The School of Information provides accounts to a variety of people affiliated with the iSchool. These accounts provide users with an iSchool email account, access to web publishing space, a shell account on a Linux server, as well as access to a number of web-based tools that support the School's mission.

Eligibility: Your eligibility for an account is determined by your affiliation with the School of Information. The following people are eligible:

  • Faculty or other individual teaching an iSchool class
  • Staff member employed by the iSchool
  • Student enrolled with the iSchool
  • Student from another program currently taking certain iSchool classes

The iSchool may, at its discretion, provide accounts to other individuals affiliated in some other way with our program. Such requests are handled on a case by case basis. If you are eligible for an account but haven't signed up you can do so via the iSchool Accounts Manager.

Acceptable Use: Acceptable use of your iSchool account follows the University of Texas at Austin's overarching Acceptable Use Policy. One point in particular from that policy worth reiterating is that the servers and services you have access to via your iSchool account are shared resources. As such, each account holder shares responsibility for keeping the system secure and usable.

Termination of Accounts: Accounts may be closed and removed when your affiliation with the iSchool changes (e.g. graduation, retirement, withdrawal, etc.). The table below outlines the schedule of account termination depending on your past and current affiliations.

Previous affiliationCurrent affiliationTermination of account occurs:
iSchool Student Graduated One year after date of graduation
Withdrawn Amount of time previously enrolled after the withdrawal date or one year after withdrawal date, whichever is less
Permanent Faculty Retired Varies depending on circumstances
Left Employment One year after date of separation
Staff Retired One year after retirement date
Left Employment One semester after date of separation
Other Teaching Position (adjunct, AI, etc.) No longer teaching Varies depending on circumstances

The iSchool may, at its discretion, terminate accounts or account access sooner or later than the guidelines in the above table. In most cases, we attempt to contact the account holder before termination to provide an opportunity for them to retrieve important data or notify those they may communicate with.



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