Fall 2022

INF 387C Managing Information Organizations

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06:30 PM - 09:30 PM  WEB

Synchronous class meetings conducted online.



Management theory, concepts, processes, and practices as applied to information agencies and systems.


This course will develop your skills to effectively manage people and projects. Information professionals work in a multitude of settings and our course will consider work in organizations from traditional information institutions to tech companies and beyond. Topics will be addressed from a case study perspective addressing the topics of planning, organizing, leading, controlling, staffing, communicating, and collaborating. I will assess your performance and progress with individual and group assignments. Self-reflection and participation are essential to your success in this class.


Graduate standing.


Restricted to graduate degree seekers in the School of Information during registration periods 1 and 2.
Remaining seats will be made available to outside students on August 19th. Interested non-iSchool students may request a seat reservation by completing this Registration Support Questionnaire.