Admissions and Awards

Charged with processing the applicant pool for admissions of incoming cohorts and to allocate relevant student awards and support. Works with the doctoral committee as needed.

  • Carla (chair)
  • Ciaran
  • Unmil
  • Randolph (as Graduate Advisor)
  • James (for Ph.D.)


As well as handling routine curricular developments and initiatives, this committee continues to oversee the development of the core curriculum. Examination of teaching loads, uses of adjuncts and policies on teaching evaluation fall under this committee also. This year, particular emphasis will be placed on moving the ongoing discussion of MSIS core to resolution by the GSC.

  • Tanya (chair)
  • Lynn
  • Jacek
  • Ken (undergrad program)
  • one Ph.D. student and one MS student

Development and Outreach

This committee is dedicated to advancing alumni relations as well as coordinating fundraising and associated events. Additionally, the committee oversees marketing and outreach of the iSchool to employers and donors.

  • Cassie (chair)
  • Loriene
  • Karen P.
  • Jessica
  • Student representatives


Doctoral Studies

This committee handles recruitment and initial evaluation of doctoral applicants up to recommendation for admission, organizes the annual doctoral student review cycle, and works with the Director of the Doctoral Program on all matters related to developing and advancing our doctoral student experience.

  • James (chair)
  • Ken
  • Diane
  • two or more Ph.D. students


The Web Committee oversees the development and implementation of the iSchool's web presence and technical resources.

  • Sam (Chair)
  • Pat
  • Karen W.
  • Andrew

Research Environment

To enhance the research culture of the iSchool, the committee plans and coordinates the Research Colloquia and speaker series.

  • Matt (chair)
  • Amelia
  • Yan
  • Bo
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