Kristen Graham

Kristen Graham



Kristen Graham has been a Visual and Interactive Designer at Dell Technologies since 2019. As the Lead Designer for a visual imagery production
team, she helps drive the creative direction of visuals such as iconography, data visualizations, and various graphics that enhance the work of design teams across Dell. As a team leader, Kristen has developed an environment of collaboration and continuous learning, and takes pride in witnessing their mentees grow into confident designers.

Kristen holds a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Design from the University of Texas. She has a B.A in Art from Texas State University and a
B.A. in Anthropology from Texas Tech University. Together, her degrees have enriched her design approach of fostering an understanding of human culture and artistic expression.


Master of Fine Arts in Design, University of Texas
Bachelor of Arts in Art, Texas State University
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Texas Tech University

Areas Of Specialization

Visual Storytellilng
Ethics in Design

Recent Courses

YearSemesterCourse NumberCourseSyllabusNotes
2024FallINF 385TSpecial Topics in Information Science: Visual Design Visual Design
2024SpringI 320UTopics in User Experience Design: Graphic Design Graphic Design