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Spring 2005

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Num Title M T W T F S Room Time Instructor Unique Syllabus Notes
INF 180J
Introduction to Information Studies th SZB 468 3:00-6:00P Dillon, Andrew 24810 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 181
Individual Studies - RESTRICTED 24815
INF 218C
Forum Seminar Series: Technical Skills for Academic success th SZB 464 1:00-3:00P Rice-Lively, Mary Lynn 24770 Syllabus
INF 281
Individual Studies - RESTRICTED 24820
INF 301D
Connecting Research Experience 24745
INF 312
Information in Cyberspace WEB BASED , 24755 Syllabus
INF 312
Information in Cyberspace WEB BASED Stewart, Quinn 24765 Syllabus
INF 312
Information in Cyberspace WEB BASED Burns, Samuel 24750 Syllabus
INF 312
Information in Cyberspace WEB BASED Williams, James Patrick 24760 Syllabus
INF 318C
Forum Seminar Series: Information Revolutions: From Hieroglyphics to the Virtual Book CANCELLED Metzger, Chela PENDING
INF 318C
Forum Seminar Series: The Information Age m w f SZB 468 CANCELLED Sanchez, Joe PENDING
INF 318D
Introduction to Information Studies - web-based WEB BASED , 24785 Syllabus
INF 320C
Connecting Research Experience 24790
INF 322T
Children's Literature t th UTC 3.110 11:00-12:30P Covington, Veronica 24795
INF 322T
Children's Literature w FAC 21 6:00-9:00P Williams, Amanda 24805 Syllabus
INF 322T
Children's Literature m FAC 21 6:00-9:00P Lukenbill, Shirley 24800
INF 380K
Internet Applications t SZB 468 CANCELLED Plumer, Danielle PENDING
INF 381
Individual Studies - RESTRICTED 24825
INF 382C
Understanding and Serving Users m SZB 468 1:00-4:00P Doty, Philip 24830 Syllabus
INF 382D
Introduction to Information Resources and Services th SZB 468 12:00-3:00P Westbrook, Lynn 24835
INF 382G.2
Information Resources and Services for Children and Young Adults w SZB 546 3:00-6:00P Immroth, Barbara 24840 Syllabus
INF 382K
Information Resources in the Health Sciences m SZB 556 6:00-9:00P Harmon, E. Glynn 24845
INF 382L
Information Resources and Services: Information Resources for Hispanic Americans th SZB 468 6:00-9:00P , 24850
INF 382L
Information Resources and Services: Legal Information Resources t Law Library 4.208B 1:00-4:00P Mersky, Roy 24855
INF 382L.1
Information Resources in the Humanties t SZB 464 9:00-12:00 noon Roy, Loriene 24860 Syllabus
INF 382P
Competitive Intelligence Resources and Strategies t SZB 546 6:00-9:00P Chidester , Claudia 24865
INF 382S
Library Instruction and Information Literacy m SZB 546 9:00-12:00P Roy, Loriene 24870 Syllabus
INF 384C
Organizing Information t SZB 546 9:00-12:00 noon Efron, Miles 24875 Syllabus
INF 384D
Collection Management w SZB 464 9:00-12:00 noon Davis, Don 24880
INF 384F
Subject Cataloging and Indexing t SZB 468 12:00-3:00P Miksa, Francis 24885 Syllabus
INF 385F
Information Architecture and Design II th SZB 546 3:00-6:00P Turnbull, Don 24895 Syllabus
INF 385H
Digital Media Design th SZB 546 9:00-12:00 noon Chen, Hsin-liang (Oliver) 24900 Syllabus
INF 385M
Database Management w SZB 546 6:30-9:30P Gunn, Stan 24910
INF 385P
Usability th SZB 546 12:00-3:00P Bias, Randolph 24915 Syllabus
INF 385Q
Knowledge Management Systems t SZB 546 12:00-3:00P Turnbull, Don 24920 Syllabus
INF 385T
Special Topics in Information Science: Concepts in Information Retrieval m SZB 546 1:00-4:00P Efron, Miles 24922 Syllabus
INF 386.8
The History of the Book: Material Culture and Social Implications t SZB 464 12:00-3:00P Davis, Don 24925 Syllabus
INF 386C
Archives, Records, and Preservation in the Modern World w CDL 001C 1:00-4:00P Gracy II, David B. 24930 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 387.2
