Spring 2021

INF 397 Research in Information Studies : Applied Statistics

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Asynchronous coursework conducted online.

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Develop foundational skills and confidence in quantitative methods for industry or academic jobs. Learn to use quantitative information to identify, evaluate, and solve problems in logical, empirically-based, accessible ways. Topics include: probability, statistical inference (Bayesian, frequentist), basic statistics, terminology, quantitative methods, and applied research practices. Students will use software for description, estimation, comparison, and explanation. Develop skills for identifying utility, limitations, and ethics of specific methods for industry research, advanced coursework, or independent learning. No prior statistical experience required. Opportunities to customize project to experience and career goals (e.g., UX/UI/user research, data science HCI, evaluation research in archives, academic publications)


Whether you are comfortable or familiar with statistics or not, this course is set up to help you succeed. Specifically, the course is designed to give you the foundational skills in quantitative reasoning needed for industry or academic settings. Not sure if it is for you? Send me an email and we'll figure out whether it fits and how to address any concerns you may have. The course is designed to adjust to students' diverse interests and backgrounds as they relate to statistics and statistical reading. Although this course is a new at the School of Information, I have taught similar courses and workshops elsewhere. Asynchronous online with regular milestones creates a flexible system designed for success. Plus, students can schedule 1:1 or small group synchronous meetings as needed. If you have any questions or concerns or just want to know more, please email me. I'm happy to answer them! Students often have lots of different questions and concerns about statistics classes. I'm here to help.


Graduate standing. Additional prerequisites may vary with the topic.


iSchool students prioritized during earlier registration periods. Additional seats may become available for outside students in a later period.