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Hyun Joon Jung Receives 2015 Samsung Human-Tech Paper Award

Hyun Joon Jung, a PhD candidate in the School of Information (iSchool) at the University of Texas at Austin, was awarded a distinguished Silver Prize in Computer Science at the 21st Annual International Samsung Human-Tech Paper Awards, held on February 11, 2015.

Established in 1994, the Human-Tech Paper Prize challenges young researchers to contribute creative and innovative ideas to drive the development of new computing and information technologies. Each year, the annual competition recognizes an elite cadre of those "creative and driven young people who will lead the field of science into the future...". Out of approximately 1,500 papers considered, only around 7% were selected for the prestigious prize.

Jung's dissertation research is actively developing new statistical models to ensure the quality of data collected online via crowdsourcing. The Human-Tech prize was specifically awarded to him for his paper entitled, "A Discriminative Approach to Predicting Assessor Accuracy", to appear in the 37th European Conference on Information Retrieval. The paper was co-authored with his PhD advisor at the iSchool, Prof. Matthew Lease.

Congratulations, Hyun Joon!