Information Marketing w SZB 556 6:00-9:00P Harmon, E. Glynn 24935
INF 387C
Managing Information Organizations w SZB 468 1:00-4:00P , 24940 Syllabus
INF 388C
School Library Management m SZB 464 6:00-9:00P Immroth, Barbara 24945 Syllabus
INF 388D
Planning and Management of Programs for Children and Young Adults t SZB 464 6:30-9:30P Lukenbill, W. Bernard 24950
INF 388L
Professional Experience and Project 24955 Syllabus
INF 388Q
Practicum in Information Services and Organizations - RESTRICTED 24960
INF 388R
Practicum in School Libraries Lukenbill, W. Bernard 24965
INF 388S
Practicum in Preservation Planning Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen 24970
INF 388T
Internship in Libraries and Other Information Agencies - RESTRICTED 24975
INF 389C
Archival and Records Enterprise: Seminar on Forged Historical Documents m CDL 001C 9:00-12:00 noon Gracy II, David B. 24980 Syllabus
INF 389C
Archival and Records Enterprise: The Archival Facility t CDL 001C 12:00-3:00P Gracy II, David B. 24982 Syllabus
INF 389E
Introduction to Records Management m SZB 546 6:00-9:00P Howington, Tad 24985
INF 390N
Information Policy: Information Society w CMA A3.130 9:00-12:00 noon Strover, Sharon 24990 Syllabus
INF 390N.02
Seminar in Information Policy: Copyright: Legal and Cultural Perspectives th SZB 464 9:00-12:00 noon Doty, Philip 24995 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 391D.06
Directed Readings - RESTRICTED 25000
INF 391D.07
Directed Research - RESTRICTED 25005
INF 391D.09
Introduction to Doctoral Research and Theory II - RESTRICTED f SZB 556 2:00-5:00P Miksa, Francis 25010 Syllabus
INF 392F
Risk Assessment and Collections Management t CDL 001C 9:00-12:00 noon Pavelka, Karen 25015
INF 392J
Preservation Reformatting f SZB 546 9:00-12:00 noon Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen 25020
INF 392K
Digital Archiving and Preservation w SZB 546 9:00-12:00 noon Galloway, Patricia 25025 Syllabus
INF 393C.08
Conservation Science I f s CDL 001C Friday 3:00-6:00P, Saturday 9:00-12:00 noon Pavelka, Karen 25045
INF 393C.2
Book Laboratory II w CDL B101F 9:00-12:00 noon, 1:00-4:00P Metzger, Chela 25030 Syllabus
INF 393C.4
Advanced Conservation Treatment f CDL B101F 6:00-9:00P Metzger, Chela 25035 Syllabus
INF 393C.6
Paper Laboratory I th CDL B101B 9:00-12:00 noon, 1:00-4:00P Pavelka, Karen 25040
INF 394C.2
Conservator Internship I Metzger, Chela 25050
INF 394C.3
Conservator Internship II Metzger, Chela 25055
INF 397
Research in Information Studies: Oral Narrative as History f SZB 284 9:00-12:00 noon , 25060 Syllabus
INF 397
Research in Information Studies: Qualitative Research with Readers and Designers of Texts t th FAC 7 9:30-11:00A Spinuzzi, Clay 25061 Syllabus
INF 397.02
Practicum in Research - RESTRICTED 25065
INF 397C
Introduction to Research in Information Studies m SZB 468 6:00-9:00P Bias, Randolph 25070 Syllabus
INF 398R
Master's Report - RESTRICTED 25085
INF 398T
Supervised Teaching in Information Studies - RESTRICTED 25090
INF 399R
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 25095
INF 399W
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 25110
INF 698A
Thesis - RESTRICTED 25075
INF 698B
Thesis - RESTRICTED 25080
INF 699R
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 25100
INF 699W
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 25115
INF 999R
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 25105
INF 999W
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 25120
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