning and orientates rhetoricians to machine learning applications. I worked with statistical computing language R to conduct feature identification on a corpus of drug funding profiles and disclosures for warranting, a mode of argumentation designed to lend support to evidence not entirely trusted by the audience. We sought to determine how funding profiles and attendant conflicts of interest change discourse patterns in biomedical publishing. Our analysis and co-written article contribute to ongoing inquiry on the effects of conflicts of interest on both medical discourse and outcomes. Professional Experience Project
Kassondra Horan Portfolio Digital Knitting with a Side of Blue Algae Soles Please A Sustainable Menu for Slow Fashion SUAVS According to the EPA, in 2017 landfills received 11.2 million tons of textile waste. In 2019 the New York Times reported that over 60% of textiles are now synthetics derived from fossil fuels. So if the numbers havent varied drastically, roughly 9.52 million tons of textile waste added to landfills yearly wont decay.In the spirit of trying to change that I teamed up with SUAVS, a local footwear brand, to complete a study where we explored the sustainable efforts SUAVS employs as well as other industry techniques that could propel them towards a completely circular production cycle. Professional Experience Project
Shi Ting Huang Portfolio From 6 to All: How to do Company Research within Six Steps? Austin Technology Incubator Nowadayswe are gradually transitioning from the information explosion era to the intelligence era, which has led to the increasingly important role of business intelligence in business activities. Business intelligence allows us to anticipate business trends, study government policies to gain insight into cutting-edge technology; reduce risks through competitor strategy analysis. In this project, I collaborated with Austin Technology Incubator to study how to collect and analyze business intelligence rigorously and how to form insight and strategy for companies through 6 steps, namely company profile, industry, financials, customer, competitor and methodology. Professional Experience Project
Yu-Kuan Hwang Portfolio Favor Delivery: Non-Restaurant Delivery Customer Experience Favor Delivery Favor is interested in understanding the nuances of how on-demand customers use Favor (and similar services) in their daily lives. I started with market research to identify the competitors and delivery service market outlook. Then I compared the top 3 food delivery competitors to find out where Favor's advantage is. After coming to a conclusion that Favor's strength lies in its slogan "Anything delivered", Favor offers more than just food delivery. I set out to interview Favor and non-Favor customers to understand their current non-restaurant delivery experience to see how Favor can improve the experience. I ended with recommendations for Favor based on primary and secondary research that I conducted. Professional Experience Project
Takahiro Ishii Portfolio Innovating the First-time Experience of Cloud One Network Security Trend Micro My project focuses on the first-time experience (or onboarding experience) of our new product Cloud One Network Security. Traditionally, the first-time experience of network security products has been painful, because users need to take extensive training and troubleshooting sessions. Following this current state, my UX project aimed to streamline the process, eliminate training, and minimize troubleshooting. The outcomes are personas, user journey maps, prototypes, and usability reports. My UX research has revealed four new persona types and their current user journey. Then, the prototypes and the usability report envisioned the future direction we should head to. Professional Experience Project
Shashank Jain Portfolio Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC) onboarding platform - Automating the collaboration between telco and cloud service providers. Nokia With technological development advancing rapidly towards compute-heavy, low latency services like autonomous cars and virtual reality, cloud, tech and communication companies are innovating new methods to deliver the required performance. 5G and Multi-Access Edge Compute (MEC) are two technologies that promise ultra-low latency to cater to these new use cases and revolutionize the digital marketplace. In this project, collaborated with a team of managers, engineers and designer to identify and prototype opportunities for Nokia software to play a critical part in the 5G-MEC ecosystem by enabling seamless integration between multiple stakeholders in that ecosystem. The project followed an intensive design thinking process and employed strategies like interviews, storyboards, personas, journey maps, and iterative wireframes to prototype a high fidelity automated web platform that enables future MEC providers to onboard and connect their MEC datacenters to telecommunication networks seamlessly. Professional Experience Project
Isha Dilipbhai Kanani Portfolio Employment Platform for Small Businesses The objective of this project is to research the current needs of employment in small businesses like restaurants. While LinkedIn provides an employment platform to big IT-based companies, this project surveys what kind of employment does small business need. Based on the survey data, I will be running some analysis and presenting insights on the requirements to build an employment platform for small businesses. Professional Experience Project
