CLASS OF 2011 - 2015

Susie Herbstritt

Position: UX Designer
Employer: Q2ebanking

MSIS Student
Class of 2012

Susie Herbstritt is the Senior Interaction Designer with the Experience Design Group at Dell. She works on the user experience team for both consumer and enterprise hardware products, which cover a wide variety of projects areas such as security, hardware enablement, and wireless solutions. She even works with teams spread across the US, Taiwan, and Singapore, “so there’s never a dull moment!”

Anthony Domina

Position: Business Systems Analyst
Employer: The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

MSIS Student
Class of 2011

I focus on content management – specifically, my team provides platforms for collaboration to product lines. Then I work with the product line to migrate content, make the information more findable, and prevent duplication of content and effort. I educate the product line in best practices for creating and maintaining their information and in how to configure their platform in such a way that it’s engaging for the users. If it’s engaging, that encourages the community of users to fully adopt the platform as their one-stop-shop.

CLASS OF 2006-2010


Doug Stuart

Position: Senior Experience Design Consultant
Employer: ThoughtWorks

MSIS Student
Class of 2010

Doug Stuart graduated from the iSchool in May 2010. But around the time he started in 2007, to help pay the bills he got a job with Shipley & Associates, a consulting firm that works mostly for plaintiff law firms in large cases. Doug started part-time, doing research that mainly involved looking over media sources for information on complex topics, but soon turned the work into a full-time job as a researcher.

Elly Stevens

Position: Knowledge Strategist and Employee Community Manager
Employer: Cirrus Logic

MSIS Student
Class of 2010

Elly Stevens got her BA in Theatre from Southwestern University in Geogetown, Texas, and after graduating she worked for an intellectual property law firm as a file clerk and then as a legal assistant. "Working with vast portfolios and around the physical/digital divide really opened my eyes to how important the organization of information really is," Elly says. "I decided to get my MSIS so that I could help users tame their daily information overload."

Jane Stimpson

Position: Faculty Reference Librarian
Employer: Lone Star College

MSIS Student
Class of 2009

Before being hired as a Reference Librarian at San Jacinto College, Jane had never considered a career in community college libraries. “What a mistake!” she says now that she works at a vibrant institution serving over 28,000 students. Every day is different for Jane, but she primarily works in reference, information literacy instruction, and outreach. She loves serving a wide variety of patrons, especially those who “battle with library anxiety.” In all Jane does, she is driven to help students “unlock the library’s secrets” that will help them grow and succeed.

Hannah Norton

Position: Reference & Liason Librarian
Employer: Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida

MSIS Student
Class of 2009

Hannah Norton is the Reference and Liaison Librarian at the University of Florida Health Science Center Libraries, her first professional position, besides a brief stint at UT’s Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences. Their library serves the six health science colleges at UF and she is involved in reference services, instruction, course integration, and collection development. In particular, she is the liaison for the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Medicine and is a consultant to their Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

Joel Lang

Position: Director of Media
Employer: BestFit Media

MSIS Student
Class of 2009

Joel Lang is currently the lead sales analyst at Smiley Media, an Internet advertising network. He manages a team of seven analysts and works to match advertising to websites by discovering which of four different advertising settings is best for the client. Joel chose the iSchool because he wanted an information degree and also sought to be in a place with a strong start-up community like Austin. The most useful experiences he had in the iSchool were his classes, conversations with professors, internships, and his capstone project.

Emily Vinson

Position: Audiovisual Archivist
Employer: University of Houston

MSIS Student
Class of 2009

Emily Vinson is an Assistant Archivist working at WNYC (New York City's Public Radio Station) on a National Endowment for the Humanities-funded project to digitize, catalog, and make available to the public 660 hours of recordings from the NYC Municipal Archives WNYC collection. The selected recordings have been chosen from among approximately 10,000 open reel tape and 13,000 lacquer transcription discs and include "dramas, parades, news conferences, musical performances, and interviews." When completed later this year, the reformatted items will be shared with the New York City Municipal Archives, the NYPL General Research Division, Rogers and Hammerstein Archives of Recorded Sound, University of Maryland National Public Broadcasting Archives, the CUNY La Guardia and Wagner Archives and the Library of Congress.

