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Technology Resources

      • Editing the iSchool website
      • Printing
      • Technical Support
      • File Sharing & Web Hosting
      • Email & Calendaring
        • UT Mail - UTmail provides UT Austin students and alumni with a university affiliated email address in the domain. Those who opt-in to the service can choose their email address and have 25+ GB of email storage. In addition, UTmail provides email for life. Sign-up!
        • Webmail - Online access to your Office 365 (@ischool email plus calendaring).
        • iSchool Events Calendar
        • Reserve a room or add a public event
      • Email Lists
        ischool <>
            • Audience: iSchool faculty, staff, adjuncts, assistant instructors and other friends of the School.
            • Purpose: Announcements and discussion of events and issues for all who work at the School. Email sent to this list may include information about upcoming events, deadlines, course scheduling, TA selection, colloquia, congratulations, building issues etc.
        si-fs <>
            • Audience: Full-time faculty and all staff.
            • Purpose: Announcements and discussion that pertains only to regular faculty and staff. Examples might include committee assignments, information requests, deadlines, meeting scheduling, and the like.
        si-staff <>
            • Audience: iSchool staff
            • Purpose: Discussion and announcements pertaining to staff only.
        si-gsc <>
            • Audience: Members of the GSC (ie, full-time faculty)
            • Purpose: Discussion of academic matters and policies.
        research-ischool <>
            • Audience: Doctoral students and faculty
            • Purpose: Discussion of research ideas, and opportunities for doctoral students.
        si-msis <>
        si-phd <>
            • Audience: Currently-enrolled masters and doctoral students, respectively. Students are subscribed automatically.
            • Purpose: Official announcements from the School to current students. Emails sent to this list should be applicable to all students and relevant to the mission of the school.
            • Example uses: Important deadlines (add/drop, registration, graduation, etc), introduction of new faculty and staff, or notification of building or network-related work.
            • Note: The MSIS and Ph.D. lists are refreshed every semester based on current enrollment. Students: to ensure that you receive all official email from the school, please make sure that the email address you have listed in All My Addresses is one that you check.
        the-insider <>
            • Audience: Current and former students, faculty, staff, others with an interest in school happenings. Maintained by SASI, subscription is optional.
            • Purpose: General interest announcements about scholarships, job opportunities, course information, school-related events or outings, job fairs or information sessions, speakers or campus visits. Informational-type messages should be sent to the Insider.
        docsider <>
          • Audience: Student-managed listserv for doctoral students only
          • Purpose: For private discussion restricted to doctoral students
      • Assorted Tools
        • Qualtrics - Qualtrics is a generalized survey service permitting the creation of survey instruments, distribution of the surveys, data storage and analysis. Qualtrics is available for use by faculty, staff, and students and is approved for most Category I data (including HIPAA, FERPA, and IRB).
        • Stache - UT provides Stache to all faculty and staff as a way to securely store and access passwords, encryption keys, and personal identification numbers.
        • UTexas Internet Access - Everything you need to know about connecting to wi-fi and wired Internet on campus.
        • Campus Computer Store

Job Resources



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