Natalia Kapacinskas Portfolio Creating Primary Source Instruction Materials for the Briscoe Center for American History Dolph Briscoe Center for American History To support instruction for visiting classes at the Briscoe Center for American History, I created a set of lesson plans using archival materials from the collections. Each lesson plan is based on an instruction method for teaching with primary sources by an experienced practitioner in the field. In addition to an outline for the class session, each plan includes a set of primary source materials related to a topic (such as labor activism in Texas in the 1960s or integration at UT), learning objectives informed by the RBMS-SAA Guidelines for Primary Source Literacy, and suggested assessment methods for student learning. Professional Experience Project
Anmol Shridhar Khandeparkar Portfolio Product Conception - As a part of my Capstone project experience, I worked for my mentor, Jeni Putalavega Ross on the conception of an end-to-end product for the hourly job market. The Mission: Industri.uss mission is to help hourly workers find better employment opportunities, while also allowing recruiters to find and hire the right talent for their company in a seamless manner. My Role: I have worked on a product conception document for The Product Conception documentation consists of understanding the current state of the market, empathizing with customers and users to understand their problems, analyzing the size of the target market and understanding the competitive landscape, and then utilizing all the information collected to come up with a proposed solution along with a business model and key metrics to identify success for the business. Professional Experience Project
Daniel Kramer Portfolio Information in Cyberspace (INF335) E-Learning Instructional Design The University of Texas at Austin For over 20 years, the UT School of Information has taught the undergraduate course, Information in Cyberspace. This online course has been developed and supported by the School of Information teaching assistants, and has evolved into specializations in Choose Your Own Adventure and HCI/UX. The work completed during this Capstone Project includes competitive analysis and a survey that indicates the need for a visual design Information course. The rest of the project was dedicated to developing a Design specialization curriculum for Information in Cyberspace to enable students with the fundamental design knowledge useful for careers in design and beyond. Professional Experience Project
Kathleen Krysher Portfolio Reimagining Data Management at a University Writing Center For my capstone project, I designed a new database for the University Writing Center (UWC) at the University of Texas at Austin. I will be submitting the constructed FileMaker database and accompanying report as my deliverables. The report includes a summary of information at the writing center, the database as represented in FileMaker, a data dictionary, and suggestions for future scripting and implementation. With this database, UWC administrators will be able to gain new insights from one central, consistent source that is inclusive of historical information. Professional Experience Project
Mickey Lanning Portfolio Sursum! Digitizing Correspondence at the Elisabet Ney Museum The Elisabet Ney Museum The Elisabet Ney Museum, the former studio home of German sculptor Elisabet Ney, is dedicated to showcasing Neys art and engaging the public through exhibitions and educational programs. My project involved curating and digitizing letters from the museums archives, generating and encoding metadata, and creating a digital archive and exhibits using Omeka; to support future digital projects, I also developed workflow materials. This project demonstrates the ways that small institutions can design digital projects with resources they already have, in addition to how open-source software and platforms can further a museums mission to bring stories to a wider audience. Professional Experience Project
Haley Latta Portfolio Developing the Texas Center for the Book Literary Map Texas Center for the Book at the Texas State Library and Archives Commission My capstone project centered around conducing the research needed for the creation for the Texas Literary Map. One of my primary responsibilities was determining the selection criteria for the map. I researched existing literary maps and contacted state librarians from across the nation in order to craft the criteria. I organized a running list of authors and works according to the authors awards and associations with Texas. Additionally, I crafted instructions for the projects sustainability in order to ensure that future workers could continue developing the map. Professional Experience Project