Alex Addison

Position: Software Engineer
Employer: Open Hand Atlanta / Good Measure Meals

MSIS Student
Class of 2008

Alex Addison has been working in the information field since the age of 14, when he got a part-time archives job in the Swarthmore College Peace Collection. Though he didn't expect his archives work to continue, after he began his undergraduate work in political science at Rutgers, he drew on his experiences to land a position at the archives there, which continued after his graduation. He pursued his MSIS with a view to developing his archives work further, but Alex's professional interests shifted as he began to focus more on his aptitude for new technologies.

Jade Diaz

Position: Project Management and User Experience Coordinator
Employer: University of Texas at Austin Libraries

MSIS Student
Class of 2008

In her work as an Information Architect in Technology Integration Services at UT Libraries, Jade Diaz's duties include interviewing project stakeholders to determine requirements, design of Web site navigation and interaction, quality assurance and usability testing. During her undergraduate career, Jade studied advertising and psychology; she had a career in retail buying as well as a stint in greeting card customer service before coming to the iSchool. "Although all my jobs have shaped me and I do maintain a peripheral interest in my former careers, I consider my new position a total career change," Jade says.

Kelly Jensen

Position: Librarian
Employer: Beloit Public Library

MSIS Student
Class of 2008

As a teen, Kelly was deeply impacted by the books she read. She found new curiosities, answered questions, and experienced a world outside of herself through books. As an undergrad at Cornell College in Iowa, she specialized in English, Psychology, and Writing, but always knew that she wanted to go into libraries. Directly after finishing her undergrad, she began her master’s at UT. Now, Kelly is a librarian at the Beloit Public Library in Wisconsin, where she is responsible for “all things teen,” including collection management, readers’ advisory, and programming.

Alex Hershey Meyers

Position: Reference Librarian & Community Garden Coordinator
Employer: Westbank Community Library

MSIS Student
Class of 2008

Alex Hershey Meyers graduated from the iSchool in December of 2008, and currently works as a part-time reference librarian at Westbank Community Library, just outside of Austin. She spends her hours on the front lines, "offering tons of readers advisory for all ages and interests, helping members with technology, assisting with school projects, consumer research, job searching, language-learning resources, or just about everything under the sun," she explains.

Julia Mitschke

Position: Library Director
Employer: City of Cedar Park

MSIS Student
Class of 2007

Julia received her bachelor’s degree from UT Austin in English and Women’s Studies, and had a career in Human Resources before returning to UT to obtain her MSIS. Her most memorable iSchool courses were Dr. Westbrook’s Reference & Collection Management and Dr. Roy’s Library Instruction & Public Libraries. She also gained rewarding experience as an intern at the Ask-A-Librarian service at UT, but credits her inspiration to work in public libraries to her part-time position at the Cedar Park Public Library.

Jin Wu

Position: Emerging Technologies Librarian
Employer: Norris Medical Library, University of Southern California

MSIS Student
Class of 2007

Jin Wu came to the iSchool as an international student from China eager to build a career in information technologies. After graduating from the iSchool in 2007, Jin Wu developed a diversified and enriched career path in the field. She currently works at the University of Southern California Norris Medical Library as an Emerging Technologies Librarian. Her main responsibilities include tracking trends, investigating new developments and applications, and incorporating appropriate technologies into the library environment to improve library services.

Kijana Knight

Position: Director of Insight & Strategy
Employer: Idean

MSIS Student
Class of 2007

Kijana Knight came to the iSchool from the world of computer science. She was working for Motorola as a software engineer, but was looking to branch out into something more people-focused, and was specifically interested in usability. In looking for a program at UT that would help her achieve that goal, she came across our in-house usability expert professor Dr. Randolph Bias' Web page, and discovered the iSchool program.

Lisa Schmidt

Position: Electronic Records Archivist
Employer: Michigan State University

MSIS Student
Class of 2007

Lisa Schmidt holds the position of Electronic Records Archivist at Michigan State University. In October 2007, Lisa began working for MATRIX: Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online, a digital humanities research center at Michigan State. Her work at MATRIX included an NHPRC-funded project to assess and improve the preservation practices for H-Net, which sponsors over 100 academic-oriented e-mail lists edited by scholars. In a joint appointment with the MSU Archives as digital preservation analyst, she participated in a project exploring digital curation practices at the university.

