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Field of Study

Each field of study at the University of Texas is identified by a name and a one-, two-, or three-letter abbreviation. The School of Information's field of study is Information, and the abbreviation is INF. All courses offered by the School of Information begin with INF and are followed by a three-digit course number.

Credit Value

The first digit of the course number indicates the credit value of the course in semester hours. Courses numbered 201-299 have a value of 2 semeseter hours; 301-399, a value of three semester hours; and so on. A zero as the first digit indicates that a course is noncredit.


The last two digits of the course number indicate the rank of the course. If the last two digits are 01-19, the course is of lower-division rank; if 20-79, of upper-division rank; if 80-99, of graduate rank.

Example: INF 181 is for one hour of credit and is a graduate course. INF 322T is for three hours of credit and is an upper-division, undergraduate course.

Use of Letters

Two courses that have the same abbreviation and the same last two digits may not both be counted for credit unless the digits are followed by different letters, or unless the course description notes otherwise. For example, Mechanical Engineering (M E) 136N and M E 236N may not both be counted; however, English (E) 325 and E 325K may both be counted.

Order of Listings

Courses are listed in numerical order by the last two digits of the course number, then alphabetically by any subsequent letters. For example, INF 698A precedes INF 399R; a 698A course would also precede a 398B.