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Num Title M T W T F S Room Time Instructor Unique Syllabus Notes
INF 180J
Introduction to Information Studies w SZB 468 W 900-1200 noon 89595 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 181
Individual Studies 89600
INF 281
Individual Studies 89605
INF 312
Information in Cyberspace t th SZB 546 TH 900-1130A Rice-Lively, Mary Lynn 89585 Syllabus
INF 380K
Information Technologies and the Information Professions t w th SZB 468 TWTH 700-930P 89627 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 381
Individual Studies 89610
INF 382F
Materials for Young Adults t w th SZB 546 TWTH 100-330P Lukenbill, W. Bernard 89620 Syllabus
INF 382L.5
Government Information Resources t w th SZB 468 TWTH 100-400P Doty, Philip 89615 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 388C
Learning Resources Programs m t w th f SZB 546 MTWTHF 400-700P Immroth, Barbara 89630 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 388Q
Practicum in Libraries and Other Information Agencies 89640
INF 388R
Practicum in School Libraries SZB 556 530-630P Lukenbill, W. Bernard 89645 Syllabus
INF 388T
Internship in Libraries and Other Information Agencies 89650
INF 391D.6
Directed Readings 89660
INF 391D.7
Directed Research 89665
INF 394C.1
Fieldwork in Conservation Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen 89670
INF 397.2
Practicum in Research 89690
INF 397C
Introduction to Research in Library and Information Science t w th SZB 468 TWTH 400-630P Bias, Randolph 89685 Syllabus
INF 398T
Supervised Teaching in Library and Information Science 89710
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