Registration Overview

There are two important steps you must accomplish prior to registering for classes at the iSchool:

  1. You must evaluate this semester's course offerings and prepare to register for both your preferred and back-up courses
  2. You must login to your Registration Information Sheet at the UT Registrar's Office to determine when you will be eligible to register for classes. [NOTE: this is typically a day or two after orientation].

Identifying and preparing a list of your preferred and back-up courses

Your best approach to registration is to prepare a list of desired courses and a back-up for each one in the event that your first choice is full or for some reason is cancelled. You can refer to the iSchool's course listing pages to gather the unique numbers and other details about specific courses you're interested in and you can refer to the course descriptions page for more information about each course. On the iSchool course schedule page, you can usually find direct links to syllabi for this semester's courses by clicking on the document icon in the far right-hand column. You can also find syllabi for previous semesters by clicking on the general INF course number. You can also refer to the UT Registrar's Course Schedules to obtain information about iSchool courses as well as other courses on campus. This handy guide on the course numbering scheme will help you decipher the course numbers so that you can be sure they comply with the requirements of your degree program. Please note that iSchool graduate students CANNOT take iSchool undergraduate courses, i.e., those numbered x00 - x79, but only iSchool graduate courses, those numbered x80 - x99.

Meeting with your Individual Faculty Advisor

Individual advising is optional in the iSchool. Each iSchool student is, however, assigned an Individual Faculty Advisor with whom you may meet to plan your program of study and with whom you may consult at any time about academic, professional or personal matters. Students may request appointments with their assigned faculty advisor, and faculty advisors may request that their advisees schedule advising meetings with them. If you meet with your faculty advisor, you will want to discuss your overall degree plan and professional goals, especially your courses for the current semester. Patricia (Pat) Galloway, will be available during orientation to help you with this and any other advising matters.

Patricia (Pat) Galloway
(512) 232-9220
Room: UTA 5.436

Meeting with the Career Director

You may meet with the iSchool Career Director at any point to discuss which courses will be the most helpful to your future career goals.

Schedule an appointment by calling us at (512) 471-8806
or stop by the office on the 5th floor - UTA 5.338.

Confirming your registration status with the UT Registrar

It is your responsibility to check on your registration status with the UT Registrar's Office. Your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) will tell you when you are eligible to access the course registration system. It will also provide you with important information about any bars on your registration as well as other address and personal information.

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