INF 303D - Academic Success in the Digital University

So you're a new college student wondering what to expect from your classes at the University of Texas at Austin. INF303D is a course intended to serve as a head start for incoming freshman as well as already enrolled students, to prepare them with the information they need to do well in their classes and beyond.

This course will provide students with opportunities to navigate and use digital information resources, tools, and skills that they should know and use in order to excel in their studies at a modern digital university (including Canvas Learning Management System, library and research resources, and citation software) and to succeed in their personal and professional pursuits as university graduates. The course will also introduce students to fundamental information about the internet and other digital environments, practical online collaboration tools and strategies, presentation techniques, and the basics of web design. The course will culminate in a final web design project where student will create an online portfolio website.

There will be no midterm or final exam administered. The entire course grade will be based upon weekly quizzes, group discussions and assignments, and three individual assignments (written, video, and portfolio website). There is no textbook for this course - all readings are contained within the course’s Canvas site.

Official UT Austin Course Description:

Exposure to a wide variety of information and academic resources, tools, and skills. Focus is on the digital landscape of higher education. Subjects include features of the primary learning management system used; communication and organizational tools; library resources; basic online research resources; and ethical and safety concerns.



Those seeking college credit must demonstrate college readiness in reading and provide identity verification.

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