Bill Louden

Bill Louden

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Bill Louden is one of the early Internet pioneers with over 35 years of experience and has been at the forefront of Internet services and social-media development since the creation of the CompuServe Information Service in 1979. He founded his first commercial Internet venture, Georgia On-Line, in 1984; founded the GEnie Online Service at the General Electric Company in 1985 and was its President through 1993.

Bill also made significant contributions at News Corporation, launching Delphi UK in 1995 and held executive positions at and, among others.

Professor Louden was Department Chair, International Business and Chair, Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Austin Community College for 10 years and served as adjunct professor in Digital Media Management at St. Edward's University.

Bill is a graduate of Ohio State University with a BA in English and holds a Master, International Management degree from the University of Maryland.


Bachelor of Arts, Ohio State University
Master, International Management, University of Maryland

Areas Of Specialization

International Management and Cultures
Social Media Operations
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Development
Information Services

Recent Courses

YearSemesterCourse NumberCourseSyllabusNotes
2021SpringI 310Topics in Introductory Informatics Fake News and Facts in the Misinformation Age
2020FallI 310Topics in Introductory Informatics Accuracy in an Age of Deception
2020SpringINF 315EInformation and Culture Accuracy in an Age of Deception