Nathan Davis

Nathan Davis

PhD Student


Nathan is human-centered design researcher with a focus on participatory methods for improving overall quality of life. He has a background in culture, cognition and wellness and his current work explores ways to empower individuals to make more informed decisions about health and wellness. As the design lead with the eHiLL (Electronic Health Information for Lifelong Learners) lab under the supervision of Prof. Bo Xie, he works with aging adults on eHealth literacy and participatory design of training tools. His tentative doctoral thesis is focused on human-centered design approaches to assistive artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles for aging adults. He is also a drummer, curator, community organizer, and globe traveler. ????????


B.S. Nutritional Science - Texas State University; M.A. Cognitive Linguistics - University of Sussex Thesis: Conceptual Blending, Chinese Five Element Theory and Cognitive Coherence

Areas Of Specialization

Participatory Design
Human-Centered Design
Human-Computer Interaction

Recent Courses

YearSemesterCourse NumberCourseSyllabus
2021SpringI 302Academic Success in the Digital University