"I study the emergence and standardization of new information objects in wireless communication networks. Currently, I am researching information infrastructures and digital preservation contexts that support long term cultural memory and literacy. My current research program addresses emerging digital traces and mobile computing cultures that are shaped by new data collection practices amongst different kinds of users, designers, technologists, and institutions. My research has been funded by grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), and has been published in journals such as the Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), Archival Science, and the Annals of the History of Computing."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Exploring Data Worlds at the Public Libraryimls logo$109,399
Social Facets of Data Sciencensf logo$24,941
"I study how people use information technology in their everyday work and what happens when they do. Drawing upon my expertise in engineering and organization studies, I pay attention to people's interactions with technology as well as the social and organizational context of technology use. I like to think about how occupations are changing in the context of technology use, including who does the work, where they do it, and how they do it. I publish my research, almost all of which is qualitative, in organization studies, information studies, communication, and engineering journals."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Achieving Development Goals with Information Technologynsf logo$1.4 Million
"In January, 2003, I "came in from the cold," returning to academia after half a lifetime in industry as a usability practitioner and manager. I attend my post enthusiastically, eager to explore the theoretical underpinnings of usability, help develop a new generation of HCI researchers and usability experts, and further promote the design and development of technology that takes into account the capabilities of human users."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Human Factors and Ergonomics in Offshore Drilling and ProductionOcean Energy Safety Institute$27,600
Semi-Automating Data Extraction for Systematic ReviewsNIH$26,000
UT-Austin release of ASMP 2.0, usability supportUT-Austin ITS$80,000
Towards a measure of “skimmability”Microsoft$50,000
"My research interests include digital humanities as it impacts academic research libraries and digital collections, research tools and (re)sources in the context of future applications, humanities informatics, and humanities data curation. My research is informed by theories of knowledge representation, information theory, mark-up theory, social text theory, and theories of information visualization. Other areas of inquiry include modernist literature, scholarly editing, and digital literacies. My work involves imagining what we don't know by evaluating and rethinking how institutions curate humanities data and how humanists do scholarship in the contexts that result from changing resources and technologies."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
High Performance Sound Technologies for Access and Scholarship (HiPSTAS) Research and Development with Repositories$250,000
Institute for High Performance Sound Technologies for analysis and Scholarship (HIPSTAS)$235,000
Information Work Research GroupIMLS$500,000
"My research focuses on redesigning urban mental health services and capturing the historical data on mental health services for African Americans in 18th, 19th, and 20th century Virginia."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
The Central State Hospital Digital Archives Projectnsf$763,000

Ken Fleischmann

Ken Fleischmann
"My research focuses on understanding the role of human values in the design and use of information technologies, developing new technologies for ethics education and evaluating the effectiveness of ethics education for preparing information professionals for the ethical challenges that they will face in the workforce, and developing new approaches for computational social science through collaboration with computational linguists. My research has been funded by nine grants and fellowships from the National Science Foundation (NSF) as well as funding from the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), and has been published in journals such as Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), Communications of the ACM, Computer, and The Information Society."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
EESE: Collaborative Research: Understanding and Preparing Future Computer Professionals for the Ethical Complexitiesnsf$85,000
DETAILS: Discovering and Explaining Technical Emergence Through Analysis of the Language and Structure of Scientific Publications (FUSE Program)$108,000
DETAILS: Discovering and Explaining Technical Emergence Through Analysis of the Language and Structure of Scientific Publications (FUSE Program)$90,000
"It has been said that I never saw a research project I didn’t like. My current research is focused on: The history of archival studies at the University of Texas; The creation of a community of practice in US Forest Service archaeology; Longitudinal changes in personal digital recordkeeping practice; Original order in digital archivy; Archiving environments to support memory for institutionalized elderly people"
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Building the Future of Archival Education and Research, Phase IIIMLS$142,000
The Central State Hospital Digital Archives Projectmellon$763,000
"My goal is to contribute to our understanding of the fundamentals of human-information interaction. My research crosses disciplinary boundaries and can be described as cognitive psychology of information interaction. It is situated at the intersection of interactive-information retrieval (IIR) and human-computer interaction (HCI) - recently termed human-computer information retrieval (HCIR). My work is influenced by theories and methodS from cognitive science and cognitive neuroscience and by techniques and tools from brain-computer interfaces and neuro-physiological computing."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Child-friendly Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs): Towards Better Understanding of Google Search Results Readability by ChildrenGoogle Research Award$41,363
Relevance Mining and Detection System (REMINDS)Science and Technology Foundation of Portugal$100,000
