Jonelle Bradshaw de Hernandez

Jonelle Bradshaw de Hernandez

Research Assistant Professor


Jonelle Bradshaw de Hernandez is a Research Assistant Professor at University of Texas Austin School of Information. Dr. Bradshaw de Hernandez' research interests include the intersection of science and technological innovations, risk perceptions and job security in building a transformational U.S. workforce focused on economic competitiveness, national security and vulnerable populations. A key element of this ecosystem is public higher education and its intersection with funding and their combined roles in addressing large scale cultural and social challenges. Dr. Bradshaw de Hernandez translates her research into her work as Executive Director of Foundation Relations at The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Bradshaw was selected as a Public Interest Technology University Network Social Justice Informatics Faculty Fellow in 2021.


B.S. Cornell University; College of Human Ecology
M.A. Columbia University; Teachers College
PH.D. Stony Brook University; College of Engineering and Applied Sciences