Melanie Cofield

Position: Metadata Coordinator
Employer: UT Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin

MSIS Student
Class of 2007

Melanie Cofield has been working at Tarlton Law Library since September 2007, which serves primarily the UT Law School, but also the wider UT community, the legal community in Austin, and the general public. The library provides resources and services to support the legal research activities of these various communities. Her role focuses mainly on managing and developing many of the Library's digital assets and services. On the public side, she works with the library Web site and web-based services, digital collections, databases, and social media presence. Internally, Melanie manages the staff Intranet and provides technology instruction, piloting new applications and advocating for best practices in digital asset management.

Will Meurer

Position: UX Strategist
Employer: Avention

MSIS Student
Class of 2006

Will graduated in 2003 from the University of Houston, where he majored in Information Systems. After graduating, he spent the next six months, as a full time IT Specialist for a local Houston software company. With an undergraduate degree in Information Systems, a passion for user experience and design, work experience in the software industry, additional freelance work in web development, and having used a few too many poorly designed ATMs, he just had to get involved in improving the user experience.

CLASS OF 2001-2005

Anuj Nanavati

Position: Business Development & Marketing
Employer: Anand Electroplaters

MSIS Student
Class of 2005

When Anuj Nanavati graduated with a bachelor's of Computer Science from Nirma Institute of Technology in India, he wasn't sure exactly what he wanted to do next. He came to the iSchool straight from undergrad, and it wasn't until taking a usability class from Dr. Randolph Bias that he found his calling. Anuj found the exposure to industry in Bias' classes extremely helpful - visits from people working in business and an industry-level project gave him an idea of how companies are integrating usability across their departments.

Char Booth

Position: Associate Dean
Employer: Library at California State University San Marcos

MSIS Student
Class of 2005

When we interviewed Char she was the E-Learning Librarian at the UC Berkeley Library, but just recently she decided to pursue new challenges as the Instruction Services Manager/E-Learning Librarian at Claremont Colleges. According to Char's blog, this "is a newly created role at an organization that she believes will provide much opportunity for creative growth and skill building." As an E-learning librarian, Char Booth works directly with faculty and students at U.C. Berkeley to provide individualized research support and develop the Library's IS collection. She researches the integration of education, research, technology, and design in library services.

Monique Delatte Starkey

Position: Acquisitions Librarian/Associate Professor
Employer: Fullerton College Library

MSIS Student
Class of 2004

Monique Delatte Starkey had a varied and impressive journey to her current position as the Acquisitions Librarian and Associate Professor at Fullerton College in California. With a bachelor’s from LSU in textile science, Monique originally intended to use her iSchool degree to become an apparel archivist. However, Monique quickly realized that she was less interested in preservation than she thought. She recalls many iSchool courses and projects that helped shape her career path, including a collection development project at PCL; business classes with Claudia Chidester; a college library class with Red Wassenich; and statistics.

Sue Trombley

Position: Managing Director of Consulting
Employer: Iron Mountain

MLIS Student
Class of 2003

Sue Trombley says earning an undergraduate degree in Botany, specifically, classical taxonomy “should have been an indication [she] was bound for a career in information management!” Sue, however, spent many years in the software world and was involved in all aspects of an evolving business: marketing, finance, human resources, product development. When the company she worked for was eventually sold, Sue states “there was no doubt that I wanted to pursue a degree at the iSchool.”


Sigrid Kelsey

Position: Director, Library Communications and Publications
Employer: Louisiana State University

MLIS Student
Class of 1994

After graduating from college with an English degree, Sigrid Kelsey came to UT with aspirations to be a librarian. When she completed her MLIS in 1994, her first job was as a Reference Librarian at Colorado State University and then later at Whitman College. She has been the Electronic Reference Services and Web Development Coordinator at Louisiana State University Libraries since 1998. She earned tenure in 2004, and was promoted to Full Librarian in 2008. Her job entails overseeing the web site and troubleshooting electronic resources. She is also the subject librarian for Religious Studies.

Carol Pitts Diedrichs

Position: Vice Provost and Director of University Libraries
Employer: The Ohio State University

MSIS Student
Class of 1981

As the Director of a major research library system, Carol believes one of the keys to her success was being lucky enough to know very early on that she wanted to be a librarian. She completed her undergraduate degree in Library Science from Baylor University and went directly to UT for her master’s in Library and Information Science. While pursuing her masters, Carol’s passion for librarianship continued to grow.
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