Kate Golden

Kate Golden

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Currently I work at Express Scripts as a UX Researcher focusing on End User Experience.

I am graduate of the University of Texas at Austin iSchool. My research and work focuses are Human-Computer Interaction, User Research and UX Design.

I have a background in Psychology and a personal interest in research on the effect of human values and culture on the use of technology.


B.S from the University of Central Florida

M.S.I.S from the University of Texas at Austin iSchool; focus HCI

Areas Of Specialization

Human-Centered Design
Human-Computer Interaction
User Experience Research


YearSemesterCourse NumberCourseSyllabus
2020FallI 320.01Information in Cyberspace (HCI/UX Emphasis)
2020SpringINF 335CInformation In Cyberspace (HCI/UX Emphasis)
2019FallINF 335CInformation In Cyberspace (HCI/UX Emphasis)