Jiaxin Li Portfolio Designing a Dashboard Facilitates Clinicians to Collaboratively Set Nutrition Goals with Patients The Dell Medical School Collaborative goal setting has been shown the potential to build a trusting relationship between clinicians and patients as well as improve the competence of patients in making behavioral change. Due to high incidence of no-show appointments referred by physicians to registered dieticians, setting an appropriate nutrition goal easily and efficiently during the primary care appointment becomes vitally important to initiate the behavioral change of patients. For my capstone project, I focused on designing a clinical decision-making tool that provides necessary nutrition-related information and facilitates primary care providers to adopt nutrition conversation into the appointments confidently and collaboratively set realistic diet goals with patients. Our project consisted of competitive analysis, literature review, interviews with healthcare providers, prototyping, usability testing, multiple iterations, and UX Report. Professional Experience Project
Xu Li Portfolio Sales Opportunity Status Prediction based on Users Activity Data Using Machine Learning Algorithm Vertify, Inc VertifyData is a data integration company that help their customer companies integrate marketing data and sales data together. Usually, sales opportunities are contacted and assessed case by case manually, which is an uncertain and inefficient process. This capstone project aims to improve this situation. It uses the activity data from those customer companies, build machine learning models and make predictions about the status of sales opportunities. Provide to those customers with strategic and valuable information automatically to facilitate better marketing analysis and sales achievements. Professional Experience Project
Yizhuo Li Portfolio Web Page System for Automatically Importing Drug Orders into TSBPs Database Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) I am going to add some new features to the old web system of Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) which makes the whole system more automatic. Currently, the TSBP will receive the orders from the wholesalers by Email or submit a specific type of file from TSBPs unique system. However, the problem is the system now cant automatically load the data from the uploaded file and save the data into the TWDD database. Currently, this step is finished by a technical employee. Also, although the files type is required, the wholesalers sometimes will not follow the requirements. So, I try to make the whole process automatic and check whether the uploaded files are in the ARCOS format. If I finish these aims, that will help the TSBP to improve their efficiency. Professional Experience Project
Yi Chun Lin Portfolio IoT-enabled Platform for Connected Buildings Userade It is my capstone project that works with Userade as a UX researcher internship in Austin. The project mainly studies a flagship product of a global power solutions company. This Product is a complete IoT-enabled platform for connected buildings, and we especially focus on its commercial real estate (CRE) segment. Through this project, the Company would like to realize their users more and create a seamless user experience for its users. Professional Experience Project
Vinay Locharulu Portfolio Dell Smart Policy Advisor Dell Technologies This tool captures insights from various sources on Dell laptops and PCs from sources such as 'Dell Support Assist' and 'PC Doctor' to rank alerts leading to a hardware dispatch. The tool is currently predicting failures of PC commodities such as Hardware and Battery. An iterative machine learning pipeline using PySpark and Hadoop was developed to periodically assess alert trends. Database: Hive(Hadoop)Algorithms: Random Forest, SMOTE, Convolutional Neural Networks Professional Experience Project
Anne Loos Portfolio Abbie Hoffman Papers: Selection and Digitization Plan for Audiovisual Materials Dolph Briscoe Center for American History Roughly one-third of the materials in the Abbie Hoffman Papers at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History consist of various audiovisual formats: 16mm film, open reel, cassette tape, and video. In developing a digitization priority plan, research brief, and description guide, this Capstone will provide guidance to future archivists responsible for digitizing and describing these 500+ audiovisual items. This will enable the preservation and access to rare materials documenting Hoffmans legacy, and demonstrates the intersection of Hoffmans guerilla theater-style protests with his ability to harness the power of mainstream media coverage in the genesis of counterculture television. Professional Experience Project
Yuntao Lu Portfolio Analyzing Hong Kong Protest Data from Telegram Recent Hong Kong protests expose conflicts between some people and the local and central governments. This project will analyze the recent 2019 Hong Kong protests (a.k.a., Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill movement) and examine the patterns of mobilization using data crawled from Telegram application. Professional Experience Project
Sai Anand Maringanti Portfolio Clinically Accurate Report Generation School of Information, UT Austin There has been an impressive amount of progress with generating descriptive reports from radiographs, employing state-of-the-art convolutional neural networks, and complex Natural Language Processing. However, there is a gap between current models and ingrained nuances of the radiology domain that the models fail to leverage. This project explores this gap and finds possible solutions by enhancing the model architecture, extracting radiomic features from the radiographs, and generating an end-to-end architecture that employs radiomic feature extraction, a CNN encoder, and an RNN sentence and word decoder to generate clinically accurate reports from radiographs. Professional Experience Project
