Spring 2021

INF 387C Managing Information Organizations

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Asynchronous coursework conducted online.

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This course will develop your skills to effectively manage people and projects. Information professionals work in a multitude of settings and our course will consider work in organizations from traditional information institutions to tech companies and beyond. Performance and progress will include individual and group assignments. Preparation, self-reflection, and participation are essential to your success in this class. Course topics include: working effectively in groups and teams; working effectively in an organization; and preparing for a managerial role. We will draw on academic literature and popular business press in this class. Learning Outcomes: Throughout this course, you will: - Practice communication and organization skills to work effectively in groups - Learn and apply techniques to manage conflict in groups ? - Think critically about identity and diversity in the workplace and reflect on how they shape our experiences at work ? - Understand organizational structures and how they influence work - Become conversant in fundamentals of project management ? - Articulate your strengths and areas for development as a manager ? - Gain insights from managers about the challenges they face and how they continue developing management skills ? - Prepare to take on managerial tasks, such as hiring, motivating employees, and providing feedback on performance


I'm in the process of updating the course; however, the description above provides a general overview of the course. Asynchronous online with regular milestones. Students can schedule synchronous 1:1 or small group meetings as needed. If you have questions, feel free to email me. I'm happy to answer them.


Graduate standing.


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