INF 385T.6 - Seminar in Information Science and Knowledge Systems: Digital Knowledge Gateway

Summer Whole 2003
Unique ID: 89623
Prof:  Dillon, Andrew
Room: SZB 556
Days:  Wed
Time: W 130-300P

May be repeated for credit when the topics vary. Critical examination of theories, applications, trends and problems in information science and knowledge systems. Special emphasis on problems raised by participants. (Graduate standing; 382L.20)

Designing the Digital Knowledge Gateway

This seminar will offer advanced students with an opportunity to explore and shape the implementation of the UT Knowledge Gateway (see ), a major new initiative aimed at sharing great intellectual and cultural treasures of The University of Texas with all the residents of the state.

The seminar will run throughout the summer (May-August), meeting weekly to explore and discuss key issues in the design and implementation of tools, resources and techniques that can make the Knowledge Gateway vision a reality. We will explore the process of developing such a Gateway and seek answers to questions of design, development, implementation and management of such a resource. Students will be required to tackle projects on key aspects of the Gateway, either individually or in teams, and present the final results to the university community at the end of the semester.

Topic Description:
Digital Knowledge Gateway

Dan Updegrove is the additional instructor.
Additional hours to be arranged.
Consent of instructor must be obtained.

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