Patrick Mclynch Portfolio Knowledge Management At TxDOT: Designing and Implementing Successful Knowledge Capture and Transfer Texas Department of Transporation The objective for my Project was to develop a way to capture and transfer knowledge from one TxDOT employee to another. Many employees possess vital knowledge that is often lost when they leave. Witnessing this occurring at TxDOT sparked the idea for this project. My project consisted of designing an interview process that extracted and collected this knowledge. I also aimed to present this information in a single place using a multilayered Wiki page. From the Wiki page, every aspect of the program I designed can be found there and used to help TxDOT operations continue to run smoothly. Professional Experience Project
Rachel Meyer Portfolio Digitizing the Work Projects Administration's George C. Davis Site Files Texas Archeological Research Laboratory From 1939 to 1941, the Work Projects Administration completed a site excavation of the George C. Davis archeological site. The records of this excavation, housed within the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory's records and made up of 2641 documents and 270 photograph prints, were organized, digitized, and treated with minor preservation techniques to ensure access to the collection for future students and researchers. A DACS compliant finding aid was also created to assist both in discovery of collection items among academic institutions and serve as a standard for future finding aid creation at TARL. Professional Experience Project
Li Nie Portfolio Scenario-based Web Game Development In the game, players will be asked questions under given scenarios. According to the choices made by players, they will gain different scores. The scenarios and questions are designed to introduce products and services from IBM Security. A general introduction to IBM Security is given at the end of the game.The front-end is designed and implemented with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Semantic UI framework. Data is stored in MySQL database. For back-end development, Java and Spring Boot framework are used to realize the functions like calculating scores, retrieving data from the database, and rendering results to the front-end pages. Professional Experience Project
Amy Padilla Portfolio Giving Voice to Archival Silences:The Invisible Working Women of the Encyclopdie The University of Chicago, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, Division of the Humanities The ARTFL Project, a collaboration between the French government and the University of Chicago, is a rich archive of digitized French literature with English translations. The Encyclopdie is the crown jewel of the Legacies of The Enlightenment. Labor laws and Guild restrictions of that time forbade women employment. Yet illustrations confirm women were working with men in these forbidden roles. Undocumented, women are not searchable, in effect rendering them silent.I created a finding aid (publication pending) with descriptive introduction and metadata indexing the working women, giving future scholars a more complete understanding of womens historical significance within the workforce. Professional Experience Project
Ting Pan Portfolio GUI Interface Development for Log Information Nokia When a technical document is built by our software, thousands of lines of log information are generated, making it very difficult to distinguish true error messages that are relevant from the 99% of the log that is irrelevant. The project would result in a GUI interface that would allow the end user to view, sort, and filter out the log information, as well as capturing the information in a database for error analytics across all document builds. Professional Experience Project
Elizabeth Peattie Portfolio Mapping Peru in the 1920s: Digitizing and Georeferencing Postcards from LLILAS Bensons Hispanic Society of American Postcards Collection LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collection From the Bensons Hispanic Society of American Postcards Collection, 223 postcards were digitized showing scenes from 1920s Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, with item-level metadata generated for each postcard based on the MODS and Dublin Core metadata schemas. Using MapWarper, Google Maps, and ArcGIS, I georeferenced the items over a historical 1906 map of Peru. The project culminated into a selection of images centered on themes of flora, fauna, and the indigenous population accessed via Omeka for the Spring 2020 Art History undergraduate course, Art and Archaeology in Peru, to help students contextualize Chimu and Nazca ceramics from the Mesamerican Centers Art & Art History Collection. Professional Experience Project
Jennifer Perritt Portfolio Medicine and Metadata: Building an Open-Source Catalog for the Dell Medical School Library Dell Medical School Library In recent years the Dell Medical School Library has acquired a collection of historical textbooks which are often referenced by researchers and historians in the medical community. This collection was never formally cataloged because the library does not share access to the University of Texas Libraries resources. I first assessed the librarys specific needs and availability of funding to select an appropriate open-source ILS, then imported MARC records from the National Library of Medicine and created local metadata for 106 books. The final deliverable for this project is a user-friendly online catalog of the librarys textbook collection with the potential for circulation services in the future. I additionally created a workflow so that the library can continue to add new records and keep their collections updated and accessible for library patrons and students. Professional Experience Project
