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Randolph Bias Earns Teaching Award


While the iSchool offers no undergraduate major, that doesn’t mean we are uninvolved in undergraduate education at The University of Texas at Austin. We offer an undergraduate minor, plus for the last five years iSchool prof Randolph Bias has taught a course for freshmen in the Signature Class program offered by the School of Undergraduate Studies. These signature classes are intended to “connect students with distinguished faculty members in unique learning environments,” and afford them “college-level skills in research, writing, speaking, and discussion through an approach that is interdisciplinary, collaborative, experiential and contemporary.” Last year Randolph’s “Usability and User-Centered Design” course earned him the Signature Course Essential Elements Award for Excellence in Teaching Information Literacy. He looks forward to introducing 18 more 18-year-olds to the largest single-campus university in the nation again this fall!