Spring 2023

I 320J Topics in Social Justice Informatics : Misinformation, Justice, and Design

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09:30 AM - 11:00 AM  MEZ 1.212
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Examine misinformation and disinformation from different perspectives like information science, ethics psychology, politics — with a special emphasis on design. Readings and activities provide the basis for exploring problems with, causes of and solutions to online misinformation.


In this course, we will work to understand and address the challenges of misinformation, disinformation, and strategic manipulation in online environments. First, we will work to develop a deep understanding of the problem space. We will read and discuss existing research (both historical and contemporary) on how and why misinformation and disinformation spread. Next, we will explore the process, both personal and interpersonal, by which these issues can be approached and addressed in our own lives. This will involve reflecting on our own presuppositions, beliefs, and biases about information; and doing a project in which we apply the principles of Human-Centered Design to investigate different design directions for addressing misleading information. Students will gain important contextual knowledge and hands-on design experience that they can take into future professional domains (from education to policy to technology), where they can contribute to building more trustworthy information systems.


Informatics 310J.


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