Katharine Samaniego   Digital Collections Development at the Austin Museum of Pop Culture Austin Museum of Pop Culture This capstone project at the Austin Museum of Pop Culture (or AusPop) has necessitated a twofold approach, addressing both large- and small-scale projects currently ongoing at the museum. The small scale includes digitizing the Margaret Moser Collection and assessing metadata and exhibition possibilities as applied to individual collections. The larger scale includes assisting with integrating newly-developed virtual museum software that will eventually encompass all of the museums assets. Although that project will carry on long after this capstone project is completed, the composition of a user guide for this process will help standardize future practices for data capture and the application of metadata. Professional Experience Project
Laurel Schwehr Portfolio Insights into Learning Vital Visualization Software on the Job UT This study explores the experience of learning software key to a job while in that role. I focus on visualization software in three fields: architecture, user experience design, and geoscience. My insights come from analysis of one-on-one interviews conducted with both primary users of visualization software and their leads who supervise teams contending with members who are learning software on the job. This cross-disciplinary study seeks to reveal current methods in practice and identify opportunities to improve the experience of learning on the job. Professional Experience Project
Karen Scott   Juvenile Nonfiction Reorganization and Refresh Lake Travis Community Library This project focuses on reorganizing and refining catalog data for the juvenile non-fiction collection at Lake Travis Community Library. Currently, the section has inconsistent labeling and cataloging, resulting in a collection that is not the most intuitive or searchable for patrons or staff. This project will work with the catalog data and book contents to make new Dewey Decimal numbers if needed, reorganize materials based on changes, and change physical labels on books in the collection to reflect their new location. Making these changes will allow patrons and staff to more easily navigate this area of the collection and find what they need more efficiently. One of the major outcomes of this project is books becoming more grouped together based on subject, allowing a more comprehensive and browsable collection. Professional Experience Project
Sangita Sharma Portfolio Exploring Barriers to Digital Channel Adoption & Improving the Customer Support Experience AT&T Design Technology When an AT&T internet customer is faced with a service disruption, calling customer service is often an inevitable and dreaded step in the path to a resolution. AT&T Customer service call volumes have remained high in spite of increasing internet adoption and providing internet customers with digital support channels to facilitate self-service. It is assumed that this continued call volume is driven by a lack of awareness and adoption of digital support options as well as a large cohort of users who genuinely prefer calling. As a part of our continued efforts to improve the customer support experience, I launched a discovery research effort to explore the existing mental model of AT&T internet customers when experiencing a service issue, as well as identifying barriers to self-service and digital channel adoption. Through two remote, unmoderated diary-survey studies I examined customer troubleshooting behaviors in addition to customer experience with AT&Ts current digital support channels, including and AT&Ts mobile apps. Based on responses gathered from 69 AT&T internet customers, I discovered that a clear majority of respondents would prefer to avoid calling customer service. Most of this sample are aware of AT&T digital support channels but often find them unhelpful. These findings indicate that content & usability, in addition to awareness and adoption of digital channels, are barriers to successful self-service. Professional Experience Project
Ritambhara Singh Portfolio Enhancing Favor's Merchant Partners' Experience Favor Delivery I was exploring Favor's relationships with their restaurant partners for my capstone project. Favor Delivery is growing rapidly and wanted to identify their stance with the merchants amidst all the competition. My focus was on identifying who the merchants are and what are their needs. I conducted generative research through interviews with both the Favor Sales Teams as well as Favors partnered merchants. After completing the interviews I analyzed data to come up with actionable insights that can be used by Favor Delivery in future. Once the data had been synthesized, I worked closely with a couple of Favor's senior product designers, to create some screens for a potential merchant portal. Professional Experience Project
