Each doctoral student must produce a formal document identified as the Plan of Study prior to their first annual review. The Plan of Study is to be updated each year, prior to the student’s annual review.

The Plan of Study consists of seven parts (including two appendices):

  1. The student’s CV (1 or more pages)
  2. Professional goals (1 page)
  3. Research interests narrative and dissertation intentions (1-2 pages)
  4. Coursework listing (1-2 pages)

Students should list, in a tabular form, all the courses they have taken and those they intend to take to satisfy their requirements for coursework.

Each course listing should identify: The name of the course, the instructor for the course, the semester in which the course was/will be taken and the number of credit hours and the page number of the appendix where the course details can be found.

Three columns should be used to show whether the course is to be counted towards each section of the coursework requirements. Students should ensure that the plan meets the coursework requirements outlined above.

A sample tabular listing is below:

Course Description

Credit hours


Doctoral Core?



Appendix Page

Fall 2013


INF 391D.10, Survey of Information Studies

Instructor: James Howison, Information





p. 12

INF 391D.11 The Research Enterprise

Instructor: Lecia Barker, Information





p. 20

INF 391D.06 Directed Readings (Content Analysis)

Instructor: Ken Fleischmann, Information





p. 28

Spring 2014


The section should conclude with a summary of credit hours already taken and those to be taken, including progress towards all three requirements (Core, Methods, and Electives).

  1. Coursework narrative (as long as needed, approx. 4-6 pages by qualifying)

The student should describe how their coursework prepares them for their dissertation work. They should describe why they took particular courses (or groups of courses) and why they intend to take future courses. The student should arrange this section as appropriate, given their particular plan of study and preparation needs.

  1. Course detail appendix: An appendix with syllabus and copies of major outputs for all courses, including doctoral core courses. These should be arranged in the order they are mentioned in the Plan of Study. Major outputs should include class papers or descriptions/links to projects. If the major outcome was a publication the student should point to the copy in the publication appendix.
  2. Publication appendix:
    1. An annotated bibliography of all of the publications that the student has authored or co-authored. Each annotation should say how the piece came to be and describe the venue the piece was published in.
    2. A copy of each publication.
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