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Fall 2003

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Num Title M T W T F S Room Time Instructor Unique Syllabus Notes
INF 180J
Introduction to Information Studies t SZB 468 T 830-1130A Davis, Don 24468 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 180J
Introduction to Information Studies s SZB 468 S 900-1200 noon Davis, Don 24470 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 181
Individual Studies - RESTRICTED 24475
INF 281
Individual Studies - RESTRICTED 24480
INF 301C
Freshman Seminar: Aviation History t th SZB 464 TH 100-300P Harmon, E. Glynn 33785
INF 301C
Freshman Seminar m SZB 464 M 100-400P Immroth, Barbara 33795
INF 301C
Freshman Seminar t th SZB 468 TH 330-630P Davis, Don 33850
INF 312
Information in Cyberspace t SZB 546 T 300-600P Rice-Lively, Mary Lynn 24450 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 312
Information in Cyberspace 24440 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 312
Information in Cyberspace , 24445 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 312
Information in Cyberspace t th SZB 546 TH 830-1130A 24435 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 322T
Children's Literature m FAC 21 M 600-900P Lukenbill, Shirley 24460
INF 322T
Children's Literature w FAC 21 W 600-900P Williams, Amanda 24465 Syllabus
INF 322T
Children's Literature t th UTC 3.102 TH 800-1100A Covington, Veronica 24455
INF 381
Individual Studies - RESTRICTED 24485
INF 382C
Understanding and Serving Users t th SZB 323 TH 900-1200 noon Doty, Philip 24490 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 382C
Understanding and Serving Users m t th TH 800-1100A, MT Doty, Philip 24492 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 382D
Introduction to Information Resources and Services t w s Taught as a web-based course. Hallmark, Julie 24495 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 382E
Materials for Children m SZB 468 M 600-900P Immroth, Barbara 24500 Syllabus
INF 382F
Materials for Young Adults t th SZB 468 TH 630-930P Lukenbill, W. Bernard 24505 Syllabus
INF 382G
Information Resources and Services for Children and Young Adults w SZB 464 W 300-600P Immroth, Barbara 24510 Syllabus
INF 382L
Information Resources and Services: Information Resources and Services for Hispanic Americans w SZB 464 W 600-900P , 24515
INF 382L.2
Information Resources in the Social Sciences t SZB 464 T 830-1130A Roy, Loriene 24520 Syllabus
INF 382N
Information Resources in Business t SZB 546 T 600-900P Chidester , Claudia 24525
INF 384C
Organizing Information w SZB 468 W 630-930P Miksa, Francis 24535 Syllabus
INF 384C
Organizing Information EDU 208 CANCELLED Miksa, Francis 24530 Syllabus
INF 384E
Descriptive Cataloging and Metadata t SZB 468 T 1200-300P Miksa, Francis 24540 Syllabus
INF 385E
Information Architecture and Design t SZB 546 T 1200-300P Turnbull, Don 24545
INF 385F
Information Architecture and Design II t th SZB 546 TH 300-600P Turnbull, Don 24547
INF 385G
Advanced Usability m SZB 546 M 100-400P Bias, Randolph 24550 Syllabus
INF 385H
Digital Media Design w SZB 546 W 600-900P Chen, Hsin-liang (Oliver) 24555 Syllabus
INF 385K
Projects in Human-Computer Interaction t th SZB 546 TH 1200-300P Chen, Hsin-liang (Oliver) 24560 Syllabus
INF 385M
Database Management t th SZB 546 TH 630-930P Gunn, Stan 24565
INF 385N
Informatics m SZB 464 M 600-900P Harmon, E. Glynn 24570 Syllabus
INF 385T
Special Topics in Information Science: Multimedia, Accessibility, and the Virtual Body t th FAC 9 TTH 1100-1230P 24575 Syllabus
INF 386.10
Books, Libraries, and Civilization to 1500 w SZB 464 W 900-1200 noon Davis, Don 24585 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 386.7