Mike Slovenski   Automating the Verification of Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Status of Vendors for the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Texas Department of Information Resources This project automates the process by which HUB status is verified by employees of the DIR. It is necessary to verify the HUB status of vendors when they are listed as subcontractors on subcontracting plans. Because these plans are completed by DIR-contracted vendors and not the DIR, the DIR must verify the accuracy of this information. Historically, DIR employees have been required to manually determine which vendors are listed on these plans and locate listed vendors in an online database in order to verify this information. Professional Experience Project
Stephen Spencer Portfolio Users Trust in Indeed and Competitors Indeed Trust is an important aspect of any interactions a person takes, and this includes interactions with job searching websites such as Indeed. I developed a survey based on a literature review to measure trust for website like Indeed by aspects of ability, usefulness, ease of use, benevolence, integrity, security and privacy. The survey was sent out in the month of April and followed by analysis of the data. Users trust in Indeed overall was better or similar to its competitors with some differences between users who prefer competitor sites. Professional Experience Project
Julia Sufrin Portfolio Emerging Technology Toolkits for Texas Public Libraries TSLAC The objective of this project was to evaluate the need and interest amongst Texas public library staff for emerging technology resources from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC). My evaluation included a literature review of public library technology toolkit programs from across the country, a survey of Texas public library staff, and a series of focus group sessions with Library Directors. Based on my findings, I determined recommendations for developing an emerging technology toolkit program for TSLAC to share with Texas Public Library staff across the state. Professional Experience Project
Peidi Sun Portfolio Design the ToB Web-based Data Service Platform in Oil & Gas Industry National Oilwell Varco The Access NOV is NOVs next-generation data management and visualization platform. It is a collection of multiple applications. Table, Dashboard, Real-Time Viewer, and other apps can satisfy different users needs. I participated in the research and design of two apps: Product Bulletin and WellData. The Product Bulletin is an app that managers can subscribe and track multiple product lines. The WellData app just released the beta version and can allow experts to monitor and analyze drilling data on a browser anywhere in the world. During the internship, I closely collaborated with PM, dev, QA, and other designers. Professional Experience Project
Ambuj Tiwari Portfolio Redesign of The UT Inequality Project Website University of Texas at Austin This project will involve the redesign of the current UT Inequality Project (UTIP) website to better reflect the mission and purpose of the UTIP. It also entails building a more robust web architecture for the website that is fully responsive and supports interactive data visualizations for the years of research data stored and collected by the UTIP as a research group. Professional Experience Project
Ssu-Ting Wang Portfolio Constrafora Procure-to-Pay Software for the Construction Industry Constrafor Constrafor aimsto transform the way contractors procure withefficient andreliable software solutions, which enable them to efficiently manage andkeeptrack of all bids, as well as create a seamless information flow within the team and with their suppliers. As aUX/UI designer, my responsibilities includebuilding information architecture, mapping out theuser flows, creatingwireframes, visual design, and click-through prototypes. Professional Experience Project
Brenna Wheeler Portfolio Data Curation at the Texas Data Repository Texas Data Repository For the Texas Data Repository, I created a data curation workflow based off of the Data Curation Networks CURATE(D) Model to improve the findability and reusability of datasets. The workflow is localized to the Texas Data Repository using needs identified in interviews with academic librarians and my assessment of datasets currently in the repository. My final product is a specialized Data Curation workflow and a list of recommendations that may be used by a team of liaison librarians to curate newly deposited datasets in the future. Professional Experience Project
Catherine Whited Portfolio Preserving the Blast from the Past Longhorn Alumni Band The Longhorn Band Archive is a large collection of documents, photographs, recordings, artifacts, and ephemera amassed over the years by former members of the University of Texas Longhorn Band. The material is spread between the Briscoe Center for American History, the home of the Alumni Band Archives Chair, the Longhorn Band administrative offices, and an air-conditioned storage unit. I visited all these repository sites and created a rough inventory of the types of items stored at each location. I then used this information to develop a comprehensive assessment of the needs of the current collection to ensure its continued preservation. Additionally, I created a deed of gift template and a loan agreement template for future administrative use. I also included instructions for the usage of these forms as well as preservation guidelines for future caretakers of the archive. Professional Experience Project
