Before you start your coursework, it's helpful to know about a number of technology resources available to you. Throughout your time in the program, you'll be expected to learn about a variety of hardware andischool technology software, some of which are included here. If you're just starting out, the lab's tutorials are a great place to get started using programs you're unfamiliar with. Also included are some free online tools for document management and citations that, while not required, can make your work a lot easier. The lab also offers a number of short courses on a variety of different programs. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit the lab and chat with the staff (called the "Purple Shirts"). They will be happy to show you around the lab and talk to you about the different resources available, including equipment for checkout, sound rooms for recording, and a number of different programs on the lab computers. Hope to see you soon!

IT Lab

The iSchool IT Lab is the only lab on campus fully staffed with Teaching Assistants who prepare instructional materials, classes and are available to help iSchool students with technical assistance. Take advantage of this resource by making the lab your headquarters for learning new technology skills, getting some work done, and learning about what other iSchoolers are doing.

IT Lab Technology Boot Camp

The IT Lab offers a Technology Boot Camp each Fall.

IT Lab & Technology Services

  • Printing: The iSchool IT lab offers printing services for a nominal fee. You may print standard copy paper in black and white or color on all lab computers, or you may print oversized documents from the poster printer on a reserved computer.
  • Short Courses: Develop your technology skills by attending IT Lab Short Courses
  • Equipment Checkout: Laptops, cameras, sound recorders and more are available for checkout from the IT Lab.
  • iSchool Account: All iSchool students are eligible to receive a server account, which provides you with Web space and file storage.

UT EID & Building Access

The UT EID is your online account at The University of Texas at Austin and other University of Texas institutions. Everyone who deals with the university online should have one. If you need assistance with your UT EID, go to the EID Self Help page.

Proximity cards allow you to access the the UTA Building after hours or through entrances that are always locked and controlled by card readers. Once you've received your prox card from the ID Center you should not need to contact anyone to activate your card. Around the beginning of the semester we generate a list of iSchool affiliated people, and then upload that list to the system daily in order to allow those people access to the building. If you just received your card, it might take a day or two for your card to work. If you have had your prox card for some time and it does not appear to be working, then please contact the iSchool tech team.

Wireless Internet Access

UT Austin has excellent wireless Internet coverage both within UTA and across campus. UT's secure Wireless network is called "utexas". Please refer to the UT Information Technology Office's (ITS) help pages for information on connecting your particular hardware to the network. Please be advised that your access to both the wired and wireless networks at UT have bandwidth restrictions [note: you can monitor your bandwidth usage] and must be used in accordance with UT's Acceptable Use Policy.

Campus Software and Hardware Resources

  • BevoWare: Offers several free software tools and utilities including virus and malware protection and several Internet applications.
  • Campus Computer Store: UT students are eligible for deeply discounted software and hardware, including operating systems and MS Office.
  • Email: The University of Texas provides UTmail for all students.


UT currently uses the Canvas Course Management System. Professors are not required to use Canvas so some classes you take may utilize it and others will not. It has numerous features including forums, file uploading, and grade books.

Mailing Lists

The-Insider listerv is a notice board for students (prospective, current, and alumni), faculty, and staff of the School of Information to post various announcements of important job and school related events and news. It is often the only means by which essential information is effectively conveyed to students of the School of Information, and the SASI co-directors strongly encourage all students to subscribe.

The Flipsider listerv is a discussion forum for students (prospective, current, and alumni), faculty, and staff of the School of Information to post various announcements of interest to people associated with the school. This list is where you can post newspaper articles of interest, textbooks for sale, hobby group meeting announcements, non-iSchool related events, and other items of interest.

Assorted Tools

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