Ann Minner

Ann Minner

Adjunct Assistant Professor


I have over 20 years in public libraries and I've never doubted my direction. Where else can you help someone fill out a job application online, find an exciting read for a 3rd grader's book report, welcome a community group into the meeting room for the evening, and witness tutors helping students of all ages all the while casually discussing the most recent city code ordinances and the latest John Grisham with patrons? This was all in one day. True story.

I spent the majority of my career working in youth services and doing storytimes. I have read 1000s of books aloud, recited poetry to rapt 4 year olds, and was a teapot more times than I can count. It was my privilege to watch toddlers and preschoolers grow into college students and to now commiserate with the former storytime parents who are empty nesters. A mother once told me that I was her child's “first friend. That is not a label I take lightly. It has been one of the honors of my life to be a part of these families' social, emotional, and educational lives.

These past years of teaching Children's Literature have given me the chance to reach out to undergrads and share my love of literature. I have watched students rediscover their own love of reading and grow in their confidence for evaluating books. Teaching this class has enhanced my public services
career by helping me focus on the foundations of my passion - reminding me of the art and purpose of outstanding books for kids.

If you have met me, you probably know my favorite book of all time is David Shannon's Duck on a Bike. I'm proud to say that I do a hell of a read-aloud of that book. There is something so right and so magical about sharing a book out loud and I'd love to create that experience for you.

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Master Degree of Library and Information Science University of Texas, Austin

Bachelor of Arts Technical Theatre Southern Illinois University,

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2021FallI 320.02Children's Literature
2020FallI 320.02Children's Literature
2020SpringINF 322TChildren's Literature
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2019SpringINF 322TChildren's Literature
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2018SpringINF 322TChildren's Literature
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