Access and Acceptable Use

  • IT Lab Access is generally restricted to to members of the iSchool community, including any student enrolled in an iSchool course, absent other arrangment.
  • Persons using the iSchool IT Lab must abide by the University of Texas Acceptable Use Policy.
  • The lab may refuse service to persons who violate the Acceptable Use Policy or who are otherwise disruptive on the premises.

Lab Staff Assistance

The School of Information IT Lab is usually staffed by Teaching Assistants enrolled in the iSchool. Lab staff may

  • Assist with technological problems related to use of lab resources;
  • Offer limited assistance in the use of technology as it pertains to iSchool course assignments;
  • Offer instruction related to the use of technology.

Food and Drink

  • Food and drink are only allowed in certain designated areas in the IT Lab. 
  • Drinks are only allowed in spill-proof or capped containers.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED in the Computer Classroom (UTA 1.210) or the Media Workroom (1.210B) with the exception of bottled water, due to the everyday use of rare materials.
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