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UT-Austin Portugal International Collaboratory

Assistant Professor Jacek Gwizdka and Associate Professor Matthew Lease and Luis Francisco-Revilla received a $100,000 grant for their project “Relevance Mining and Detection System.” Francisco-Revilla serves as a research associate and manager of the visualization interfaces and applications group at the Texas Advanced Computing Center.

UT-Austin in Portugal’s International Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies co-lab and Fundacao para Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FTC) funded the grant.  As part of the project, the team in Austin and Portugal will develop systems to perform an analysis of public information transmitted through social networks.

Francisco-Revilla will focus on visualization and analysis of social graphs while Gwizdka and Lease will investigate multi-level criteria used by people in their relevance judgments. Their goal is to develop a robust, multi-dimensional model of relevance. Gwizdka, Lease and Francisco-Revilla will also coordinate the project with colleagues at the University of Porto in Portugal.