Spring 2024

I 372 Career Success in the Digital Organization

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02:00 PM - 03:30 PM  UTA 1.208


This course is designed to help set students majoring in Informatics up for career success post-graduation. What does career success look like? Well, philosophically many things depending on context. This course, however, focuses on the transition between the last year of college and the first year of a career. The semester is broken into three units as a foundation to begin answering these questions: 1. The Landscape: What opportunities exist for graduates with my skillsets and interests? What do different job titles actually mean? How do I know which path is right for me? How do I find jobs and opportunities I’m interested in and qualified for? 2. The Application & Interview Process: After Unit 1, I know the kinds of positions and career paths I’m interested in post-graduation, but how I do actually get the job/position or accepted to my program of interest? In a sea of hundreds (sometimes thousands) of applicants, how do I show I’m a good fit in an application and an interview? Once I have options, how do I choose what’s right for me? 3. The First Year: How do I make sure my first year is successful? How do I navigate a new professional space? How do I set myself up to build relationships and perform well? How do I apply what I’ve learned in the Informatics Major and at UT to grow as an ethical, equitable leader and information professional? This course is held in-person and rather than exams, assignments are built as concrete materials students can use in their career searches and professional endeavors. Students will leave this course empowered to successfully navigate the Informatics-related job market and professional opportunities


Upper-division standing.


Registration prioritized for undergraduate Informatics majors through registration period 1, with access being extended to Informatics minors beginning in period 2. Outside students will be permitted to join our waitlists beginning with period 3.