INF 384E - Description and Basic Metadata Sturctures for Informational Materials

Summer Session 2 2001
Unique ID: 89145
Prof:  Travis, Irene
Room: SZB 468
Days:  Mon Tue Wed
Time: 7:00-9:30P

Study of the theory and application of the principles of organizing library materials and other information-containing materials. Treats cataloging and classification, with emphasis on interpreting cataloging data. Provides an introduction to descriptive and subject cataloging, choice and form of entries, filing codes, and Dewey and Library of Congress classification systems. Includes survey of automated cataloging and of cataloging services. (Graduate standing; LIS 384K.17)

This course introduces the general problem of describing and organizing collections of books and other information bearing entities for retrieval. Emphasis will be on the methods associated with current library cataloging and classification practice including the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules, the MARC Formats, the Library of Congress Subject Headings and the Dewey and Library of Congress Classification systems.

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