Spring 2024

I 320J Topics in Social Justice Informatics: Applied Social Justice Research

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11:00 AM - 12:30 PM  SZB 3.814


Project-based learning course in which students will apply a combination of research and evaluation methods (scientific, sociological, historical, computational) to identify and explore a research question of community impact. Students will first learn about applied research and evaluation from a team of faculty and community-based nonprofit leaders, then work in small groups apply their knowledge.


In this course students receive training in applied research and evaluation methods, and apply these methods to identify a real-world research question, to gain a comprehensive view of ethics in social science research, and a nuanced understanding of identifying and combating bias in data. Students dissect historical and current cases of inequitable research, and learn how to design and implement research approaches that follow a community-based participatory model. Students also hear from local nonprofit organizations about their experiences with research. Teams of students apply their skills and identify a research question based on their communities’ needs. Students then develop a research design that could be used to investigate their research question of interest. Finally, student teams present their research projects to an audience of their peers, nonprofit partners, and interested community members from UT-Austin and beyond.


Informatics 310J. Prior credit in I 305 or equivalent strongly recommended.

This topic also requires prior credit in I 305 Research Methods for Informatics or equivalent course substitute.