Chiu-Yi (Sherry) Wu Portfolio UX Design for a Global Kangaroo Care Contest The main goal of the Kangaroo Care Contest is to raise awareness within neonatal units to perform Kangaroo Care, and to encourage parents to hold their newborn babies skin-to-skin more often. I designed new features of a baby healthcare tracking app that allows parents to join the Kangaroo Care Contest and track their teams Kangaroo Care performance. By conducted competitive analysis and subject-matter expert interviews, I identified requirements and created artifacts to inform the design. Then, created mockups and prototypes for usability testing. After three iterations, I delivered a hi-fi prototype to the engineering team for implementation. Professional Experience Project
Jonathon Youssefnia Portfolio Texas Digital Library Directory of Skills Texas Digital Library The Texas Digital Library (TDL) counts many talented information professionals among its members. The goal of my capstone project has been to facilitate their collaboration by creating a searchable directory of skills. I surveyed librarians, archivists, technologists, developers, and other professionals from the TDL community to gather information about their areas of skill. The provided information was then assembled into a searchable database that will soon be hosted on the TDL website. A maintenance plan for data hygiene is the final component of the project. Professional Experience Project
Meng Zhang Portfolio Texas Wholesaler Distributer Database Capstone Texas State Board of Pharmacy For this capstone project, I improve the Texas Wholesaler Distributer Database and achieve the process of partial automation for the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) of Texas State Board of Pharmacy. Currently, PMP staff manage prescription data manually. This project improves this database by migrating increasing functionality to allow PMP staff the ability to manage and import wholesaler data updates with some level of automation. My work is to develop a website to upload files, validate uploaded files in ARCOS format, inform wholesalers of files upload status and clean out previously loaded files automatically. Professional Experience Project
Chongyan Chen Portfolio Image Captioning and Visual Question Answering with External Knowledge School of Information, the University of Texas at Austin The field of computer vision has made significant advances in visual question answering (VQA) and image captioning. The sophisticated models in use today work well on simple tasks but they perform poorly when the task requires common sense or external knowledge. Previous research has explored VQA using a knowledge base and image captioning using reverse image search. However, there is a need for studies that explore the benefits of multi-source external knowledge for real tasks in these two areas. This thesis compares three kinds of external knowledge: knowledgebase, reverse image search, and search by text and evaluates them on two image captioning datasets: COCO-captions and VizWiz-captions as well as on three visual question answering datasets: VQA v2, VizWiz-VQA, and OK-VQA. The results show that including external knowledge can largely improve the accuracy of VQA. This research confirms that reverse image search is suitable for the image captioning task and suggests to explore knowledge base for image captioning. It also suggests that knowledge base is more suitable for traditional VQA while search by text is more suitable for VizWiz VQA dataset. Besides, the results show a possibility of answering visual questions using low-quality images or even answering unanswerable questions by using external knowledge. Our research provides greater understanding for the VizWiz Challenge and reveals a gap between traditional VQA/Image captioning task and real VQA/Image captioning task from the perspective of external knowledge. Master's Report/Thesis
Lan Li Portfolio Future Information Professionals Perspectives on the Impact of AI on the Future of Their Profession School of Information The field of library and information science (LIS) has always shaped and been shaped by the changing tides of technology. Given that recent developments in AI appear to be the next technological wave that may bring major disruption for the future of information professionals, how are students in ALA-accredited masters programs reacting to these changes? This research seeks to report findings from interviews with students pursuing studies in librarianship and archival studies about their educational experiences with AI and their expectations about how AI will impact their future careers as librarians and archivists. Key themes that emerge from this analysis include structural and professional changes in libraries and archives, the loss of the human element in libraries and archives, and the ethical challenges of AI in libraries and archives. Recommendations based on these findings include ways to adapt LIS education to better prepare students, such as developing courses that combine the technical aspects of how to leverage AI and content and context relevant to libraries and archives, to ensure that librarians and archivists can play an active role in leveraging AI to better accomplish their goals of serving patrons information needs and wants and preserving the past. Master's Report/Thesis