Upon accepting a student to the doctoral program, the iSchool will assign each incoming doctoral student a three-member initial committee consisting solely of members of the School of Information GSC. The committee is chaired by the student's initial committee chair. At any time the student, with the committee members' help and input, may change the make-up of their committee, choosing from among the School of Information faculty. Students may change any of the committee members, including the committee chair. If a student's research focus changes significantly during coursework it is reasonable to expect that the committee members might also change.

In advance of the qualifying procedure, the student will add a fourth committee member from outside of the School of Information (the “outside committee member”). Examples of appropriate fourth committee members include a faculty member in another unit at The University of Texas at Austin who is not a member of the School of Information’s GSC, a faculty member at another university, or a researcher working in industry or government).

In applying for candidacy, the student will complete paperwork required by the Graduate School, including naming their final dissertation committee. This committee includes at least three School of Information GSC members and at least one outside committee member, with the option of adding additional committee members (from inside or outside the School of Information) as appropriate. Dissertation committees must be approved by the Graduate School, and dissertation committee members can be changed only by application to the Graduate School, so students should carefully consider their choice of members, in consultation with their committee chair. More information on committee composition is available in the Graduate School Catalog.

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