The challenges are great

We live in an increasingly interconnected world of instant access to people, ideas, and data. The technologies of information are changing our behavior, our organizations, and our society. To understand the dynamics of our world, and to help shape a future that reflects social values, we need a form of knowledge that crosses disciplinary divides, bridges the arts and the sciences, and applies human insights to technological advances. This is the iSchool.

The solutions are interdisciplinary

The study of information extends beyond any existing field. Our world-class faculty has expertise in a range of disciplines, from computer science, psychology, and engineering to anthropology, history, communications, and more. We come together to study and educate people about the interactions of people and information; the processes of managing and organizing information for meaning and use; and the impact of new technologies and behaviors on individuals, organizations and society. We seek students who can see beyond current approaches to problems, who recognize that information transcends boundaries, and who are comfortable crossing disciplines in search of answers.

The opportunities are immense

Our students learn to design new tools, analyze human activities, organize data, and ensure technology serves its intended users. We offer a top-ranked two-year masters program, certificates of advanced study, and numerous joint degrees, in the heart of one of the best cities in the nation--known for its eclectic mix of culture and technology. We connect you with employers, and with our worldwide alumni network of leaders. With a 70% employment rate within 3 months of graduation, information careers are wide-ranging, high-demand, and well paid.

  • 1. An assessment report of MSIS program learning outcomes for the 2014-2015 academic year is available upon request by emailing
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