Megan Pearson

Megan Pearson

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Megan primarily works in industry at General Motors. She
specializes in UX research for one of the company's largest internal tools and regularly works with UX designers, project managers, product managers, software developers, and devops, to name a few. She focuses on both qualitative and quantitative research. In a typical week, she could be working on understanding users by analyzing data with RStudio, creating surveys, meeting with users, and conducting a variety of usability testing.

Areas Of Specialization

User Research
User Services and Studies


YearSemesterCourse NumberCourseSyllabus
2020FallI 320.01Information in Cyberspace (HCI/UX Emphasis)
2020SpringINF 335CInformation In Cyberspace (HCI/UX Emphasis)
2019FallINF 335CInformation In Cyberspace (HCI/UX Emphasis)