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Information Commons


Information Commons
Our mission is to build community and provide support services that help make the iSchool an exciting place to learn, research, and work.
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What is the Information Commons?

Our mission is to build community and provide support services that help make the iSchool an exciting place to learn, research, and work. We are a highly visible, dedicated team of students who serve as iSchool representatives on a variety of fronts: in physical spaces across campus, through student-focused services, and online. Here’s how:

  • We develop new and original community building activities, events, and services for iSchool students centered around orientation and inclusion within the fields of informatics and information studies. 
  • We serve as iSchool ambassadors who are closely integrated with the administration, faculty, staff, and students and serve as points of contact in iSchool facilities and online.
  • We support educational information technologies, operational information technologies, and web and communication services within the school.   


Who We Are

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Education Hub

Ed Hub team provides support services that enhance the academic experience for students at the iSchool. Responsibilities include:

  • Building and managing equipment checkouts, software access, and other resources for students.
  • Assisting in the scheduling and maintenance of select faculty research labs.
  • Ensuring classroom preparation and function.
  • Developing community tutorials and guides as needed.
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Web and Communication Hub

Web/Comms Hub team operates under the supervision of the iSchool’s Director of Communications. The team works to enhance the visibility of our iSchool community by supporting creative storytelling and leading design initiatives that help communicate why the iSchool is such an exciting place to study and research. Responsibilities include:

  • Assisting in the maintenance, update, and design of the iSchool web properties, social media, and email campaigns.
  • Designing the physical and virtual spaces of the iSchool Commons as well as conducting user evaluations, surveys, and assessments of Commons designs.
  • Designing and developing multimedia for use in marketing collateral and other communications, including providing photography and videography support.
  • Graphic design requests can be submitted to the team here: https://forms.office.com/r/wVDSEyr0D3
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Operational Hub

The Op Hub team members will provide technical support to enhance the academic and research activities at the iSchool. Working under the supervision of the iSchool IT leadership, the team will:

  • Assist in the provisioning, maintenance, and life-cycle management of departmental computers and servers.
  • Work with iSchool administrators, faculty, staff, and students on IT-related help and incident requests.
  • Assist in the management and maintenance of departmental network operations.
  • Research solutions to technical problems and performing analysis on departmental systems.
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Community Hub

The Community Hub team members will serve as iSchool ambassadors and engage with various groups by providing the front-facing support services of the Commons. Responsibilities include:

  • Planning and hosting student events and services focusing on information/informatics specializations, job ready skills, student comradery, and student community mentorship.
  • Staffing the Commons service desks and providing online chat support and other reception services to iSchool stakeholders and constituent groups.
  • Assisting in the planning and execution of services and events on behalf of the iSchool.
  • Scheduling iSchool meetings and classrooms spaces and activities.
  • Providing reference and equipment checkout services to patrons of the Commons spaces.
  • Managing the intake, documentation, and assignment of constituent request or assistance services.