Candidacy is a designation controlled by the UT Graduate School. The student must formally apply to the Graduate School for admission to Candidacy, as such the student is responsible for ascertaining the procedures required by the Graduate School at the time of their application and ensuring that they are followed. One element of the procedure is recommendation for Candidacy by the iSchool GSC.

The iSchool GSC, represented by the iSchool members of their Committee, will recommend a student for candidacy once the student has completed the qualifying procedure and identified their full dissertation committee.

Once approved for candidacy by the Graduate School, the student’s enrollment requirements are governed by Graduate School policies. In October 2013, the Graduate School required that Candidates enroll in Dissertation Readings (INF X99R, the X signifying that the course may be taken for any number of hours) in their first semester of Candidacy, and Dissertation Writing (INF X99W) in all subsequent semesters.

The INF X99W course is repeatable for up to a total of three years beyond admission to candidacy. Extensions of pursuit of the degree beyond these three years are uncommon and require the student to petition the GSC with an explicit plan for completion, the Dean must approve the request and the GSC must formally recommend extension to the Graduate School Dean.

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