Seminar in History of Library and Information Studies: Introduction to Bibliography m w HRC 5.106 MW 1230-200P Winship, Michael 24580 Syllabus
INF 387C
Managing Information Organizations SZB 468 Rice-Lively, Mary Lynn 24592 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 387C
Managing Information Organizations s Course is cancelled. , 24590 Syllabus
INF 388D
Planning and Management of Programs for Children and Young Adults t SZB 464 T 630-930P Lukenbill, W. Bernard 24600 Syllabus
INF 388E
Historical Museums: Context and Practice w SZB 468 W 100-400P Galloway, Patricia 24605 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 388K.01
Public Libraries m SZB 464 M 900-1200 noon Roy, Loriene 24615 Syllabus
INF 388K.02
Academic Libraries t th SZB 464 TH 300-600P , 24620
INF 388K.03
Special Libraries Hallmark, Julie 24625 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 388L
Professional Experience and Project 24630
INF 388Q
Practicum in Information Services and Organizations - RESTRICTED 24635 Syllabus
INF 388S
Practicum in Preservation Planning 24640 Syllabus
INF 388T
Internship in Libraries and Other Information Agencies - RESTRICTED 24645 Syllabus
INF 389C
Archival and Records Enterprise: Cultural Representations of the Past f BUR 232 F 900-1200 noon 24650 Syllabus
INF 389D
Introduction to Archival Enterprise m SZB 468 M 100-400P 24655 Syllabus
INF 389F
Organization of Records Information w SZB 468 W 900-1200 noon 24660 Syllabus
INF 389J
Appraisal and Selection of Records m SZB 468 M 900-1200 noon Galloway, Patricia 24665 Syllabus
INF 390N.01
Federal Information Policy w SZB 546 W 100-400P Doty, Philip 24670 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 390N.02
Seminar in Information Policy: Communication and the Law w CMA A3.130 W 500-800P 24675 Syllabus Syllabus
INF 391D.06
Directed Readings - RESTRICTED 24685
INF 391D.07
Directed Research - RESTRICTED 24690
INF 392D
Preservation Basics t CDL 001C T 1200-300P Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen 24695
INF 392E
Materials in Libraries, Archives, and Museums w CDL 001C W 900-1200 noon Pavelka, Karen 24700
INF 392G
Management of Preservation Programs m CDL 001C M 900-1200 noon Cunningham-Kruppa, Ellen 24705
INF 392L
Introduction to Audio Preservation and Reformatting m CDL 001C M 100-400P , 24710
INF 393C.09
Conservation Science II t CDL 001C T 600-900P Pavelka, Karen 24730
INF 393C.1
Book Laboratory I f CDL B101F F 900-1200 F 100-400P Metzger, Chela 24715
INF 393C.3
Book Laboratory III t CDL B101F T 900-1200 noon T 100-400P Metzger, Chela 24720
INF 393C.4
Advanced Conservation Treatment m CDL B101F M 600-900P Metzger, Chela 24722
INF 393C.6
Paper Laboratory I t th CDL B101B TH 900-1200 noon TH 100-400P Pavelka, Karen 24725
INF 394C.1
Fieldwork in Conservation Pavelka, Karen 24731
INF 394C.2
Conservator Internship I Pavelka, Karen 24732
INF 394C.3
Conservator Internship II Pavelka, Karen 24733
INF 397.01
Bibliography and Methods in Historical Research t SRH 2.114 T 200-500P Carleton, Don 24735
INF 397.02
Practicum in Research - RESTRICTED 24740 Syllabus
INF 397C
Introduction to Research in Information Studies t th SZB 468 TH 830-1130A Bias, Randolph 24745 Syllabus
INF 398R
Master's Report - RESTRICTED 24760 Syllabus
INF 398T
Supervised Teaching in Information Studies - RESTRICTED 24765 Syllabus
INF 399R
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 24770
INF 399W
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 24785
INF 698A
Thesis - RESTRICTED 24750 Syllabus
INF 698B
Thesis - RESTRICTED 24755 Syllabus
INF 699R
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 24775
INF 699W
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 24790
INF 999R
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 24780
INF 999W
Dissertation - RESTRICTED 24795
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