Spring 2021

INF 385T Special Topics in Information Science : Digital Forensics and Incident Response

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04:30 PM - 06:00 PM  

Synchronous class meetings conducted online.

Cross-listing of LAW 379M offered by the School of Law.

Students with preexisting credit for INF 385T - Technology of Network Security and Incident Response may not register for this class.



Introduction to digital forensic technology, computer network security, and organizational planning and response to cyberattacks.



This course will introduce the technical aspects of computer network security and how organizations plan for and respond to cyberattacks. We will also discuss the basics of digital forensic technology. Though this course is intended to be a continuation of Technology of Cybersecurity, motivated students with even a rudimentary understanding of programming are welcome. The course is designed for graduate students in law, public affairs, and other non-technical disciplines. We will explore topics like denial of service attacks, intrusion detection, digital forensics, reverse engineering, mobile security, side-channel attacks, machine learning, VPNs, TOR, and The Dark Web.

Note that this course does not address legal or policy questions, as those are the subject of the separate Cybersecurity Foundations course taught by Professor Chesney. Both courses are part of the larger Strauss Center program promoting cross-disciplinary training related to cybersecurity across the graduate school community at UT.

[Offered in previous semesters under the title "Technology of Network Security and Incident Response".]


Graduate standing.


iSchool students prioritized during earlier registration periods. Additional seats may become available for outside students in a later period.