Improving the User Experience of the iSchool Career Development Office

Anshulika Singh · LinkedIn · E-Portfolio

Professional Experience Project · Spring 2017
Supervisor: Elizabeth K Hallmark at The University of Texas at Austin's School of Information's Career Development Office

People's Choice Award


The purpose of this research project is to identify ways to improve the user experience of the iSchool Career Development Office. The iSchool's MSIS program, being a multidisciplinary program, poses a challenge for the iSchool Career Development office in terms of serving the varied career needs of its students. This study was conducted to understand the effectiveness of existing services offered by the iSchool Career Development Office and recommend improvement. This research will provide valuable information regarding the Career Development Office's resources, systems and tools to support students' varied and unique career needs. The results of this study will improve and enhance the existing services in order to better service iSchool students.

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