Spring 2022

INF 385G Advanced Usability

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06:30 PM - 09:30 PM  UTA 1.212
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Designed to build upon the skills covered in Information Studies 385P. Individual project evaluating a Web site or other software user interface. Students devise a plan for testing, secure IRB approval to test human subjects, conduct study, analyze date, write a report, and present the results and conclusions.


Advanced Usability is geared towards those interested in a career as a User
Researcher. This course will cover generative and evaluative research methods
as well as industry-focused topics. These topics will include when and how to
mix research methods, how to apply Design Thinking and Participatory Design
methods in business environments, and strategies to navigate organizations
undergoing digital transformations.

Students will be responsible for self-directed learning and demonstrating
their understanding through a series of projects, including one for an
industry stakeholder. Students will be expected to build a project plan that
includes the research methods they deem best for achieving the project's

Learning Objectives
1. A working knowledge of generative and evaluative research methods
2. Development of the skills to conduct UX Workshops
3. Application of learned skills on a real-world industry project
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Graduate standing and Information Studies 385P.


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