Spring 2024

I 320U Topics in User Experience Design: 3-D Prototyping

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05:00 PM - 06:30 PM  SZB 4.508

Optional final exam for this class will take place in the regularly-scheduled classroom on Friday, May 3 7-9pm.

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Introduction to the methodologies and techniques required for designing an ideal user experience with physical objects. Students will use qualitative, quantitative, and anthropometric data to design and iterate projects.


This hands-on course is designed to share insight and develop an understanding in the application of UX for physical objects. Students will be introduced to the methodologies and techniques required to properly evaluate physical designs. Students will learn to apply anthropometric data to projects to ensure designs are accessible across user demographics. From predefined constraints, students will create their own low-fidelity physical designs, then develop study protocols to evaluate and iterate upon their projects. Finally, students will present their projects to justify their design decisions and share their design journey from start to finish. This course prepares students for conducting user research on physical experiences through qualitative/quantitative research and iterative design. By the conclusion of this course students will be able to rapid prototype physical objects, iterate on an existing design, apply anthropometric data as design requirements, conduct user interviews about physical experiences, develop study protocol and questionnaire for research, present findings and justify design decisions.


Informatics 310U.


Registration prioritized for undergraduate Informatics majors through registration period 1, with access being extended to Informatics minors beginning in period 2. Outside students will be permitted to join our waitlists beginning with period 3.