Personalized Complex Data Exploration (PCDE) Lockheed Martin$50,000
Continuous Assessment of Cognitive Load in Information Seeking: CAREER Development AwardIMLS$205,000
Understanding Consumers’ Quality Evaluation of Online Health Information Using a Mixed-Method Approach.Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation and the Digital Media Program, UT Austin.$44,444
"My broad research interest is technology and human collaboration, especially the organization of work. Work is increasingly imbued with information; not only is it facilitated by information technologies but the objects being worked on are themselves made up of information. While this has changed the organization of markets and hierarchical organizations like companies and libraries, it is in combination with network organizing that phenomena of especially surprising scope and impact have emerged, such as open source software, wikipedia, corporate crowd-sourcing, and new types of scientific collaboration."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
CAREER: Sustaining Scientific Infrastructure: Researching Transition from Grants to Peer Productionnsf$535,349
Improving the visibility of scholarly software worknsf $635,000
Virtual Organization Resources and Toolkits Exchange (VORTEX)nsf$95,000
Reporting for scientific software sustainabilitynsf$54,000
Research Collaboration Network for Managing Research Centersnsf$498,000
EAGER-Distilling a Process for a National CI Roadmap from NSF Collaboratoriesnsf$49,000
The Scientific Software Mapnsf$542,000
Socio-technical ecosystems for scientific software developmentnsf$400,000
"I work at the intersection of digital collections, human-computer interaction, and visualization. I study practices in data management, design software to support unmet information needs, and close the loop by evaluating the impact of the developed software."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
The Central State Hospital Digital Archives Projectnsf$763,000
"My research interests focus on human computation and crowdsourcing, natural language processing, information retrieval and web search."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Relevance Mining and Detection System (REMINDS)FCT logo$100,000
Efficient and Scalable Evaluation for Searching Massive Arabic Social Media and Web Collectionsqnr logo image$305,000
CAREER: Achieving Quality Crowdsourcing Across Tasks, Data Scales, and Operational SettingsNSF logo image$550,000
Enabling a New Scale of Conversational Speech Archives via CrowdsourcingMOL logo image$287,654
Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Multilingual TextsNYCT logo image$73,000
Blending Crowdsourcing with Automation for Fast, Cheap, and Accurate Analysis of Spontaneous Speech darpa logo image$300,000
Crowdsourcing as a Methodology to Investigate User Engagementyahoo logo image$20,000
"My research focuses on discovering the stress patterns that occur in paper as it responds to fluctuations in relative humidity. To see these patterns I am using Eularian Video Magnification, a technique and tool developed by The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and Quanta Research Cambridge, Inc., that allows researchers to view movements that are not visible with the unaided human eye. Preliminary work revealed unexpected movements and previously unseen stresses within the paper structure. A video is posted at http://youtu.be/VJJ_x7kfk2Q"
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Using Eularian video magnification to study the effect of fluctuations in relative humidity on cultural heritage materials$30,500
"My writing, research, and service are centered on indigenous cultural heritage development. In addition, I advocate for the inclusion and study of formal and informal service learning opportunities for graduate students."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Indigenous ways: assessing the awareness of and potential need for identifying content on indigenous world view in educating Libraries/Archives/Museum (LAM) entry level professionalsIMLS$44,790
"As part of the study of material culture, my research examines the relationship and intersection of people and objects in everyday society. Taking a democratic or egalitarian research stance my primary interest is in studying objects that form a pervasive and often overlooked part of our day-to-day lives. In looking at the relationship and interaction between objects and people I focus on the meaning that objects have for individuals, as well as the role that objects play in negotiating and representing broader social relationships. I am also interested in the skills, expertise, and knowledge of objects that people must learn and demonstrate in order to be recognized as members of particular communities."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Indigenous ways: assessing the awareness of and potential need for identifying content on indigenous world view in educating Libraries/Archives/Museum (LAM) entry level professionalsIMLS$44,790
"My research focuses on health informatics interventions that can promote older adults’ use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for health information and decision-making (i.e., e-health literacy) that may have important implications for patient-provider relationships and health outcomes."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Boosting Older Adults' Cognition by Training Real-World eHealth SkillsNIH logo image$426,127
Ebola-related information obtained by healthcare providers: effects of formal and informal communication channels and organizational structureNSF logo image$200,000
Center for Transdisciplinary Collaborative Research in Self-management ScienceNIH logo image$24,941
Manual and automatic analysis of patients' values and preferences using Seton's Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) surveysCHASPN/A
Values and Preferences in Dementia Family Caregivers’ End-of-Life Decision-MakingPRC image$26,243
"My research interests are mainly within two areas: (1) users' perceptions of information systems, particularly web-based information retrieval (IR) systems, and (2) consumer health information needs and information seeking, as well as the design of consumer health information systems."
Project TitleSource of FundsAmount
Exploring Data Worlds at the Public LibraryMOL logo$109,399
Social Facets of Data ScienceNSF logo image$24,941
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