IMS 380 - Introduction to Identity Management

Fall 2018
Unique ID: 27445
Room: UTA 1.504
Days:  Fri
Time: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm*

Restricted to students enrolled in the Master of Science in Identity Management and Security program.

An introductory overview of identity management and security, presenting working definitions and models of Personal Identifiable Information (PII), identity theft, and fraud. As well as security challenges, best practices, and solutions for
identity management, security, and privacy across different market sectors.

The equivalent of three lecture hours a week for one semester.

Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Class will meet 5 weekends over the course of the semester.
Weekend 1, September 7-8
Weekend 2, September 28-29
Weekend 3, October 26-27
Weekend 4, November 9-10
Weekend 5, December 7-8

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